Motor City Witchcraft Trials

Doreen Hendrickson tried for heresy in Detroit

WitchThe actual subtitle of the book is Detroit federal high-priestess whacks wife of tax-truth leader for heresy, sparking rise of New Enlightenment and implosion of Dark-Age Deathstar.

From the foreword:

The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) is a diary of the so-called trial of Doreen Hendrickson in federal court for criminal contempt for ‘refusing to obey a lawful order of a judge.’ [The judge commanded Doreen to perjure herself on a tax form … which, of course, Doreen, being an honest, brave woman, refused to do.]

Doreen is the wife of Peter Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003). This book has gained quite a following across the country for fluently yet painstakingly demonstrating that the federal so-called income tax, while constitutional, simply and solely applies to Americans whose earnings are due to exercise of federal privilege—via fed employment, officeholding, and the like.

A Summary of Contents:

  1. Background: The Fascinating Truth—Describes the bigger picture of why Doreen was being persecuted, showing the nature of the liberating discoveries her husband Pete conveyed in his landmark book, Cracking the Code (CtC): The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003). These discoveries have resulted in tens of thousands of individuals recovering tens of $millions incorrectly submitted to the IRS—the numbers continue to increase dramatically… even in the face of selective wholly groundless harassment of Pete and Doreen in the courts. The chapter is a primer of the CtC system and the government’s unsuccessful attempts to suppress it.
  2. The Daily Kangaroo—This is the diary by the author as he attended all five days of Doreen’s court proceedings in downtown Detroit, 21-25 July 2014. The pride and the passion, part 2 thoroughly describes the judicial misconduct including: constant interruptions, scolding and verbally abusing the defendant, sleeping at several intervals, selectively releasing jurors, and the judge sequestering herself with the jurors outside of open court for five minutes prior to deliberations. From a witness’s point of view, who because he was so and did not testify until the fourth day, did not see the first three days of Doreen’s skewering by the rotted system.
  3. Now What? A call to legs!—To stand for Doreen. This chapter considers the big picture from a number of angles, then concludes with a call for practical action to 1) help Doreen immediately with moral and material support, 2) contribute to the breakthru in society of the educated tax truth movement, and 3) participate in the general Satyagraha (Gandhi’s term for global truth force) liberty movement to recover our country and our planet from the global mob who is going after we the people with a full-spectrum matrix of assault.

Intent of the Book

… and whether I hit the target I was aiming at. Well, that remains to be seen, certainly, whether the goal is fulfilled in reality—a good part of which is to spread the good word and make a few ducats (half of which go to Doreen’s liberation and support fund, and to the general effort of the educated tax community to share their liberating discoveries with all Americans). But the goal of the book before the successful spread of the knowledge is simply to bear testimony to a) the truth of what Doreen was persecuted for and b) to Doreen herself, and her needs as she struggles under the burden of a complete travesty of the American justice system.

Obtaining Witchcraft Trial(s) from the Author

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Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s)

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