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This page provides a list of my own works, most recent to least recent. What you see below is a complement to the two-sided pdf flier summarizing my works at http://brianrwright/Author.pdf (with active links)—which I try to keep up to date but sometimes fall short.

‘The List’

Note: the link references on this list take the reader to a page on the site more fully describing the book and in some cases offering signed copies for sale via the mail. All of the works are available via Amazon print-on-demand or Kindle e-book.

I also make most of my books available via PDF if the reader will write a brief Amazon review.

‘The List’ with Brief Descriptions

This listing shows an image of the book accompanied by a brief description. Clicking on the image takes you to the Amazon page for the book, while clicking on the title in the description takes you to this site’s description page for the book (as available).

Brian Wright—Author Profile

bw_good_one_threepiece - RightBrian Wright was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1949. He grew up near Kansas City, then moved with his family to Oklahoma City in junior high. In a bookmobile he discovered seminal libertarian writings which led to his participation in the Goldwater campaign for president (1964). Later, moving to Detroit, in college—he acquired a BSME from Wayne State University in 1969—, he became a passionate voice for Ayn Rand’s artistic vision of heroic individualism; in 1972 he led the founding of the Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM).

For the next three decades, Brian engaged in public speaking, writing, and other activities to promote reason and liberty. [In the turbulent 70s, the Michigan State Police ‘Red Squad’ compiled a file on Wright, describing a lecture he delivered on anarchy.(!)] He chaired the LPM several times, served as its newsletter editor, and ran for state representative (1982), secretary of state (1986), and US Congress (1994) on the Libertarian ticket.

[In 1992, Michigan drug police raided Brian’s apartment, resulting, seven years later, in a felony conviction for growing six marijuana plants in a Phototron; this bizarre and mindlessly cruel assault by the War on Drugs inspired Brian’s 2004 migration to the Free State (New Hampshire).]

The Free State experience proved a catalyst both for liberty activism and for igniting Brian’s literary output, also leading to Brian’s founding of the opinion and review site: Finance and family matters required Wright’s return to Michigan in 2008, where he remains active promoting his FLOW and Authentic-Swing-based movement toward the New Paradigm (peace, freedom, and abundance). He runs Free Man Publishing Company, home of the storygraph, the syllograph, and customized personal publishing services.


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