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Free Pete Hendrickson... et al, NOW!
Correct 'corrections,' send the innocent home[1]
by Brian Wright

Please go to the new Coffee Coaster site implemented more gracefully in Wordpress. Full conversion by 9/12. This page @

Cracking the CodeAll right, so nobody's organized a protest yet, at least to my knowledge. With respect to Pete and
a vigorous federal-state jail-system release program, let me suggest something concrete
—no pun intended. First some background:

Pete Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America, having been convicted of obeying the law, has reported to Milan federal prison in Michigan, where he is to begin a 33-month stay. He was not allowed to remain free while on appeal, even though grounds for the appeal are a slam dunk on the level of human reason, decency, and justice:

In the trial, the Judge Rosen flat out lied to the jury about the contents of key federal tax statutes. The statute states X, and the judge told the jury that the statute states non-X. Further, this 'man' would not allow the jurists to read the statutes for themselves.[2] For details, please refer to my column of November 01, 2009.

Pete's Declaration Day Message

The following email was sent to Pete's mailing list.

Dear Friends,

As I languish here in durance vile over Declaration Day (aka Independence Day, 2010) weekend, I'm struck by the fact that what I am now experiencing is the very thing from which the CtC community works to protect themselves, their children and even their blithely ignorant and disengaged neighbors-- the unrestrained state, acting on the basis that it rightfully owns and controls everything. That's a pretty good description of how things are in a prison, as it turns out...

It was in recognition of how such things go if not attended to that the Founders did all they could to provide us with the tools to preserve our liberties and rightful supremacy as free, sovereign individuals by asserting our own claims and power over those of the state. The only thing they were forced to leave to fortune was whether future Americans would be wise enough to recognize the need, and would set enough store by their liberty and dignity to use these tools even in the face of corrupt efforts to discourage them.

Happily, it has been my privilege and pleasure to learn that the people of this great country are not wanting in wisdom, courage, dignity and self-respect, not to mention mature and loving regard for the future well-being of their children.  Once the truth of the danger is made known to them, they stand, and upon learning of the tools ready at hand, they act.  Even while the corrupt enemies of the law try to use what I am going through to frighten the CtC-educated community into silence and surrender to the outlaws, more and more Warriors stand and act, and speak and bear witness to the liberating truth and to the corruption behind the efforts to suppress that truth.  To paraphrase George S. Patton: "God, I love these fine men and women!"

Anyway, I do hope everyone will reflect for a few moments on the fact that letting the runaway state have its way in ignoring the Constitution and in claiming an ownership interest in everything is to allow an increasingly rapid slide to where my immediate circumstance becomes your and your children's' way of life.  This is not because you or your children will wind up formally imprisoned; it is because a state unrestrained by competing and jealously-guarded widespread private interests eventually makes every place within the reach of its power into a prison, and there's no end to the sentence that everyone will serve for the crimes of apathy or cowardice.  You either fight it now all the way to victory, or start living the nightmare before very much longer.

By the way (and by way of lightening the tone a bit), I'm not actually languishing, of course.  Rather, I'm vigorously working on my appeal of this contrived and unjust conviction.

I ask all of you to help as much as you can, in the best way that you can, which is by ordering and distributing copies of CtC, 'Was Grandpa Really a Moron?' and 'Upholding the Law and Other Observations', and by sending the files you'll find below to everybody possible-- especially folks in the media.  If you persist, the law will prevail.

Best Regards,


Then the following are the documents Pete refers to above that need to be understood and distributed widely and rapidly:

In a subsequent message to me, Pete's wife, Doreen, stated:

I had to deliver Peter to Milan on June 29th.  Our appeal is due August 11, but will be heard by the same court (6th Circuit) that denied our motion to have him remain free on bond pending appeal.  Their one and a half page opinion gave the reason as his appeal didn't have merit, or something like that, so I don't expect much.  I know he'd like mail from someone other than just me.  You can write Peter at:

Peter Hendrickson #15406-039
P.O. Box 1000
Milan FCI
E. Arkona Rd.
Milan, MI  48160

I might add that we need to help all those who are suffering grievously at the hands of runaway government, as I mentioned in my Liberty Dollar 4 column two weeks ago. Please write to Pete and then to help with all the damages inflicted by the federal Mob[3], consider sending donations to the Hendricksons care of Doreen at:

The Hendricksons
232 Oriole St.
Commerce Twp., MI  48382

Movement to End the Madness

So what are we really going to do as human beings, here and now?

We know the Oligarchy (Ollie) and its minions have pulled out all the stops and show no signs of respecting us as free human beings or our sacred American documents. They must be held to account, and they will be in due course of the Patriot Uprising. But there exists such an immediate need to provide relief for the victims—families of the Hendricksons, of the Inneses, of so many more—of these tyrants running amuck.

