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FLOW EmblemPeople join the FLOW Fellowship to help create for themselves and their families a world inner peace, outer peace, and abundance. The latter quality of abundance or material well-being exists with the first two in what controls engineers call a positive feedback loop: inner/outer peace => abundance => inner/outer peace => abundance, and so on. And as a practical matter, for most people: surviving and making money have a much higher urgency than spiritual or political harmony.

For this reason, I have 'partnered' with James Lee Valentine's global online network wealth-mastery and self-empowerment business, MillionaireX. This means I have chosen to integrate with the FLOW spiritual philosophy movement, as seamlessly as possible, the remarkable, fast-response, wealth-generating MillionaireX solution(s). If a person wishes to solely subscribe to MillionaireX—without becoming a FLOW 'member'—that's fine: simply go to this site,, and investigate the multiple options for MX Say Yesbringing substantial residual income into your life. (You prosper by presenting to your friends and acquaintances the world-class success-system suite of products created by Mr. Valentine.)

FLOW Membership Responsibilities

The FLOW Fellowship is a diverse social movement advancing a spiritual philosophy that will help human beings kick their 'nation-state addiction' worldwide and live as sovereign individuals in a benevolent, rational, and compassionate voluntary society. As people give up the way of aggression they unleash their creative powers to realize material flourishment beyond anything we—the so-called 99%—have known. To become a 'member' of the FLOW Fellowship, you do not have to agree 100% with the key ideas of its founder, which are essentially:

  • Belief in Being—the all and forever of the Universe—as the Source of reality, life, and values.
  • A personal commitment to full rational consciousness by rising above compulsive mind, and a heartfelt willingness to explore alternatives to coercive government.
  • Compassion for other human beings and living things, carrying with it the deep passion to make one's own existence the most enlightened and joyous it can be.

The above principles are perhaps not fully clear to prospective members. However, those who join the Fellowship do need to commit themselves to continued intellectual and spiritual growth, to political freedom, and to the Joy of Being for everyone... and they must be able to state the following Beist Creed with conviction:

I am here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold; I connect to the Source thru truth, tolerance, and compassion; I embrace my fellow sentient beings in the spirit and practice of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.

As time goes by, and the Fellowship builds it will also take form. I have two key ideas for social organizations, one an activist 'church' that lives locally and thinks globally and two a Planet Liberty clearing house to facilitate the movement to voluntary government or panarchy (freedom of choice of government). Besides core-idea institutions, the normal accouterments of a very special world 'club' will emerge: apparel, symbols, icons, songs, affirmations, slogans, customs, rituals, and not-so-secret handshakes. :)

As a FLOW Fellowship member—FLOWer—you will be on the leading edge of the FLOW movement, which, as I have explained in the FLOW brochure, is the natural, rational, spiritual philosophy of Beism in action. The seven steps to positive spiritual transformation—from the Book of Being (in progress and due Spring 2012) first will be communicated and socialized within the FLOW community. For starters here is a powerful daily affirmation derived mainly from James Valentine also a few other sources:

I am here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold, that is how important I am. I connect to the Source thru truth, tolerance, and compassion. I embrace my fellow sentient beings in the spirit and practice of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.

I am a self-assured entrepreneur who is magnificently motivated and exceptionally enthusiastic. I am a dynamic, exciting, and highly empowered <your name with middle initial> subscriber. I shall forge my mark within <your name with middle initial> by boldly building my business on the foundations of passion, planning, action, and integrity.

I am a respected role model and an asset to the <your name with middle initial> family. I have huge ambition, I am a big thinker, and I enjoy setting inspiring goals. I have a vast amount of ability and do a first class job in everything I attempt. I believe in joy, happiness, love, passion, progress, and prosperity. I think, talk, and act only joy and happiness. I think, talk, and act only love and passion. I think, talk, and act only progress and prosperity.

I have extraordinary enthusiasm, incredible drive, and awesome vigor. I am a winner who is going places fast. I look great, feel fit, and act sharp. I clearly communicate my enthusiasm for the <your name with middle initial> opportunity.

I am a great and exceptional human being who is an outstanding winner in the game of life. I enjoy taking enthusiastic action steps to achieve my grandest vision. I go for the maximum and always take action TNT[1]. Yes, I am master of my own blessed good fortune, and I shall dwell in the house of peace and abundance all my days.

Use these words daily to 'announce your presence with authority' and start to feel yourself connecting with the power and joy of Being.

Three FLOW Signup Options

The Fellowship has an indispensable association with the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), particularly as the comprehensive political theory in my book of the same name. Two options require reading and reviewing or at least buying the book, the third requires joining MXF (for which you will receive the SNaP book. To join me as a FLOWer:

FLOW BraceletFor each FLOW join option, with your approval, I will add your name and email address to the FLOW Fellowship membership database, and you will receive a monthly newsletter... with a white wrist bracelet that says 'Truth, Tolerance, Compassion' (image at right). Every FLOWer, upon my receipt of their mailing address, will also receive a free, autographed copy of the Book of Being, when it is completed in the spring of 2012. Note: if anyone wants to sign up for the FLOW newsletter alone, all they need to do is go to this page and check the box 1_Flow_Fellowship.

[1] TNT = today not tomorrow

December 2011
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