All Aboard the Ron Paul Freedom Train
Free State 1.10 => Dr. Yes to White House 11.6
by Brian Wright

Ron  Paul Predictions 2002Yes, as in Success. Success of an unstoppable movement seeded in the minds of the Scottish Enlightenment and pioneer souls who crossed the perilous ocean in order to live by no one's leave. Then later through ideas spawned in the colonial cauldron of American self-government finding expression in the taverns of Williamsburg and Boston... on to the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia followed by the clash of arms defeating English tyranny on American soil. 'Our country' then took root in an imperfect, yet best-available, instrument known as the Constitution (USC).

I put quotation marks around 'our country' for a reason. I cannot presume to know whether you or anyone else in America has voluntarily designated the United States Government (USG) as your service provider. Thus I mean 'our country' in the sense of heritage and geography where 'we' are Americans who regard liberty as supreme and the Constitution, strictly interpreted, as a solid basis—especially the Bill of Rights[1]—for public affairs.

So fast forward from 1789, the year of USC adoption in earth region generally known as the United States of America (USA):

  1. For the first 40 years the Constitution holds and the country survives many intrigues by the English royal-corporate power to undo it.
  2. Westward expansion for the next 70 years is a mixture of legitimate settlement and government expropriation/dispossession of and assertion of central-state authority over native peoples.
  3. Near the middle of the 19th century European banking and financial interests thoroughly corrupt the USG leading to the Civil War.
  4. Federal corruption by the Anglo-European money power continues through the Industrial Revolution leading to gilded looter elites.
  5. At the same time (last half of the 19th century), widespread nonprivileged free enterprise creates unparalleled wealth for many.
  6. The 20th century is a conflict between the state-privileged money power (SPM) and an honest American general population (AGP) struggling to retain its constitutional liberty and prosperity.
  7. The SPM establishes its private compulsory central bank in 1913, tricks most Americans into thinking they must pay a federal direct tax, concentrates power thru two European-banking-dynasty-financed world wars, spawning the Big Brother Western Megastate.
  8. During ascendancy of the SPM in America from 1840-2010, the AGP cradles a series of thinkers and anti-SPM activists for liberty—many asserting the Constitution as a 'sacred document'—holding that "Freedom is for everyone!"

This 'series of thinkers and anti-SPM activists' are the leaders, in our era, of the AGP, i.e. 'our people' in their common desire to live in freedom and prosper... a desire they have held from ancestral times. Let's call these politically conscientious and caring individuals 'the libertarians.'

Who are the libertarians?

... and why do they seem to be everywhere right now? Next to you in the bar or college dorm as you're watching the Bubble-Headed Bleach Blond on CNN tell you that they—like presidential candidate Paul—don't really exist. [Or if they do, they can't possibly be taken seriously... which is a testament to how effectively the SPM has brainwashed and incentivized its journalistic minions (through years of Idiocracy prep schools) to think and say and do what they're told.] But the question is legit: who are the libertarians?

In the broadest and most general sense, the libertarians are simply activists for the nonaggression principle—in kindergarten terms: don't hit, don't steal, don't lie—and for holding that principle as the highest moral standard in society. It's a big movement, impossible to summarize in a few paragraphs. Read my book to get a handle.[2] Ron Paul is a special libertarian—Congressman; supernatural-Christian, compatible with most Americans' religious feelings; a wonderful, kindhearted, whip-smart, Bravehearted human being—who is all about resurrecting the USC as our guiding light. He will wield the cross of constitutional liberty in the broad light of day to destroy the SPM vampires of tyranny and atrocity.

Ron Paul Freedom TrainThe Freedom Train

David Bergland during his Libertarian campaign for president in 1984 popularized the metaphor of the 'Freedom Train' as a marketing tool: "Freedom is one thing you cannot have unless you're willing to share it with others. We all want to be free to do something in life. So climb aboard the Freedom Train (FT) and we'll take you as far as you want to go. Others may want to proceed to subsequent stops, and we can all live and let live about that." IOW, with freedom everyone can decide how far he or she will go. Join us, we don't force you. Well, the Bergland FT in 1984 was a small train on a short run, one of many such valiant, seminal journeys.

The modern Ron Paul FT has POWER. [A real train—once it gets going with multiple cars joining at every stop, people climbing aboard—possesses immense energy (~mass times velocity squared).] When Dr. Paul nearly won the Iowa Caucuses last week, it actually put his train on a slight decline heading into New Hampshire (the Free State-FS) this week (1.10.12). Add the fact that several leading FS newspapers have endorsed Ron Paul as 'wonderfully qualified presidential material at a critical time in our nation's history,' the RPFT is 'more powerful than all the armies of the world.' That's right, the idea whose time has come: Liberty. New Paradigm.

Personally, I envision a runaway Ron Paul nomination in the making. Then I see a complete evisceration of the Republican/Democratic duopoly in the course of Dr. Paul's 50-state victory over the false-flag pseudo-man known as Obama ('The Kenyan'). After that, well, not Utopia—utopia is never an option—but surely a fighting chance to turn 'our country' away from its course of SPM total war and total tyranny. And where does this irresistible Freedom Train come from in reality? What is its locomotive deep?

Long, long hours and many sleepless nights of tens—or is it hundreds now?—of thousands of 'the libertarians' who read books, wrote letters, wrote articles, wrote books, set up meetings, organized speeches, gave speeches, handed out literature, petitioned on cold winter days, protested taxes, protested wars, protested privilege, defied coercive authority, participated in meetings, gave money, sit-stand-walked for truth above power, faced down physical violence, held office, voted, not-voted, obstructed coercive authority, refused to comply with coercion, went to jail for the Constitution, took a stand your mother wouldn't approve of, moved to a new country (like the Free State), etc. etc., or simply safely crossed the street on a Don't Walk sign in front of the local constabulary. Ron Paul 2012 is the Big Payoff, the Freedom Train that makes our hearts swell with pride. We are legion, We are in charge, We create our Free Society, We win. Seize the moment. Relish the moment. Be the moment.

Yes, We are the motor deep. Pat yourselves on the back for Ron Paul.

[1] The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which spell out exactly the limits of federal power and authority, establish a very small island of government in a vast sea of individual liberty... as stated perfectly in the 9th Amendment: "The enumeration in this constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people."

[2] My Sacred Nonaggression Principle outlines a complete theory of social behavior, and not every libertarian will agree with its metapolitical premises. However, for someone who wishes to grasp the essentials of libertarianism, I can't think of a better introduction than my short little treatise. It's all about the SNaP, the rest is just implementation and questions about what causes SNaP violation in human society.

2012 January 09
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