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August 10, 2009

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Don't Throw Mama off the Turnpike:
The "Free State Audi A4" finds a new home abroad... by Brian Wright

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Painful view of Iraqi war's true-life

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Featured Commentary and Review

Don't Throw Mama off the Turnpike:
The "Free State Audi A4" finds a new home abroad... by Brian Wright

...Anyway, as in most NY towns, the people are still human—the majority just as nice and warm as you'll find anywhere else in America—but more worn down by the space lizards and pod people (SLaPPs) after decades of trying to live up to the "Empire State" designation. As I mentioned in my New Pilgrim Chronicles experience traveling through Massachusetts, there's a strong correlation between high taxes (Mass and NY have a sales tax approaching 10%, an income tax of that magnitude, too) and dead businesses and the foundational loss of the enterprising spirit...

Movie Review:
Painful view of Iraqi war's true-life

It's simply awful. How does one describe it? It's like a perpetual SWAT team raid on marijuana smokers who shoot back. But it's in real-people neighborhoods, too, people who speak a funny language. Often the victims of the no-knock pursuits are women and children, noncombatants who live in bombed out shacks that used to be homes. Yes, this is a good war... for the glory of Liberty and Liberty's Christian Deity. All the women and children who perish from grenades and bullets are getting what they deserve for having had to live under a horrible Mideast dictator. You're welcome. Just be glad that you're the innocent victims.

Still the cost in American-soldier carnage is high, too. Many die. For a glorious purpose! But many more are horribly injured, such as Private Rodriguez. [full review ]

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Recent Guest Commentaries

The Ideal of Religious Liberty, Part 2
by Dean Hazel

One of the purposes of art and journalism, is to engage us intellectually and emotionally.  This work apparently has fulfilled that function as there is a wide variety of commentary on the piece, ranging from support to opposition.  Here I address issues raised by those who still maintain that the government of the United States was absolutely founded on the Christian faith and that there is no such thing as a secular law, though the origins of the word "secular" goes back to the times of the Romans ... [full commentary]

On the Good Ship to America
A post-war immigrant from Germany shares
a special reminiscence

Anyway, our quota-number came up .. and we left for Bremen. Again, we were living in the Kaserne, waiting to be shipped out to the United States of America. In those times, the U.S. shipped its soldiers to Germany and brought the Displaced Persons (DPs) to America. Most of us slept in the soldier cots..... [more]

Age? Old? Aging?
by Gerhard Fuerst

When young and innocent,
we think that age
is a record in old books,
somewhere on the very last page.
When finally being ten,
and convinced that we know it all
we consider those at twenty,
near the end and ready to fall.
However, when twenty,
dashing, daring, unbending, brave and bold,
we consider those at thirty to be
either over the hill, or most certainly too old... [full poem]

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Latest Columns

This section contains the latest columns primarily by Website proprietor and main content-provider/writer, Brian Wright. For any of these pieces, please share your comments on the CC blog or send us a letter to the editor. [main]
Transcendent Liberty: A Spiritual "Conspiracy" see what we can do—as self-defined members of the freedom movement—to achieve some more immediate workaround [to the aggression problem]... [main]
Thank You Letter to the Four Sisters
[On the occasion of editor's big Six Zero birthday]
...The night got late, and I did convey my general political worldview to Katy—basically we need the Sacred Nonaggression Principle to overcome the alien space lizards.. [main]
Epiphany at the Grocery Store But then that other Bush ascended to the throne. The Neocons came home to roost, proceeding to spend/borrow our money like drunken sailors, making up wars and war crimes that most of us had never imagined. [main]

Latest Movie Reviews
The latest three movie reviews.
The Coffee Coaster attempts to review near-term movies as well as those you'd find on Turner Classic Movies... also films that were not wildly popular during their time, but deserved to be.
For any of these reviews, please share your comments with me on the Coffee Coaster blog or send us a letter to the editor.


Small movie showcasing realistic Golden Girl roles... with Jessica Lange (Arvilla), Kathy Bates (Margene), and Joan Allen (Carol). [main]

The International

Clive Owen seems to gravitate toward dark, serious roles, e.g. Children of Men, The Croupier. You're thinking, "Hey, man, get a shave." [main]


Walter Block once wrote a book called Defending the Undefendable, where he basically argued that so many that society legally marginalizes are in fact the best friends of liberty... [main]

Latest Book Reviews
The latest three book reviews.
Most of the books reviewed by the Coffee Coaster have some relevance to political or philosophical or spiritual development. Occasionally, as with the John D. MacDonald or Tony Hillerman literature, just good clean, intelligent fun. For any of these book reviews, please share your comments with me on the Coffee Coaster blog or send us a letter to the editor.

