Movie Review: The Hurt Locker (2009)

Good movie, unworthy of the two Oscars __ 7/10

TThe Hurt LockerSpc. Owen Eldridge: Aren’t you glad the Army has all these tanks parked here? Just in case the Russians come and we have to have a big tank battle?
Sergeant JT Sanborn: I’d rather be on the side with the tanks, just in case, than not have them.
Spc. Owen Eldridge: Yeah, but they don’t do anything. I mean, anyone comes alongside a Humvee, we’re dead. Anybody even looks at you funny, we’re dead. Pretty much the bottom line is, if you’re in Iraq, you’re dead. How’s a fucking tank supposed to stop that?
Sergeant JT Sanborn: Would you shut the fuck up, Owen?
Spc. Owen Eldridge: Sorry. Just tryin’ to scare the new guy. Continue reading

Guest Column: Stopping ‘LEOs Gone Wild’

An ordinance template for your city, township, or village…

AuburnCourtesy of David Lonier running for Michigan state representative, 29th district. The ordinance is written for Auburn Hills, Michigan. Simply change Auburn Hills to your own municipality and socialize with your representatives in local government.


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Brian’s Column: “The Shot Heard ’round the World, II” (?)

… or certainly the state of Michigan

IntroFrom liberty Republican David Lonier’s email 8/15/2014:

“As many of you may have heard and/or witnessed, the 11th Congressional District achieved a milestone victory for true conservatism at the [Oakland] County Convention last night by electing Matt Maddock as our Chairman. The result was the removal of a preselected slate of establishment delegates to the State convention and the approval by a two to one majority (204:115) of a more representative slate.”

Detroit News report here. And the Detroit Free Press report here. Continue reading

Book Review: Palestine: Peace not Apartheid

by Jimmy Carter
2006, Simon and Schuster, 250 pages
The Israeli garrison state continues to cough up humanitarian fur balls

CarterEditor’s note: I’m replaying this book review from the old version of my site because of its timeliness and what I have learned very recently about political Zionism and the state of Israel,[1] especially regarding false flag operations and crimes against humanity[2][3]… which it certainly would appear are happening, as we speak, in the Gaza Strip. My goodness, this book was written seven years ago! Time flies. I remember how the so-called Israel Lobby raked ol’ president Jimmy over the coals for this mild-mannered, modest expose, as if he were pushing for rekindling the Nazi death camps. Au contraire, as it turns out, Mr. Carter was simply shedding light on the ongoing programs of war and ethnic cleansing—Carter never refers to it as such—by the ‘Israel Mob.’ Valuable work.

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Movie Review: Losing the Liberty (June 8, 1967)

Two films on the Israeli unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty

LossLibertyThank you so much Dick Kennedy for sending me these DVDs; I’m simply overwhelmed by the treachery and savagery of high officials of both governments, Israeli and American, serving without question the imperial agenda of Zionist Israel at this most critical juncture of history. It’s stunningly clear this was a false flag attack with unmarked planes and gunboats, intended to be blamed on the Arabs, and to sink the ship and kill everyone on board so no one would be available to contest the story. Following which the US could rightly enter the conflict on the side of Israel. Continue reading

Guest Column: The Devolution of Solitary

Another Statist Mess that Humanity Will Unravel

SolitaryThese infographics come from, not a bad source for innovatively packaged information. I had no idea the practice of solitarily confining prisoners was so widespread. Another good reason to end the nightmare of big corporate global government in as quick and just a manner as possible… because guess who’re going to be the prime candidates for such treatment if the Cabal wins? For sure. Libertarians of all stripes, even people who once had a friend who voted Libertarian, which is most of the population. Individualists will not be tolerated in the New World Order. So global collectivists must be hunted down and segregated into gilded, ant-farming, sand-pounding work colonies as soon as possible—but not solitary… unless perhaps they were presidents and dictators. — Ed. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: A Latesummer’s Night Dream

Just my own little castle in the sky… or something more?

WDreamhatever the message, this was one of my better nights in the saddle of pleasant visions, with a touch of humor that comes from someplace outside of me. [Not that I don't have a sense of humor, but this inner motion picture is not any sequence I would have thought up on my own, in a thousand years.] It was the previous Thursday morning (8/7/14) right toward the end of my sleep session, and the dream was so vivid and entertaining, also sad and poignant, I immediately rose to write it down in longhand. It contained so many things I truly care about in this world—and recently departed of this world: golf, Mom, and the dear deceased feline friend of the woman I married. Without further ado, here’s the story… you decide. Continue reading