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This boilerplate is an augmentation of the regular Coffee Coaster newsletters (Beaniegrams) and weekly short journalistic analyses (Percolations) from the site proprietor, Brian Wright. It consists of featured commentaries and reviews, especially of individuals and groups who are on the leading edge of the Nonaggression Vector as it breaks through the Barrier Cloud. Coffee Coaster "Premium Grounds" also serves as a living archive of extraordinary guest human-interest articles and columns judged by Proprietor to have wide appeal to the Coffee Coaster readership.— bw

Proprietor Specials

Special Urgent Column
Free Pete Hendrickson, et al, NOW!
Correct 'corrections,' send the innocent home

Pete Hendrickson, author of
Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America
having been convicted of obeying the law, has reported to Milan federal prison in Michigan, where he is to begin a 33-month stay. He was not allowed to remain free while on appeal, even though grounds for the appeal are a slam dunk on the level of human reason, decency, and justice... [full column]

Special Column
9/11 Truth Urgency
Must call out the Naked Emperor real soon

The barbarians are not only at the gate, they're a-fixin' to kill our women and rape our buffalo. Fortunately, we have a magic button—9/11 Truth—that pushing will turn the tables immediately. Not only will awareness of the truth about the attacks themselves avalanche within the general population, the broader awareness of the 'coordinated hostile intent' of this hidden cabal of rich, powerful psychopathic men will give the people an immediate edge in imminently and decisively ending the Oligarchy's reign of terror indefinitely. Here are a few immediate benefits: ...

Special Column
SNaP II: The Book
Second Edition: "Mantra for a Nourishing Planet"

It's here and it's right. The completion of this second-first edition of the SNaP book is a total thrill. It feels like being the engineer and/or stoking the firebox on a majestic old train locomotive on its maiden run. Or, in modern terms, writing some computer code to enable SpaceShipOne[1] to accomplish its mission. Iím so proud and fortunate to be a part of the freedom movement, and I hope my book provides substantial fuel and ideas for everyone pro-free or thinking of being so.... [more]

Please also check out my revised Don't Throw Mama off the Turnpike booklet, which now contains four road stories:

  1. Don't Throw Mama off the Turnpike
  2. Defeat of the Original Free State Smoking Ban in 2006
  3. Ron Paul Libertarian Party Convention of 1987
  4. Detroit Woodward Dream Cruise #15

Guest Specials

Guest Human-Interest Article
Especially for Garlic Lovers
James Ricci's incredelicious pasta sauce recipe
by Maria Struck

Madre Mia! Even my adolescent boys loved it. On evenings when they had dates with girls whose reputations I deemed to be a tad short of virginal, I exercised my maternal duty and put extra garlic in the sauce, but had the wisdom to pretend ignorance: “Oh, I didn’t realize you were going out tonight, but I’m sure you can have a little of the Ricci Sauce anyway. No one will be able to tell.” Of course they wouldn’t be able to resist, and, to my great relief, reeked of garlic all night. (I had to be careful not to outsmart myself though, since I was taking a big chance that my sons would come home engaged if the date happened to be Italian.)
[full column]

Guest Column
On the Good Ship to America
A post-war immigrant from Germany shares a special reminiscence
by Katharina Schwager

Anyway, our quota-number came up .. and we left for Bremen. Again, we were living in the Kaserne, waiting to be shipped out to the United States of America. In those times, the U.S. shipped its soldiers to Germany and brought the Displaced Persons (DPs) to America. Most of us slept in the soldier cots..... [more]

Guest Column
How Many More Blue Christmases?
by John Worster

Hey Brian,
Thank you for the card. It is nice to hear from your friends during the holiday season. I would send cards out myself but I think you have heard my rant. Here is a sample: Christmas is a capitalistic exploitation of the poor, goading them into spending money they don't have because of some society-enhanced pyramid leaving most with feelings of inadequacy… There is more but it usually comes out while drinking eggnog, if you can't beat ‘em… [more]

Guest Column
2K10 Independence-Day Message
Reclaim liberty by ending "Fraud of Fed" now
by Dean Hazel

People should be vested in their homes and survive a foreclosure through what is called rescission of contract as the lender is without lawful consideration, i.e., "Real Money" formerly defined under 31 USC 314 and 315, or even US currency! For this reason I can say with complete authority that there is no national debt only a national fraud as there was no lawful consideration for the contract on the part of the conniving Federal Reserve System (FRS), our so-called national banking system. [more]

Special Books and Messages

Two vital and urgent books for all mankind, but especially Americans:

  1. The first is a book I've reviewed by G. Edward Griffin that dissects the Federal Reserve System: The Creature from Jekyll Island. Not only does Mr. Griffin explain clearly where the money went and how the theft was accomplished, he explains the sociology of the deception. You will learn that war is the ultimate moneymaker for the elites behind the curtain of the Fed, and that we will only achieve peace and liberty when we stop feeding the Beast of the moneychangers... i.e. the Oligarchy. [main]
  2. Relative to unfeeding 'the Beast,' the second vital book is by Peter Hendrickson: Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America. Equally remarkable and more Cracking the Codedirectly useful, Pete—thanks to digital technology, he was able to track down every reference in federal revenue statutes and regulatory codes—patiently explains that the so-called income tax is not a direct tax... and that it was never legally enacted as one. [According to the Constitution, direct taxes are only permitted via apportionment.] Thus, unless you are a federal employee or official, or employed by a federal corporation, your earnings are not income as defined in the law. [main]
    Further, federal and state treasury departments, obeying the law, have refunded more than $10 million to thousands of individuals who have filed corrected returns. What this means is the vast majority of Americans now stand at the threshold of ending the tyranny of the IRS and getting their lives and wealth and freedom back. Simply by standing up for the rule of law and insisting on its compliance by government. Please read my review for more details.

