Quick Start

Quick Start = ‘Da Plan’ with Cover Letter

Quick_Start_Da_PlanFor those of you who want to get up and going NOW, I’ve built a one-sheet comprehensive all purpose document, called ‘Da Plan’—which includes all versions of the TLC user guide: nominal, lite, and ultralite. It also contains a ‘Big Picture’ diagram that will help every TLC participant (aka TLC or ‘Tickler’) know how his or her activities fit into the Grand Scheme of the Cosmos. [That is, as we move toward the Billion+ Points of Light Society the campaign envisions.]

The actual project work for a TLC particpant begins when the he or she receives a cover letter (shown here) from the person bringing him in. That cover letter condenses a few steps into easy, familiar instructions and introduces the new TLC to Da Plan. The new TLC should spend a few minutes understanding the Big Picture diagram, because it contains a lot of valuable information on the nature and incredible power of this simple program.

The Big Picture

Big_Picture_2_ReducedAs a TLC participant (TLC), per cycle, you will send out 10-30 ‘letters’ (item 2) with questionnaire (item 3), individually, to your list of names—asking that the recipient a) watch or view at least one truthwork from the truthwork list of and b) publicly declare for an authentic people-run investigation with ability to bring indictments, on their own authority, for the crime of 9/11.

You will then make a list of 10 names who are best prospects for being TLCs and, using the TLC inquiry note (item 4) recruit two (2) of them. Projection of potential: Think of only one pass: If 10,000 TLCs each recruit 10 TLCs who each send 10 ‘letters,’ = 1,000,000 respected denier (RD) messages => 100 ‘super’ RD declarations => breakthru. .

As a minimum you will need a computer with a Web hookup… and to do posted hard copy messages and questionnaire mailings (per the nominal , you will need a desktop inkjet printer (like the HP Officejets), some paper, stamps, envelopes, and 4″x6″ post cards for the notables.