Atlas Strikes
Assuming Election 2010 fails, "fire" the state
by Brian Wright

Big day coming up tomorrow (11/02/10): the mid term elections. Let's discuss that for a minute. No, let's discuss the whole process and moral foundation by which the government claims to be legal and legitimate. First of all, how would Election 2010 be considered a success, on a federal level? If Republicans take back the House and/or the Senate? What did the Republicans bring us last time they were in power? Here's a partial list of what the Republicans can take credit for since Ronnie Moviestar:

  1. Asset Forfeiture—violation of the Constitution's Due Process clause
  2. WAR—costing nearly 3/4 of a trillion dollars per year, not counting all the other money spent on our imperialistic foreign policy.
  3. Suspension of habeas corpus - thanks Mr. Bush
  4. The Patriot Act, including warrantless wiretapping.
  5. Crackdown of "Border security," which means less freedom for Hispanic-Americans, as well as cheap labor for Corporations.
  6. NAFTA, which allows American manufacturers to build plants overseas and get rid of scores of American workers (building a HUGE trade deficit).
  7. McCain's bill that he co-sponsored with "Independent" Joe Liebermann so that the government can arrest anyone they suspect of possible terrorism, and hold them until the endless war is over without due process or trial, etc...
  8. Bigger Drug War budgets, which empowers govt. even more (just like Border Security).
  9. Medicare Drug Prescription program
  10. Americans with Disabilities Act

So what would the Dems do differently? Well, same only moreso.

If the Republicans come back, you can trade government health care for the twisted BigPharma/Medicorp-entitlement system we have now. A pox on both parties. It's no choice. Why are we stuck with the alternative of Tweedledee, the looter and psychotic killer, or Tweedledum, the killer and psychotic looter? Because the game is fixed: Heads, you lose. Tails, the men with the Power Sickness win. Modern elections in the West are shams: a choice by slaves of slaveholders. Freedom is never an option.

Yes, you may vote Libertarian. But the reality of the contrived compulsive winner-take-all duopoly is that any vote for a non-duopoly candidate is perceived by nearly 100% of the sheeple participating in the system as favoring the "Great Evil of the Other." Thus, not gonna happen.

Fortunately, some states have ballot initiatives, like California with Prop 19, to legalize marijuana and get on with rational public policy on drugs. [That actually may be a game changer that can bring down the Oligarchy and restore humanity to freedom in many areas, extending sequentially to the multi-trillion-dollar agricultural hemp business—where 17 states already have laws to enable hemp farming, once these states stand up to the DEA and the Oligarchy's corporate-protectionist poobahs.]

Ironically, the imminent prospects for success of these free-choice-in-drugs-and-commerce proposals (and other political-activist measures for human liberation) point out the longstanding failure of electoral politics to achieve liberty. To paraphrase Lysander Spooner, such politicking "has either enabled the government(s) we have... or been powerless to prevent it." We have reached the Jeffersonian Replacement Threshold (JRT):

... that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends—life, liberty, and property—it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new [arrangements to secure common liberty]....

Drawing the line

In developing the Sacred Nonaggression Principle, I discovered that a barrier stands in the way of human beings reaching a benevolent society without coercion, which is our natural destination. The exterior cause of this "Barrier Cloud" can readily be shown to be a relative minority of rich, powerful, psychopathic men who carry the Power Sickness—that is, who do not share the quality of most men: to want to live and let live in freedom.

These power-sick guys now dominate all Western governments. [I've made this point before, but for demonstration let me simply refer the reader to G. Edward Griffin's book on the central banks, The Creature from Jekyll Island.] Which means the American government, in particular, is no longer a legitimate republican operation... if it ever was. Rather it and the people who work for it are nothing more than agents of that money-power hierarchy: The Constitution is out and the Federal Mob has taken over.

Unfortunately, Americans are brainwashed that the federal government is a popularly enfranchised, infallible arbiter of political freedom worldwide, and Eternal Good Guy—regardless of any contrary journalistic facts. And that's a real problem libertarians run into constantly. Sometimes I feel we're the unplugged-human revolutionaries in the movie, The Matrix. Everyone else is not only plugged in and clueless to how they're being used (as unconscious power sources for the Machines), they, as potential "agents," are actually a danger to the real humans. [1]

So what do we do?

This column is fading out, mainly because I see that the solution takes a lot more thought than I can deliver in a couple of hours of writing. One thing that I'm certain of, tho, is our need to recognize—to have a critical mass of Americans recognize—that the government is a malevolent predatory menace that needs to be fixed in the Jeffersonian way... urgently.[2]

If you're digging a hole and you want to get out, the first thing you do is stop digging. So a key part of the solution to the malevolent government problem, if we expect it not to grow, is to stop feeding it. We've already seen on these pages, thanks to Pete Hendrickson and others, that the federal income tax is an excise on federally privileged earnings—it does not apply to property we gain as a matter of right, our inalienable right to earn a living. Thus, legally most of us do not owe federal 'income' tax. Stop paying any tax you do not owe! And get your refunds.

But most Americans aren't going to understand that for a while. Further, even if the income tax were a direct tax legally applying to our earnings, the feds have grossly violated "the contract," the Constitution if you will... by wanton aggression. Thus to rein in the dangerous beast, we need to go on strike, a tax strike, one that becomes permanent. In Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged, the men of the mind go on strike until they get some respect. As owners of the American republic, we the people must go on strike until our government adheres to our Constitution.

Separation documentation

As I stated earlier in the week, the jailing of Kevin Innes becomes for me the straw that breaks the camel's back. We need more than to withhold wealth from this government—this agent of genocide and plunder for the money power—we need to end it. [Then obtain a massive reparations distribution from that money power as restitution to the productive class. That's a separate project.] To end the coercive state, to send it packing, is accomplished by withdrawing our moral sanction and our allegiance. Thus, we need a formal statement of independence fitting to the times.

Whatever that "Affidavit of Separation and Movin' On" looks like, it needs as its root what I'll call the Dan Stuart Premise (DSP)—not that the real Dan originated the timeless concept, only that he made it most clear to me in common-sense conversation. The DSP is simply the axiomatic presumption of liberty for all God's chillens: some people refer to it as natural rights or self-ownership (and some call it the Sacred Nonaggression Principle). But it means that you get to do and be what you want, so long as you leave everyone else in peace, and any statute or law that breaches that principle is null and void. Further, government officials who breach the DSP are subject to arrest, prosecution, and full restitution to their victims.

That's it for now. I'll be developing some specific documents soon.

[1] I'm starting to refer to people who always take the official US govt. story as the truth as "plugins," not that this makes them bad people.

[2] Whatever we do, as I suggest in my Barrier Cloud chapter, how we do it is most important: ref. Mohandas Gandhi, Eckhart Tolle, and Falun Dafa.

2010 November 01
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