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  Kay Augustin Kay is an investment consultant living in SE Michigan. Email to her thru my site [email to Kay]
  Jim Babka Jim Babka is president of Downsize DC.
  Brasscheck TV I don't know exactly where these guys come from, but they're here and they're clear. Basically the Web's communicators of the suppressed truth, mostly via podcasts drawn directly from the airwaves, only the mainstream media kills the stories... occasionally via text.  Sign up to receive their daily mailings.
  Gerhard A. Fuerst
Mr. Fuerst—a retired adjunct professor of social science at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and secondary school teacher in the Kalamazoo Central High School—is a poet and a regular scholarly and conscientious afflictor of the powerful.
  Thomas Greco Mr. Greco is a world renowned advocate/implementor of voluntary, decentralized money systems. Reach him via Reinventing Money.
  Dean Hazel Dean Hazel is a celebrated advocate of Constitutional Law and Constitutional Liberty (though he prefers the term Modern Whiggery). His advocacy and courageous actions have earned him sustained federal government aggression upon his person and property. He now fights the aggressors through his teachings as the leader of The American Federation of Whiggs. Here is his Meetup page.
  Steve LaTulippe Steven LaTulippe [send him mail] is a physician currently practicing in Ohio. He was an officer in the United States Air Force for 13 years.
  Sam Mills Sam is a writer and poet living in Lansing, Michigan.
  Alan Mole Alan Mole is a retired engineer living in Boulder, Colorado.
  Kaethie Schwager  Katy, an especially proud and conscientious American, is a resident of  Sterling Heights and active in the German Club (The Carpathia Club) in the  Detroit area.
  Matt Simon Matt is a Free State Early Mover, and chairman of
  Rev. Steve Thompson Reverend Thompson is the executive director of Michigan NORML,
Benzonia, MI
  Perry Willis Perry is communications director for Downsize DC.
  James Wilson James is executive cook and bottle washer at Downsize DC.
  John Worster Former mixologist to " Freedom Rider and Friends," and restaurant manager, now proprietor of the best 'realistic pizza' place in Michigan: Cottage Inn Gourmet Pizza Emporium in Waterford, Michigan. Call (248) 886-1800 to order. [March 2009: Sorry to report John bit the dust on the business several months ago, but still hangs out in Michigan and will share his blue collar, salt of the earth humor with us on occasion.]
  Brian Wright Proprietor, main contributor, and chief bottle washer at the Coffee Coaster. Professional services page.
  Rose Wright Former news editor, political activist, and owner of a leading PR firm in southeast Michigan, Rose is a Professional Journalist (SPJ/SDX) and active participant in the mid-Michigan humanistic-freedom community. She's currently a Michigan Supreme Court docent, ESL tutor, and mentor to "at risk" kids.

Note: All Coffee Coaster guest writers may be contacted via email to this site.

[1] Disclaimer: The granting of permission by the author to the Coffee Coaster to post these comments is not an indication that I share (or do not share) the views or conclusions of Mr. Wright or his contributors. I believe in practicing what I preach: a belief in the First Amendment right of Freedom of Expression. While I may differ with certain stated opinions, I shall nevertheless, defend the right to say whatever needs to be said, both subjectively and objectively, in order to stimulate public discussion, debate, and dialogue about all matters of public concern and interest. — Gerhard A. Fuerst

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