Brian’s Column: Good Neighbor Libertarian Quickstart Guide

Intended to orient and get affiliates and individuals going quickly


sunshine manThis column is based on a two-sided, one-sheet description of the same name, which I’ve uploaded to a pdf file here. The idea behind it is to provide advance information on the Good Neighbor Libertarian (GNL,  pronounced genial) political activation system I’m writing a book about. This GNL system is essentially a methodology for generating rapid growth in effective libertarian solutions to the main categories of the massive central corporate-state assault upon real human individuals in the incipient American police state. I also expect to dramatically raise ‘body count’ of caring, effective people monitoring public-official councils and holding them accountable for securing liberty. Continue reading

Book Review: Atlas Shrugged (1957)

“So this is the little lady who caused all the fuss…”
by Brian Wright

Atlas ShruggedThose with a historical bent will recognize the subtitle in quotes as what Abraham Lincoln (president of the US, 1861-1865) was purported to have said to Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin—a scathing indictment of slavery that many feel led to the War of Northern Aggression.[1] I’m using it here in a reference to Ayn Rand, who was, as it turns out, a diminutive woman, and to her majestic philosophic ideas… that have and will shake up what commonly has been regarded as proper human behavior for centuries. Briefly, her philosophy, known as Objectivism, stands for objective reality, reason, egoism (enlightened self-interest), and capitalism.[2] Continue reading

Movie Review: Atlas Shrugged, Who is John Galt?

Near perfect rendition of the Ayn Rand iconosphere__9.5/10

GaltSure, I know what you’re thinking, I’m just like a sports’ homey praising his pedestrian quarterback for a performance that gets the job done, but lacks the glittering brilliance of the Hall of Fame QB of a bygone era. Exactly! Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, the movie’s final installment, subtitled ‘Who is John Galt?,’ is not truly a masterpiece, but it is as inspired and imaginative a treatment of the literary-philosophical giant Ayn Rand’s magnum opus as can likely be created under practical contemporary constraints of budget… or realistic access to a full spectrum of creative talent who can convincingly present the essence of what Rand stands for, on film. Continue reading

Guest Column: The “heroic Ebola doctor” myth

Every psyop needs heroes as well as villains…
by Jon Rappoport ( 20140917)

DoctorSo-called epidemics are managed out of a playbook.

The playbook looks very much like something the CIA would come up with.

I’m going to give you my raw notes. They tell the story. Continue reading

Movie Review (II): Anatomy of a Great Deception

Launch Party premier of extraordinary film by David Hooper
Event commentary and movie review by Brian Wright

Marqiuee_DaylightThis column is as much a ‘Happening’ review as a movie review. The Happening is the actual debut of the film, in Detroit, Michigan, at the Fillmore entertainment center (for most of its life, the State Theatre). Mr. David Hooper, producer and writer/director of the film, is on hand, as are the many people on the production and promotion team. In addition, Mr. Richard Gage, founder and director of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, comes into town to introduce Dave on stage and generally contribute to the success of the launch. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009)

Another fun and clever blow to the MIC __ 8/10

The Men Who Stare at GoatsLarry Hooper: [from trailer] Lieutenant Colonel Django used funds from the project’s black budget to procure prostitutes…
Bill Django: That’s a lie!
Larry Hooper: …and to get drugs for himself and his men.
Bill Django: That… well, the hooker thing is definitely a lie.

… by George Clooney. As with other classic anti-war or anti-system movies that Clooney executive produces and acts in—Syriana, Michael Clayton, Goats exposes generally unknown facts about the government/Wall Street alliance that have a destructive effect on most humans. But Goats, while actually dealing with some of the most insidious antihuman technologies employed by the CIA under cover of war, does a magnificent job of airing out the subject with benevolence and humor. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Special Announcement: 9/11 Truth Film Launch

Breaking_Free_w_911September 5th, 7:00 p.m., at the Detroit Fillmore: Anatomy of a Great Deception

Be there or be square. Very exciting news, and I thought I would post my letter here on my Coffee Coaster site for convenience of reference. I’ve already sent out numerous bccs to my email distribution lists that I’ve been maintaining. This film is quite likely the breakthru event of the general truth movement, leading to a disinfection of the ‘giant tapeworm’ that’s camped out on the people of the West and shows every design of ‘eating out our substance and reducing us under absolute despotism.’ — Ed.

Title of Email: Quick Satyagraha Note Esp. if Near Detroit on Sept. 5

Satya… what a? Continue reading