If you're an honest person, you're on the Next Victims List. So that's a clear self-interest argument for lending relief to those currently behind bars. Please get out your check books and start your letter writing campaigns.

Global Outlook, Issue #13My focus today is on the the Prosecutocracy and its horrific prison system that has been created to finish off what remains of a society based on self-government and core values of the nonaggression principle. How can we stop the Monster dead in its tracks? Well, for starters we can simply acknowledge its existence, quit pretending everything is fine, quit saying yes to war, torture, rendition, false-flag acts of state terror, the fraudulent monopoly money system, Big Pharma sickness-delivery scam, the War on Drugs, all the absurd lies of the would-be slavemasters occupying Capitol Hill, the White House, and other official chambers of horror... and the lying media.

You know what? I think we're winning on this front: Fewer and fewer real humans are believing the lies and propaganda fed to us 24/7 by the mainstream media (MSM) and corporate or government spokespeople. Like the old joke: "How do you know the MSM talking head is lying or covering up? His/her mouth is moving." Just look at the popularity of The Daily Show and Jon Stewart. Anyone in the Oligarchy is presumed to be a liar, a thief, and/or a killer.

But not only do we need to learn the truth, we need to stand up for the truth. And we need to do so in an effective manner. Peter stands up for the truth—he speaks (and acts) truth to power; the federales cannot stand him doing so. That is why he is going to jail, because the federal Mob feels by putting him away it can keep the truth from you and me about the law, about this great Constitutional system we were born under (and, if you're a public official, sworn to defend). The F-Mob feels it can scare people into caving in on the truth. Is the F-Mob right? Are the people going to say ho-hum and go back into a sports coma... or turn away to some other addiction like food, booze, or Lady Gaga fantasies?

I don't think so. Not any more.

So many movements live on the verge of success now, all the political ones having virtually identical understanding of the big picture, namely that the Anglo-American Financial Oligarchy is the source of virtually all of our social problems in the world... and needs to be stopped by grassroot politics or, failing that, a mass uprising of some kind. This grand grasp, this understanding, this burgeoning new Weltanschauung awaits a catalyst to lead humans into the New Paradigm. What or who will that catalyst be?

Gandhi or V? Who (and when) will the catalyst be?

Probably a mixture of both. Does everyone know who I'm talking about with V, as in V for Vendetta, a political revolutionary movie by the Wachowski brothers (who also brought us The Matrix)? I'm thinking of the ultimate scene in V for Vendetta, which is actually rather Gandhian, where the people have had it up to here with the atrocities of the theocratic fascist government—clearly patterned after the Bush Neocon model—and march directly into several thousand armed troops guarding the Parliament Buildings and having orders to fire on any civilians. The troops stand down while the civilians march through them and then on into the halls of government... symbolic of people overthrowing a tyranny and taking their lives back from the state power and the money power. (Thanks, V.)

That scene is perfect to envision as we approach the end game between the American people and the forces of the parasitical Ollie's state military/security/prosecutorial-penal complex. [The end game is in America, because in most other countries of the West, the Ollies have won—the individual is dominated by the collective (i.e. elite poseurs of the collective) and has no acknowledged rights or effective freedoms.]

If our revolution is to be relatively bloodless, then we have to undermine the assumed morality of these state functionaries—who, after all, are often our neighbors and even family. Each of these men and women who will not read or adhere to the Constitution must be made to see that working for the state in a coercive capacity is not okay. They must learn that should they work for the state and violate their oaths to enforce the nonaggression principle, they are the bad guys, and that ignorance, stupidity, and falling in with a sleazy crowd are no excuse. Refer to the fine work being done in this regard by Oathkeepers, as well as my Open Letter to the Law Enforcement Community in 2008.

Until we find our Gandhi or our V, we regular folks just have to do what we can. Each of us as freedom activists must redouble his/her efforts to defeat the Ollies. Send money, contribute money when you can. This is difficult because Ollie-World has plundered the masses so effectively for more than 200 years, accelerating their ravages through the end of the previous century and the beginning of this one. Be alert to New Paradigm methods for earning wealth, and spread those ideas to others.

Do as much as you can to not contribute any wealth to the evil state apparatus. As Pete Hendrickson and others have shown conclusively, the federal 'income' tax is not a direct tax, therefore it does not apply to those whose earnings come by natural human right to property and life. It only applies to federally privileged occupations. You must not pay this tax if you do not owe it! Read the book. You are entitled to refunds of what you've already paid, and thousands of people have been receiving refunds from Treasury (federal and state), as lower level government officials follow the law.

Remember, the central government—I should probably say it: "the rogue network serving the Anglo-American finance-corporatist oligarchy that has taken over legitimate government and is now indistinguishable from government"—is not your friend, it is your enemy. Its purpose is not to serve you, rather to enslave you. Act accordingly.

