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The Freedom Bell
A poem by
Gerhard A. Fuerst

The Freedom-bell rang two centuries past
And a freed people vowed that Freedom would last.

The Bell is a symbol yet Freedom is real.
The Bell can be heard but Freedom can feel.

The Bell's peal recalls Freedom's long fight,
Against merciless kings and Tyranny's might.

Freedom is deliverance from oppression and need,
Freedom is the Right to thought, word and deed!

Freedom is Liberty!  Freedom is choice!
The expression of Justice is Freedom's voice!

Freedom is precious and must be protected
By Laws made by those who are freely elected!

Freedom is fragile, so treasure it well!
Do not abuse Freedom is the plea of the Bell!

For Freedom's strength to grow and endure, 
Combat sinister Forces and evil's allure.

Eternal vigilance will not be in vain
To prevent the Loss of Freedom's Gain.

Maintain your Freedom as just recompense.
Yet do not enjoy it at others’ expense!

Free all mankind of contempt and disdain!
Shatter all shackles!  Break slavery's chain!

No one is assured of Freedom's guarantee 
And no one is safe until All are set free!

Be a Guardian of Freedom, be alert and stand fast!
All mankind yearns for "Freedom at last!"

Let Centuries more the Freedom-bell ring!
Of blessed Freedom let free people sing!

Join in the chorus, add freely your voices,
As in praise of Freedom all Mankind rejoices:

Freedom! FREEDOM! Freedom!
Oh glorious, GLORIOUS Freedom!

by Gerhard A. Fuerst
(composed 1990.. 542/1000 )

Editor's Note: Mr. Fuerst—a retired adjunct professor of social science at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, and secondary school teacher in the Kalamazoo Central High School—is a poet and a regular scholarly and conscientious afflictor of the powerful. The Freedom Bell is a poem he wrote as a heartfelt tribute to what too many in our country take for granted. For a beautiful calligraphic copy of The Freedom Bell, please contact Gerhard via email. Price is $25. The proceeds go in part to support the youth group at his church, Trinity Lutheran Church of Kalamazoo, Michigan. The poem is printed on acid-free paper of museum and archive quality. 

A view of the fine artwork may be seen from this PDF file.

Posted by the Coffee Coaster with permission of the author


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