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FlowchartMy site still has three main areas: 1) Professional, 2) Political, and 3) Personal, but the information needs to be updated. I'm going to put up the sign below for 'Under Construction.' Check under the respective headings futher down on this page for the former descriptions.

Professionally, there's been a change in focus from my former 'Old Paradigm' work—what you see mainly in 'Professional' below—to a much more creative 'New Paradigm.' The newer way has led to my current main daily bread occupation, which is editing and publishing. In a nutshell, I tend to break my life's activities into the following five categories in roughly this priority:

  1. Founder: The FLOW Fellowship — a diverse social movement advancing a spiritual philosophy that brings inner peace, outer peace, and abundance to those who understand its fundamental principles and diligently perform its cultivation practices.
  2. Charter Member and (a) Leader: MillionaireXn — A material implementation of FLOW, the fabulous global online 'success system' business lines created by international motivational writer and speaker James Lee Valentine: MXn or more formally, 'MillionaireXn,' where n = F, 1, 3, and 7.
  3. Proprietor: The Coffee Coaster — my 'wholistic libertarian' commentary and review site. Weekly commentaries by "the Brian and friends" and weekly reviews of books and movies that enlighten and entertain the early 21st-century reason-and-freedom-loving, caring individual.
  4. Author: Several books located at — which may be obtained in PDF format for free (though a PayPal donation is always encouraged) or purchased via Amazon or via personal contact.
  5. New Paradigm Editor/Writer/Publisher: Free Man Publishing — No summary page yet, still in the early stages with projects ongoing. Currently the following non-me books: Keeley's Kures and Executive Hobo by Bo Keeley, The Farrah Chronicles by Christine Mahoney.

Of course, these are ideal priorities that do not necessarily reflect the current market value of my activities. I place a high real priority on whoever has a job with cash on the barrelhead, which for the time being in early 2012 is happening for #5. But do not sell the dream short, FLOW and MillionaireX are showing huge imminent potential.

Former Description

Under ConstructionWhat follows is still reasonably close for my activities and interests at the close of 2011, but needs to be reconstructed for 2012 to improve the picture.


The initial realm is professional services, and this is the broad realm of immediately deployable skills for remuneration in the legal tender of the kingdom. (I've never been too devoted a subject of "the kingdom," and will accept gold, Liberty Dollars, or a well-maintained tractor. Just kidding about the tractor.) If you want to know what I can do for you practically—virtually all my distinctly worthwhile services lie in writing and editing—please click on that tab over on the left that says "Professional Services".


Second, as a liberty-loving, cause-oriented dude since basically kindergarten, my political life—aka fighting-for-freedom life—is as important to me as breathing. In late 2006 I created my own political opinion and review Website called the Coffee Coaster. Virtually, all my work in the cause is documented in one form or another through my writings there... along with the work of some fine guest columnists. I typically write a column per week, accompanied by a movie review and, less frequently, a topical book review.

I believe you will find these 'wholistic libertarian' writings "stimulating briefings of opinion and review," and I extend this personal invitation to you to become a regular reader. You may add yourself to my announcement-newsletter list here. This year (2012) my goal is to make my Coffee Coaster forum/blog more active. I would love to have you 'get with me' on the forum/blog. Also please contact me if you would care to contribute a guest column to the Coffee Coaster.


The personal area of the site I haven't yet developed so much, but feel it will become increasingly important in the next decade. I lost my dear brother Forrest in 2007. I am still hoping to produce a Forrest Wright memorial blog in 2012, but, if not, certainly in 2013. Here is a tribute column to my brother.

With respect to personal items, I do have a number of hobbies, chief of which is golf. I've even written a few columns in the Coffee Coaster along these lines. Also, in my second year of moving the Free State of New Hampshire, I roomed with an individual who was quite into online poker, which I found fascinating. (But my online gaming interests tend toward less demanding stuff, esp. via instant casino services ... and more recently, other online casino gaming.) I also enjoy the outdoors "Walden Pond" aspect of the Granite State... and intellectual pursuits you may hopefully find in the pages of the Coffee Coaster.

Brian Wright
January 2012
New England and Great Lakes Regions
North America, Earth

[1] Not to make light of the current political crisis we face as the Old Paradigm dies and the New Paradigm emerges. Please take a view of my recommended reading list here. In moving from human to transhuman—to paraphrase Nietzsche, walking a tightrope over an abyss—the power-sick ones will necessarily fight their end of days, possibly with horrific effect.

This page shows my own literary output to this point:

More work to do. Please donate here as the spirit moveth thee.

I have a special fondness for Peter McWilliams, who has inspired so many people in the libertarian movement and all over the world for personal freedom and creative excellence. Enjoy this wonderful memorial rendition of Peter's life.

May the SNaP be with us.


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