The Lonely Silver Rain
John D. MacDonald

The final episode in the Travis McGee series, probably the least sharp... but there are so many gems from the Trav-master, you just won't care.[main]

No Treason: The Constitution of No Liberty,
Lysander Spooner

... whether the Constitution be one thing or another, this much is certain—that it either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.[main]

Cracking the Code: The truth about taxes in America,
Pete Hendrickson

Quite a revelation, needs to be read by every American who wants to apply the income tax law correctly, consistent with liberty.[main]

Quote of the Week

Give me control of a nationís money and I care not who makes its laws.
ó Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

This Week's Special Message

Because of its importance, this message will recur for several weeks in the Beaniegram. Two vital books exist for Americans to read and digest as quickly as possible:

  1. The first is a book I've reviewed by G. Edward Griffin that dissects the Federal Reserve System: The Creature from Jekyll Island. Not only does Mr. Griffin explain clearly where the money went and how the theft was accomplished, he explains the sociology of the deception. You will learn that war is the ultimate moneymaker for the elites behind the curtain of the Fed, and that we will only achieve peace and liberty when we stop feeding the Beast of the moneychangers... i.e. the Oligarchy. [main]

  2. Relative to unfeeding 'the Beast,' the second vital book is by Peter Hendrickson: Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America. Equally remarkable and more Cracking the Codedirectly useful, Pete—thanks to digital technology, he was able to track down every reference in federal revenue statutes and regulatory codes—patiently explains that the so-called
    income tax is not a direct tax... and that it was never legally enacted as one. [According to
    the Constitution, direct taxes are only permitted via apportionment.] Thus, unless you are a federal employee or official, or employed by a federal corporation, your earnings are not income as defined in the law. [main]

    Further, federal and state treasury departments, obeying the law, have refunded more than $10 million to thousands of individuals who have filed corrected returns. What this means is the vast majority of Americans now stand at the threshold of ending the tyranny of the IRS and getting their lives and wealth and freedom back. Simply by standing up for the rule of law and insisting on its compliance by government. Please read my review for more details.

    Here is the video from we want to share with our fellow citizens. Naturally, the cabal that has usurped power, especially at the federal level, is none too happy that people are figuring out that they are no longer mandatory taxpayers.

These two books frame the issue of restoring our republic. For honorable mention as key books, I would like to include my own Sacred Nonaggression Principle, which is currently in rewrite for friendliness, and Eckhart Tolle's classic, The Power of Now.

Best of Coffee Coaster

Reflections on Memorial Day 2008

Did our fathers die on the beaches of Normandy so we would cave to mandatory seat-belt laws, smoking bans, drug testing, and 0.08 BAL? (etc.)

"Son, I'm never going to wear a seat belt; it's my right as an American to drive as and how I choose—[Dad was a highly skilled driver who would probably, eventually have come to wear seatbelts voluntarily].  It violates everything I believe in... and fought for.  I won't do it, I won't pay the fine, and they can put me in jail 'til the cows come home."

For the previous 30 years Memorial Day has always had a somber quality for me: My father, Truman, a WWII veteran, died on May 28, 1978, Memorial Day Weekend—I was 28 years old at the time.  [Then, to make it even sadder, last year we lost my brother, Forrest, also a veteran, possibly to the same heart condition that killed my dad.]  

Memorial Day was to commemorate Union soldiers who had died in the Civil War, then later expanded to remember all those who have given their lives for their country in military service. And though technically neither my dad nor my brother perished while fighting for their country, I feel the holiday belongs to them and, more important, to any American who stands for, argues for, fights for, and is willing to die for American liberty—the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution... [full column]

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August 8

Two unlikely allies - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Joe Scarborough - talk about one of the greatest scandals of our era. Details:

— Brasscheck

Regarding Springtime and the Motor City:
Thoughts on the decline and revival of Detroit

Hello Brian Wright!

My dear young man, your today's, (April 20th.) Headline: "Springtime and the Motor City.." surely took me back to the days of yester-year when the every-day living was uncomplicated. When not everybody had a car available, but there were City busses and street-cars to take you where ever you needed to go. When the kids walked to school and walked home again for blocks on end. When neighbors were friendly to one another, when the house-door was only locked up at night,or when one had to go away.

When our mother took the bus with a few transfers from Harper and Gratiot down to the Windsor-Tunnel, crossed over to Windsor to visit the St. Church.. all on her own.. without being afraid! When my mother'nlaw took the bus from Mack to the Down-Town Market, across from Stroh's-Brewery,) where almost everything was available.. from flowers to sausages to Hirt's.

When at Christmas-time we took a evening-ride to Outer-Drive.. from Gratiot to Grosse-Pointe to admire in "ah" the over thousands and thousands of Christmas-lights..illuminating house upon house. I clearly remember the very first Christmas-time in this Country, (we arrived here in the United States on December 13th. 1951) when my friend Henry took me for a ride up and down on Gratiot Avenue. And not knowing any better I asked him ...who was paying the bill for all those lights?? (Of course my question was in the German-language..)

When he told me, I was totally surprised that people were able to afford all this extravaganza... Brian, I agree with you that times have changed so drastically, we can't recognize our once beautiful Detroit- City. Looking at the "other side of the coin".. what went wrong within the System that then Mayor Coleman Young told us..( the whitee,) get out .. and consider 8 Mile Road the deviding line.. At that time he spoke up for his people ..the Black's .. they were at that time looked on as "second Class Citizens.") Surely if we want to be fair, we have to agree on that , or at least admit to that. . . (I experienced that personally.)

Anyway Brian, you are providing a great service to all of us people, by giving us a chance to "UN-LOAD". Keep it up.. stay happy and STAY SAFE!!! Please remember me to your dear "MOM" whom I remember very fondly. With my very best regards to you.


Please send me your letters or comment thru access of the Coffee Coaster Blog.

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