[Note that government-privileged insider corporations are also the enemy of humans. Justice demands their dissolution and the return of all wealth confiscated by/for them and by/for the associated central-monopoly Ollie banks to those from whom it was stolen. Please refer to my book, Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP), Chapter 6 for a brief discussion of the potential for a booming wealth recovery industry.]

My Protest Idea Regarding Corrections, and...

Everyone in the freedom movement today knows someone innocent— usually a leader like Pete—the state has taken away or put away. In many cases, the state incarcerates the person far away from his family and friends. Indeed, since the Military Commissions Act of 2006—and Obama's wholehearted endorsement of the federales' imprisoning anyone indefinitely without charge and without notice—in many cases the family has no idea where their loved one is. So the political prisoner system is a nationwide issue... and an international issue because of the illegal wars and US military empire.

[We often forget the thousands of Iraqis and Afghanis rounded up into prison camps by Ollie forces, or the Ollies' Zionist-Israeli imprisonment— via blockade and occupation—of Palestinians in the West Bank
and Gaza... etc.]

But most of my audience can only protest in America. My idea is this: locate all the federal prisons, then organize a million-person march/caravan that migrates from one prison complex to another. We will need capital for organization, and preferably some Oathkeepers who are working for us on the inside. We need to know as much as possible who is being held and where... and if we do not, then getting that knowledge should become a big part of our protest. This must be a completely nonviolent moving protest, but the million-plus persons will need logistical support for camping for extended periods; it will need to be organized like an occupying army of civilian peacekeepers.

Protest methods will be to surround the complex 24/7[4], carry signs, pass out literature to end the prison terms of all the individuals we know, probably initially emphasizing the famous ones, e.g. Irwin Schiff, Peter Hendrickson, Kevin Innes. Part of the Million-Person Liberation Caravan's purpose will be to gather valid information and insist that media outlets and government units reveal the truth. Caravan personnel will form people's courts to determine whether a particular inmate was a victim of coercive taxation or other coercive policy such as drug prohibition. All persons who have committed no aggressive crimes, as determined by scrupulous examination of the public records and the people's court examination—all trials showing on YouTube or C-Span—will be set free.

The protest does not end for any given prison complex until all persons who are being held for political crimes—for actions that are not aggressive toward others—are let go with a full expungement of all police and prosecution records. Further, the names of all police, prosecutors, and judges who effected the incarceration of these innocent persons shall be recorded in the people's court, and at the discretion of the victim, and to the degree practicable, these government suspects shall be arrested by the citizens and notified of a trial date.

A system will be developed to try these alleged criminals, with the preference that, if these government arrestees do not wish to be subjected to trial, they must plead guilty and perform the following acts:

  • Retire from public life.
  • Apologize to all victims whom they have coerced, harmed, imprisoned, or otherwise caused to suffer.
  • Surrender whatever funds that they have acquired during their lives into a victims compensation fund for false imprisonment, with the exception of a monthly stipend to afford these cowardly miscreants minimal—though comfortable and at liberty—room, board, and medical care.

If the government suspect refuses to plead and a case can be made that he or she has aggressed, then trial will commence on the charge of petit treason before a jury composed of those whom the government suspect has caused to be wrongly imprisoned. If found guilty of the charge, the convict may choose between life imprisonment or death by public hanging.

I threw the hanging option in there based on conversations with my friend, Dean Hazel, who knows personally what atrocities these government criminals arrogantly commit.

Obviously, we need to have some brainstorming sessions on my idea. But it should work fine. When the Caravan has succeeded to the halfway point of cleaning up the first federal prison, the majority will proceed to the next federal prison, and so on... then on to the state prisons. My thinking is if we come up with a convincing plan to put an army of peaceful civilians in the field to clean up corrections, vast numbers of persons inside the Prosecutocracy will want to abandon their jobs to avoid popular justice. I feel we should give them a grace period of perhaps three months, within which if they cooperate in the release of all nonaggressive prisoners and quit public life forever, the people will grant them amnesty.

Please let me know what you think on the Coffee Coaster blog.

Immediate Solution: A Religion of Nonaggression

So many of you are saying, "Brian's gone completely off his rocker with this notion of a freedom caravan." Have I? Sure, right now, today, the idea is probably not practical. But why? Basically, because the people have not yet learned to treat the nonaggression principle as sacred and universal. Why not? My book on the SNaP is out. It's a very easy book to read, but it does contain conceptual written knowledge. Decades of government- school, Ollie-World brainwashing have vastly reduced the number of minds inclined toward critical thinking. Hence, a Barrier Cloud forms to the SNaP.

