Guest Column: 10 Things America Must Do to Stop Ruining the World

My letter to an unknown American patriot (excerpt)
by Tom Engelhardt / TomDispatch

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DearPatriotI wish I knew your name. I’ve been thinking about you, about all of us actually and our country, and meaning to write for a while to explain myself.  Let me start this way: you should feel free to call me an American nationalist.  It may sound ugly as hell, but it’s one way I do think of myself. True, we Americans usually reserve the more kindly word “patriot” for ourselves and use “nationalist” to diss other people who exhibit special feeling for their country.  In the extreme, it’s “superpatriot” for us and “ultranationalist” for them. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: After 9/11 Truth, Ch. 12

Leveraging the TLC campaign to other causes

Sunshine“Walkin’ in the sunshine, sing a little sunshine song…” — Roger Miller

This is the ultimate and very important step for all who take up the 911TLC cause.

As a Campaign for Liberty activist strongly urged to me in the days leading up to completion of the book, we need to think of our rather low-effort 911TLC work, really—after all, we’re sending out letters and telling one another how great we are in Master Mind meetings (!)—in the context of the broader liberty movement.

In other words, each of us in the TLC program needs to lend a hand to those out there organizing and fighting for freedom on all the other issues.

Totally! Continue reading

Book Review: Dissolving Illusions (2013)

Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History
by Suzanne Humphries, MD

IllusionsA libertarian friend, who as many of my Baby Boomer peers tends to accept conventional wisdom, academic authority, and mainstream media sources of information, posed these questions (after reading some of my more adamant commentaries regarding the public health nightmare that mass vaccination has become):

“Are you painting all vaccines with the same broad brush?

“How do you explain that small pox has virtually disappeared, or that polio is not the dreaded disease it once was?” Continue reading

Movie Review: Bonneville (2006)

Small movie showcasing realistic Golden Girl roles

BonnevilleCarol: I can’t leave Arlo alone that long!
Margene: Well how would you know?
You haven’t left his side since highschool.
Carol: I have so!
Margene: Trips to the ladies’ room don’t count.

Written by Daniel D. Davis
Directed by Christopher N. Rowley

Jessica Lange … Arvilla
Kathy Bates … Margene
Joan Allen … Carol
Tom Skerritt … Emmett
Christine Baranski … Francine
Victor Rasuk … Bo Douglas

Charming, real buddy movie for 50-something women…

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Guest Column: Vaccination as Old-Time Religion

The worship of vaccination in the Holy Temple
by Jon Rappoport full column: February 23, 2015

High_PriestIn past articles, I’ve covered all major aspects of the fake science of vaccination…so-called herd immunity, “safe and effective,” etc.

Here I want to look at the overall pattern that successful organized religions have been following for centuries—because vaccination occupies the same platform, deploying the same basic strategies.

This is no accident.

If it works in the religious realm, it can work in the secular venue, by stimulating the urges and fears of programmed humans.

First, there is ceremony of anointing— vaccination—which confers privileged status on the recipient. Privileged status, and most importantly, protection. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: A Citizen Libertarian in King MIGOP’s Court

Big Doin’s in Lansing, Michigan, State Republican Convention 2015

IMG_20150220_191224_editSomeone recently rediscovered[1] that as public parties, both the Democrats and Republicans, are actually susceptible to grassroots influence—through the precinct delegate elective process. Thus, yours truly, a bona fide secular libertarian, to help out his liberty-oriented[2] friends in the Republican Party:

  • put my name on the August 5 ballot
  • won as one of two persons running for three spots
  • attended the (Oakland) county state-delegate selection convention August 14
  • … where I was selected as a delegate to the state candidate-nominating convention on August 23
  • then as a delegate to the county convention on February 5, 2015 (charged with selecting delegates to the state-party organizing convention) I was selected as an alternate delegate to the state-party organizing convention[3]
  • and now as an alternate delegate to the state-party organizing convention held February 20, 21, 2015, in Lansing I may have a chance to be elevated to delegate status

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Book Review: Mayflower (2006)

A story of courage, community, and war
by Nathaniel Philbrick
2006, Penguin Group, 413 pages

MayflowerMost of us know about the Pilgrims from our history and civics classes.  Or at least we have the Thanksgiving imagery—oven-roasted turkeys, linen tablecloths, silverware, Indians, stern-looking white men with buckles on their hats, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.

Well, that’s about it, then.

No, just kidding.  In reality, the second English permanent settlement, consisting of Puritan Separationists, was lucky to have survived the first winter of 1620.

And the main benefit derived from the Indians was the Indians’ forbearance from annihilating the Pilgrims. Continue reading