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Press Release for Pete Release
Distribute widely, soon, to your local news editors
by Pete Hendrickson via the Coffee Coaster

Here's what we need to do. When I say we, I mean you, certainly anyone reading this News Release who has been liberated from the federal income tax thanks to Pete Hendrickson's discoveries.

This column is an excerpt from the news release sent by Peter Hendrickson to his supporters. It was accompanied by a passionate letter to those supporters entitled "With the Media and The Country in a State of Transformation, We Truth Tellers Cannot Afford to Miss the Moment." The full text of both the letter and the news release may be found at this location on

I have transcribed the entire news release into a separate MS Word document that is in more conventional News Release form for supporters to send to their local independent newspaper editors. I will show you how to do this following the excerpted news release below. It's simple and productive.

The News Release—Get This Out NOW!

The Most Significant Whistleblower on Government Malfeasance in American History Languishes Unsung in a Federal Prison
After a Corrupt Trial

In 2003, Peter Hendrickson published his first book, 'Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America'. The book reveals how the federal and state governments have been systematically extracting trillions of dollars from hapless Americans for decades by exploiting a widespread, tax-agency-cultivated misunderstanding about the true nature of the income tax.

Hendrickson, who became the first American in history to recover Social Security, Medicare and all other federal income tax-related amounts withheld from him the same year ‘Cracking the Code’ was first published, has now written three books on the subject of federal taxing authority and other Constitutional issues. Tens of thousands of his readers have been getting all THEIR money back -- week after week for more than seven years now -- from federal and state governments that never really had legitimate claims to the taxes for which it was taken in the first place.  The feds, especially, don't like this one bit. 

During these seven years, the IRS and DoJ have tried repeatedly to suppress Hendrickson's books and readership...

Unable to successfully attack the information, the agencies then began efforts to frighten readers away from the books. In 2006, four days before "tax day", the IRS announced in a national press release that Hendrickson and his wife were being "sued" to recover complete refunds that the agency claimed were issued by "agency mistakes" (even while it continued to make tens of thousands of identical "mistakes" to ever-increasing numbers of Hendrickson's upstanding readers demanding the return of THEIR property). 

After sitting for 9 1/2 months on the Hendricksons' immediate motions to dismiss the suit on various grounds, the judge in the case, Nancy Edmunds, simply “found” all allegations in the government’s complaint to be “facts”.  She issued a “summary judgment” in the government’s favor -- without a word of explanation [find Edmunds 'judgment' here]. 

The Hendricksons appealed, but the circuit court, which as a matter of policy defers to a district court’s “finding of fact” on the presumption that they are made in good faith and are based on evidence, upheld the judgment (but only by way of an opinion it refused to publish even after being asked to do so by the DoJ…) 

There has never been a single word of analysis or reasoning ventured to support the summary decree in this uncivil affair...

In fact, in a subtle but telling admission of the complete accuracy of what Hendrickson has revealed about the tax, the government, three years after the civil case summary judgment, has found itself having to ask the court to order the Hendricksons to create "amended" tax returns containing government-dictated numbers and other information, and to prohibit them from indicating that such instruments are coerced and not their own testimony. The idea, it admits, is that it can then pretend that the returns are voluntary admissions by the Hendricksons on the basis of which the government will further pretend that they do owe a tax for the years involved, and take money from them. This even though the whole pretext for the "lawsuit" in the first place was that such a tax debt had already long since been established... 

Despite all the fanfare with which the government tried to make much of its "civil action" against Hendrickson, no dent was put in his readership, or its activism. Indeed, the bogus assault had the opposite effect. Anyone who actually read through the filings in the case quickly saw that the government "complaint" was a corrupt ploy, and therefore just another admission that it has no legitimate argument to make against Hendrickson....

...In 2008, the feds escalated their efforts to silence Hendrickson. 

In November of that year, after failing in front of three grand juries, the feds finally figured out how to get one to indict Hendrickson... 

...The government couldn't produce any evidence of his receipt of "wages" in the trial that took place in Detroit during late October, 2009. 

Indeed, not a single government witness testified about Hendrickson's receipt of anything at all, or that anything on his tax forms was false, incomplete, or wrong in any way....  

The jury, even after asking to see the actual words of the law relevant to the charges, and even despite Hendrickson's insistence that it be given this actual language of the law, was denied this request.  Instead, it was given only prosecution-written "interpretations" of these statutes... carefully designed to oblige the jury to convict. 

Nonetheless, as it has for three years since the “civil lawsuit summary judgment”, the IRS touts the outcome in this kangaroo-court trial as a “loss in court” for Hendrickson and what he teaches about the law.  It is, of course -- in the same sense that Galileo “lost in court” over the question of whether Earth revolves around the Sun, since he, too was convicted for his heresy and ended up imprisoned… 

Tellingly, despite this latest “loss in court” for Hendrickson and his revelations about the tax, his readers continue to get all their money back week in and week out, even as he sits behind federal razor-wire. 

Details on the history of the government campaign to suppress Hendrickson's revelations, with documentation, can be found here. A very layman-friendly legal brief laying out the corrupt practices in trial that resulted in Hendrickson's railroaded conviction can be found here.  For a quick introduction to the liberating truth about the income tax, go to this page.

How to Get the Word Out—Bypass the Big Guys

Here's a tool I've found that gets your message directly to an editor. Access this Webpage for online newspapers, and navigate to your state. I've found this site to be up to date for Michigan online pubs. Click on an online newspaper, then go to that site and locate contacts. For most sites for smaller newspapers you can find the "news editor" email and name of the person. You can either load the email and name into your email contacts for a distribution or contact that person individually. Get them the news release either via email attachment, mail, in person, or via carrier pigeon. Call them, too. Most people respond to pleasant humane conversation.

Note: Focus on the smaller newspapers. Most of them have print versions, too. Even though many of the smaller newspapers have been swallowed up by the corporate mind-control press, these individuals are people who may still take pride in being independent journalists interested in the truth.

2010 December 06
Posted by The Coffee Coaster™ w/permission of author
Pete Hendrickson | Cracking the Code | News Release | Political Prisoner

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