Of course, if the great majority of individuals cared about rational thought and argument, only federal employees would be paying the 'income' tax, and Pete would not be in jail, etc., etc. So no need for the Million-Person Liberation Caravan. By the same token, if somehow a cabal of psychopaths took over the federal government and threw hundreds of thousands of innocent persons in jail, a rational, critically-thinking human population would, in turn, throw out this cabal the next day. And if that stalled, we'd have a 10-Million Person Caravan in the countryside within a week.

Thus, the question is: "Does some warm sentiment exist that everyone takes as absolute that can be leveraged into creating the positive behavior—that we would see if the majority of individuals were rational—of releasing innocent victims of government aggression... quickly?" I have thought it over: I believe that the founding and rapid spread of a 'religion' of nonaggression, where the SNaP is held as an object of worship, i.e. our God, can be that lever-of-justice toward natural rationality and freedom. [Plus, it can be a pretty good tool for keeping reason and freedom around, once we've achieved them in society.]

So, I'm working on it. By "rapid spread," I mean millions of members within one or two years, perhaps even hundreds of millions. Because of the immediacy of Pete's incarceration and Kevin's incarceration and so many others being run over by an out-of-control F-Mob, I wanted to announce my plans to found such a religion today. I can't elaborate fully here and now, but it will be an activist 'church,' including social protest, absolute insistence on natural human freedoms, direct peaceful defiance of immoral/coercive laws, vigorous and massive welfare/relief for the government aggressor's victims (like Pete, Kevin, etc.), moral undermining of the Leviathan State, and relentless dismantling of the Oligarchy to obtain imminent restitution to its billions of victims worldwide.

Yes, there will be a church hierarchy—inverted so the members are on top—and some simple doctrine, and a creed. I also have in mind the same kinds of sacraments and celebrations of other churches: birth, age of reason, marriage, death. I particularly want to prepare and commemorate the passage of young people through "confirmation" into adulthood, where they swear self-responsibility, psychological independence, and eternal loyalty to the SNaP... or something like that. Also, gatherings, discussions, singing, social events. Quality beer, fine wine, primo herbs, all voluntary of course. The works. Many ideas, and I'm going to need many noggins to help me with the development process. Please contact me here.

At the start and to see the 'Church of the SNaP' through to a presence on the Web, a comprehensive business plan, and initial projects, we will need seed funding. So I'm encouraging purchase of charter memberships, which, when the business plan and policies have been established, will entitle the bearer to proportionally more sayso in the distribution of church resources. I will be identifying charter member privileges imminently, but for the time being, those who purchase the charter membership shares need to treat the purchase as a general donation toward the Church of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle... or whatever it comes to be named.

You have my word that all funds received will be devoted to the work of the Church: which is to promote the rapid spread of natural reason and the nonaggression principle among humankind. If you don't care to purchase a charter share, but wish to make a general donation, please use the Donate button on the lower left corner of this page. Thanks. People, let's do this thing.

SNaP Church Charter Membership
   Shares: Total of 500 Issued

Today's SNaP Benediction for Peter Hendrickson

As we pause to meditate or pray for Pete Hendrickson and Kevin Innes—and all the patriots jailed, tormented, or even killed by the Statist Aggressor—let us emulate the late, great Peter McWilliams in our hearts. Or Jesus: "Love thine enemy." The Aggressor is but the distilled essence of unconscious humanity, either twisted by mind sickness or crushed by a terrifying emptiness of soul. What McWillliams and Jesus mean by love here is not that we invite the Aggressor over for cocktails, but that we shine consciousness his way. Hatred only turns the wheels of blindness, deepening the Aggressor disease. When we—as both Peters do —resolutely hold our light to the Aggressor, without compromise, and in a grand humanitarian spirit, the A disease has nowhere to run. Consciousness is likely eventually; then, with restitution, atonement.

May the SNaP be with you.
May its face shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you.
May it lift up your countenance,
and give you peace.

[1] And try the guilty—the prosecutors, judges, cops and jailers—any who violate the simple law of the land, the Bill of Rights... in duly configured people's courts, if necessary. Remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and voluntarily following orders that violate the Constitution is a felony.

[2] Which brings up the issue of fully informed juries and how in the heck can a juror vote for conviction of a man when the judge refuses to let the juror read the law he is being convicted for violating? My fellow American citizens, you outrank judges and prosecutors and generals and presidents and everyone else in the government: get some balls.

[3] Also from Doreen: "In the time he's been in this 'low security' hell hole, he's obviously interacted with other inmates.  Without exception, when they hear of his alleged crime and the length of the sentence (33 months), they've incredulously asked him what he's doing there and why isn't he in the camp next door.  (Note: We didn't know about the camp at Milan when we thought he'd end up 200 miles away).  He has not met a single man there whose sentence was less than 8 years.  As I said, if any word was put in by the rotten system, it was most likely "make his time as difficult as possible." 

[4] Broadcast, say, Peter, Paul and Mary at a reasonable volume. :)

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