    Here is the video from we want to share with our fellow citizens. Naturally, the cabal that has usurped power, especially at the federal level, is none too happy that people are figuring out that they are no longer mandatory taxpayers.

These two books frame the issue of restoring our republic. For honorable mention as key books, I would like to include my own Sacred Nonaggression Principle, which is currently in rewrite for friendliness, and Eckhart Tolle's classic, The Power of Now.

Best of Coffee Coaster

Reflections on Memorial Day 2008

Did our fathers die on the beaches of Normandy so we would cave to mandatory seat-belt laws, smoking bans, drug testing, and 0.08 BAL? (etc.)

"Son, I'm never going to wear a seat belt; it's my right as an American to drive as and how I choose—[Dad was a highly skilled driver who would probably, eventually have come to wear seatbelts voluntarily].  It violates everything I believe in... and fought for.  I won't do it, I won't pay the fine, and they can put me in jail 'til the cows come home."

For the previous 30 years Memorial Day has always had a somber quality for me: My father, Truman, a WWII veteran, died on May 28, 1978, Memorial Day Weekend—I was 28 years old at the time.  [Then, to make it even sadder, last year we lost my brother, Forrest, also a veteran, possibly to the same heart condition that killed my dad.]  

Memorial Day was to commemorate Union soldiers who had died in the Civil War, then later expanded to remember all those who have given their lives for their country in military service. And though technically neither my dad nor my brother perished while fighting for their country, I feel the holiday belongs to them and, more important, to any American who stands for, argues for, fights for, and is willing to die for American liberty—the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution... [full column]

Comment thru access of the Coffee Coaster Blog.

Boilerplate From Weekly Journalistic Analyses

------------------- Somewhat Past----------------------------

Some weeks ago I posted a column regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center building structural steel under orders of New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Basically, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (to which I belong) is having its members send letters to the New York District Attorney insisting on an investigation of the destruction of World Trade Center 7, which appears to have been brought down solely by controlled explosive demolition… since no airplane stuck WTC7.


A while ago I finished my ‘reading list,’ A reading list for the New Paradigm. Pretty good stuff. That’s all I can say, is there are so many yet so few authors out there who ‘get it.’ I’ve been fortunate to read a good percentage of them… and it’s an open system: many others I’m relishing the opportunity to pick up. Please Digg here. Also suggestions welcome. [One reader submitted Murray Rothbard’s For a New Liberty. I agree; I’ll probably substitute for the Sam Konkin III piece of approximately the same name.]

From Restore the Republic, the DVD Don’t Tread on Me: Rise of the Republic. I’ve watched, and while not as excited as I had hoped to be about it (production values are slim, talk is bounteous and too many of the same guys), it does herald the Patriot Uprising… especially via application by brave men and women applying the 10th Amendment in various states. It gives me hope.

Stirring music video to go with it:


More Weeks Ago

The 2010 Porcupine Festival, 6/24-27/2010. Article and column due “eventually.”

Even More Weeks Ago

I decided to embellish a self-inflating Republican fable concerning a little girl who wants to be president. The punch line of the fable is, “Welcome to the Republican Party.” And I just couldn’t let that stand. So here’s my “Libertarian (and Liberation) Children’s Story.”
Also the column on the recent Citizen’s United vs. FEC Supreme Court ruling was hanging in the top 20 Coffee Coaster pages for the month… as is guest column by Ronald Kaiser—nonfictional “Field Trip Fiasco” published in of Chicken Soup of the Soul, Teacher Tales. A movie review, Invictus, one of my favorites—and again, it appears the Academy is going to (did) snub Eastwood—is one of my top traffic pages in February.

Please read my column on the Pete Hendrickson lawless Detroit mugging. Then whatever you can spare in material support, and to purchase his liberating book: Cracking the Code.

My partial list of good information, human rights, and justice (and economic liberty) organizations [note, please reply to my email if you want your organization to be listed] So many irons in the fire, so little time. Join something! Stand for something. Work for something. (Well, something good J.) The world is run—and won--by those who show up.

Rock Creek Free Press
Jewish Voice for Peace
Amnesty International
Human Rights First
Oath Keepers
Lost Horizons
Citizens Opposing Prohibition
Restore the Republic
Campaign for Liberty
Hemp Industries Association
Vote Hemp
Marijuana Policy Project
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth
Drug Policy Alliance Network
Movement for the Second Republic (of Argentina)

Boilerplate Must-Read References

On the issue of state crimes closer to home, I reiterate the dual exposes by Matt Taibbi (originating in Rolling Stone):

  1. The Big Takeover: How Wall Street Insiders are Using the Bailout to Stage a Revolution: The global economic crisis isn't about money—it's about power,” and

So Econ 101. The above are simply must-read documents, my Righteous Beanies. Up there with the two books I always mention in my newsletter:

  1. G. Edward Griffin’s, The Creature from Jekyll Island: Story behind the Fed,
  2. Pete Hendrickson’s expose of the so-called income tax system, Cracking the Code: The fascinating story of [federal] taxation in America.
  3. Don’t forget my book either, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle, as well as
  4. Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now… to help us with the increased awareness coming our way.

Also, please subscribe to the Coffee Coaster blog in order to comment or to post regarding issues of the day. I will make anyone a contributor who is seriously concerned about the issues of the day. In that manner you may post original commentary.

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