Book Review: Golf, Life, and Fun in the Philippines (2014)

A lifestyle upgrade definitely worth looking into…

Golf_viewEspecially for Yanks or Englishmen and Europeans stuck in northern climes in the winter months. No, Golf in the Philippines is not a book… yet. But I’m posting a review today of a special Website of a friend of mine, Peter Shanks, that features all the attractions of the country for the male golfer in particular. I’ll more or less just condense and excerpt the Website in my review, but let me make a few comments at the outset. Continue reading

Movie Review: The Apostle (1997)

Scary, heartwarming, or both? __ 9.5/10

You can search far and wide for movies that are authentically American, yet so unique that they defy being categorized. The Apostle would be on a very short list, possibly the only entry. You’re struck by what in the heck was going on in writer-director Robert Duvall’s life to create such a revealing and deep story of the Best of the Bible Belt.

Are these people of faith the best? Is the leader of this Fort Worth, Texas-based, richly funded evangelical church an example of the best of the best? Or are they sinners like everyone else? I’ll answer that question without giving anything away: they’re sinners like everyone else, and Sonny clearly more so. But it isn’t obvious, nor can I pass judgment on the man without fear of contradiction. Indeed, you will find that among freethinking secular persons—such as yours truly—a lively discussion emerges as to whether the preacher man Sonny Dewey, later Apostle E.F., exemplifies destructive or constructive qualities of character. Continue reading

Guest Column: Operation American Spring

A line in the sand, the non-shot heard round the world

BundyIn case you’ve been living under a rock or freeze-dried and doing hard time—or only paying attention to corporate-state media—over the past few days: On Saturday, April 12, 2014, in Bunkerville, Nevada, the federal government (an assault force of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)) surrendered to We the People as a consequence of the Cliven Bundy Ranch standoff. Later in the day, the feds announced a full retreat as a band of citizens stood against them in protest of federally-engineered cattle theft and an armed siege of a (legally presumed) innocent rancher. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Organic Marketing, What Would Jesus Do?

New Picture (14)Approach your market as a gardener grows a plant

As it happens, I’ve been associated as editor and publisher, even author, with some astounding books of nonfiction that advance crucial ideas or simply tell inspiring stories. [You may go to my Free Man Publishing site for a listing of these books and authors.] As inherently interesting, professionally composed, well-written, and utilitarian as many of these authors’ works are, the sad reality is none has broached anything like a mass-market appeal, much less a mini-mass-market appeal (say, sales in the low thousands). Why? This column wrestles with imaginative spreading of creative seeds of thought that more than a few people will find likable to the point of buying. Continue reading

Book Review: Carved in Granite (2008)

Stimulating collage of short stories and reminiscences by budding Free State writers…

Carved in Granite2008, SciArt Media, 134 pages (as PDF)

This is a book of short stories from mostly young, certainly aspiring, New Hampshire writers that I helped to market for a fellow Free Stater five years ago. I don’t believe many of the links remain valid, so good luck finding this particular little collection. You can try locating James Maynard perhaps via the Free State Project organization Continue reading