The Insufferable Acts[1]—what to do?
Vote, educate, nullify, boycott, or sever?
by Brian Wright

NullificationNote I did not include 'flee' or 'submit,' as reasonable options. In either case, whether you leave the country—not really an alternative for most of us—or crouch down to lick the hand that feeds you, the Insufferable Acts[1] do not go away. The question is truly what is the best strategy/tactic for eliminating these violations of human liberty? Okay, enough suspense. My choice, as of this five minutes, of the best single tactic is 'nullify,' and I shall tell you why in a moment. Having spilt the beans, let me state, as well, that all of the responses listed are vital implements in the liberty toolbox, and each individual must decide which is the best and most effective for his/her own situation. My personal order of preference now:

  1. Nullify
  2. Educate
  3. Vote
  4. Boycott
  5. Sever

Starting from the bottom, these are my brief analyses of the options. I'm basically using this column to help me make up my mind on how I'm going to be focusing my own energies. Please accept and use in the spirit offered.

5. Sever

By sever, I mean dismiss, I mean taking the coercive-government bull by the horns and announcing to the world that one is a sovereign individual who abides by the nonaggression principle; thus, one will choose one's own provider of government services, thank you. This is known as panarchy, and I've written about it favorably on these pages. The idea of freedom of choice in government has all to recommend it, for one thing it is certainly the system of the New Paradigm should the species advance to that next stage of consciousness. IOW, if humankind is to have a future, panarchy or 'voluntary government' will be the nature of our political systems.

The problem with panarchy right now: it is difficult to explain it such that a critical mass of human consciousnesses understands it in sufficient time to turn back the 900-pound gorilla of despotism. Thus, it is not practical given the magnitude and urgency of the tyranny emergency. But on the plus side, panarchy is ACTION not talk.

4. Boycott

A national boycott of the feds, meaning a large-scale strike by millions of productive-class Americans against financial support or moral sanction for the government until/unless it accedes to their demands to rescind the Insufferable Acts. To develop an effective boycott, we'll need to refine the violations into a list of perhaps 10 requirements, e.g. repeal NDAA 2012 IDWOT,[2] repeal the Patriot Act, repeal the War on Drugs, etc. The list needs to be prioritized, with the grossest offenses, such as extrajudicial torture and killings by the president at the top. It would take a minimum of several months to come up with a suitable boycott architecture, something that famous individuals could and would get behind.

The problem: although a boycott has the advantage of taking direct ACTION against the unacceptable offenses, it, too, requires too much time to bring up to speed in a risk-averse and dumbed-down culture. Ergo, also not practical given the magnitude and urgency of the tyranny emergency.

3. Vote

We now have the energizing 2012 Ron Paul Campaign, whose candidacy certainly represents the spearhead of the liberty movement, Republic restoration, and Freedom Philosophy all rolled into one. If Dr. Paul should fail to secure the Republican nomination, my guess is he will decline to support the Republican nominee and maintain his Freedom Philosophy tour either a) endorsing the Libertarian nominee, which will certainly be former governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, or b) not endorsing a presidential candidate but promoting the campaigns of libertarian candidates for the federal Congress. [I think it's also highly likely that Paul will actively offer his leadership to the nullification movement, described below.]

The problem: Voting does not directly act against or defy specific acts of government tyranny, it is a best an indirect hope that a particular man or woman, when taking office, will put into effect libertarian principles. Voting is supplication for freedom, not taking it directly.

2. Educate

When we talk about education, we generally mean teaching people about the Freedom Philosophy so the blessings of liberty will come to them... and to us. In the long run, ideas are all that matter and all that drive the kind of political system(s) humans create. But this broader sense of education is not what I have in mind as an option in dealing with imminent tyranny: instead I see a real opportunity to drive a stake through the heart of the antihuman global financial oligarchy (GFO)—which seeks to destroy humanity via oppression, expropriation, and war—by exposing the truth behind the 9/11 attacks. That's right. Think a minute about how 'terrorism and the specter of 9/11' are used by GOTUS[3] to justify every war crime and every civil atrocity and every infringement of liberty.

What happens if the people learn the truth about 9/11, namely that the official conspiracy story is a false-flag, state-terror fairy tale and that those responsible for the attacks were/are a rogue network serving the GFO who had penetrated high positions in GOTUS and other cooperating states. The best tactic in this context for exposing the perpetrators is Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth's ( methodical demonstration of the impossibility of the official story, esp. with the demolition of the World Trade Center buildings. By removing this one cotter-pin of the recent GOTUS' accelerated rush toward tyranny, we hard-stop that rush.

Problem: Not so much a problem as a limitation. My feeling is 9/11 Truth—organizing for rapid agreement that the official story is false and that we need an honest investigation—is not a best solo tactic. Instead, it's the perfect augmentation of a smart ACT in defiance of tyranny. Which is:

1. Nullify

Roughly two days ago, a local Ron Paul organizer pointed me to a Webpage for the Liberty Preservation Act, which shows how several states are passing bills to "to prevent any agency, political subdivision, employee, or member of the military of <state> from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the investigation, prosecution, or detention of a citizen in violation of the United States Constitution or <state> constitution." In other words, to nullify the indefinite detention w/o charge provisions of the recent National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Virginia is the first state whose legislature has passed an NDAA nullify bill. Other states are queuing up. The Nullify Movement is spreading like wildfire.

Tenth Amendment CenterTo make a long story short, I've joined the 10th Amendment Center and am going to take an active, organizational role in Michigan for nullifying unconstitutional laws... in combination with spreading the AE911truth good word virally, in Michigan. Nullify is ACTION; Nullify is SUCCESSFUL... at least initially. I have an idea "Nullify and Truth" is, finally, the magic bullet I've been seeking so many years.

[1] I'm calling the Insufferable Acts my list of 24 egregious violations of liberty and the Constitution by the existing, specific federal government, which I call GOTUS.

[2] indefinite detention without trial

[3] Government of the United States

2012 March 12
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