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A timely, efficient action plan for quickly recovering freedom and healing our world

Rarely in history do freedom people get the opportunity to leverage three simple pieces of national legislation into a massive victory over the Forces of Darkness. 

A series of messages and incidents has led me believe the stars are aligned exactly right such that if the following bills are overwhelmingly approved by the US Congress in the next couple of months, our world societies will throw off their shackles and be well on the way to restored health within the next decade.  They are:

1) The Hinchey Amendment—This would amend a general     Department of Justice appropriations bill to "prohibit the     U.S. Department of Justice -- which includes the DEA --     from spending taxpayer money to arrest or prosecute     medical marijuana patients in states where medical     marijuana is legal."

2) The Industrial Hemp Farming Bill of 2007 (HR 1009)—The     bill introduced by Ron Paul with the coendorsements of 11     other US representatives amends the Controlled     Substances act to exclude industrial hemp from the     definition of marijuana.

3) The Dennis Kucinich resolution to impeach Dick Cheney
    (H. Res. 333)—This resolution, if approved, would bring     vice president Dick Cheney to trial before Congress for high     crimes and misdemeanors. There are three articles of     impeachment: 1) fabricating evidence of weapons of mass     destruction to justify use of military force in Iraq, 2)     deceiving Congress and the people on the relationship of     Iraq to Al Qaeda to justify use of military force in Iraq, and     3) threatening aggression against Iran in the absence of     any real threat from Iran to the United States.

My thinking that the above three issues have watershed significance was triggered by Free State activist Matt Simon's recent email, a call for action on the Hinchey amendment.   Here are my arguments for the importance of passing each of these amendments/bills/resolutions and some Websites from which to contact your legislators.

Then finally I present a fourth prong of the action plan, which isn't strictly legislation, but probably the singlemost central, modern direct assault on our enemy the state: 911 Truth.

The Hinchey Amendment

When people can purchase and use marijuana—for any reason—without fear of state prosecution (in this case prosecution at the federal level), the Drug War will soon be done like a dinner.  The insane Inquisitionesque cruelty of Drug Prohibition will then end, and Americans will walk the streets free from fear of the murder, mayhem, property destruction, police assaults, and political corruption induced by drug criminalization.

Further, as we remove all vestiges of police-state terror the drug laws have caused, we can begin to rebuild a humane society where police exist to protect citizens from aggression... not to inflict it upon them.  As people's bodies become free from state coercion, their minds will soon follow; the entire compulsory machinery of the state will wither away.

All we need to do now as citizens is show our compassion for those in need of medical treatment, allowing them access to proven remedies without being beat up by a federal cop.

The Hemp Legalization Bill

Closely related to removing the dangers of federal incarceration and worse for medical-marijuana access is enabling farmers to grow agricultural hemp and enabling businesses to market hemp products.  Hemp is the native, natural strain of cannabis sativa, and has no psychoactive properties; an American hemp industry would quickly generate revenue in the tens of billions of dollars and produce tens of thousands of jobs. 

Thirteen states have legalized hemp agriculture, and two North Dakota farmers in June 2007 sued the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) for obstructing commercial hemp farming in the United States.  One way or the other hemp will soon become legal to grow and its products legal to make and sell in America. 

The sooner the better.  The effect of legal hemp will be to the realm of economic freedom what the effect of federally accepted medical marijuana is to the realm of personal freedom.  The combination will rock our world.

Trying and Convicting Dick

It's time for Congress to quit rationalizing cowardice and go after the men shredding the Constitution while assuming dictatorial powers.  Impeachment is the only reasonable alternative.  If it is not employed quickly these neocon neo-Nazis will have orchestrated another 911—as they did the first one—or launched another illegal war.

Time is of the essence, and the recent commutation of Scooter Libby's sentence solidifies the rationale for impeachment and trial of the man who has spearheaded the entire US imperial-fascist agenda: Dick Cheney.  With the conviction of Libby, we now know Cheney lied about the evidence for Saddam Hussein's WMD program... and certainly have the evidence required to convict him of that in a court of law (or before Congress).

Dick is the low-hanging fruit.  The facts are clear to anyone who can read and process a syllogism.  Kucinich is correct in assembling the data for his resolution to bring Dick Cheney to trial before Congress.  What the conviction of Cheney and the others will accomplish is a great moral cleansing—for America and the world—as one administration war criminal after another is brought to justice.

Finally, closely related to the cleansing for war crimes, we can provide the major catalyst for healing our world: exposing the men and agencies of US and Western military intelligence responsible for carrying out the attacks of 911.

People's Investigation of 911

Although a number of Americans still believe the official government story of the 911 attacks, polls show that more than 80% (!!) believe the government is lying or covering up the truth.  I'll wager hardly anyone outside of America believes the government fable.  I've written about it on several occasions, most recently on the improbable collapse of the WTC buildings.

Virtually everyone also knows the 911 Commission Report, which did not even mention the collapse of WTC 7, is a complete snow job.  It is a report that reads like fiction because it is fiction.  

Thus my final suggestion, my fourth horseman if you will, is to conduct a systematic, proper, legal citizens' inquiry into the crime of 911, determine who most likely planned and executed the cold-blooded murder of nearly 4,000 Americans.  When those truly fundamentally responsible are determined, apprehended, and prosecuted, then we will have closure.  As Kevin Barrett writes in 911 Truth Jihad:

"As I worked through my sadness and anger, I began to realize that 9/11 truth offered a rare opportunity to change the world for the better.  The powerful emotional effect of the 9/11 television spectacular, intended as a force for evil, could perhaps be turned inside out and made into a force for good.  A gigantic advertisement for war and hatred, 9/11 could, were the truth about it revealed, become an advertisement for peace and love.  9/11 truth would annihilate the war that 9/11 had launched, turn the USA away from the aggressive imperialism that was so at odds with our core values, and create a new era of peace and prosperity...."

Most definitely.

Final Thoughts

I did not want to actually bring in the 911 "horseman" into what is supposed to be a brief column.  But because it is probably the crime of the Millennium—the Reichstag Fire on steroids—no plan of fundamental change can leave it out. 

As citizens, I ask you dear readers, to write to your members of Congress and express you desire to see the above three pieces of legislation passed expeditiously.  Then tell them you want the truth about 911, that the coverup has gone on long enough and they'll want to side with the independent scholars and with the people themselves to retain any credibility as a real human being with political responsibility going forward.

Several Web sites and tools exist for contacting your US senators and representatives (collectively referred to as the US Congress).  I've used effectively.  Please do the same; if you want you can simply send them this Webpage link.   Thank you.

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