My book portfolio focuses first on the works of other authors I’ve successfully published—or played an important role in their production—then second on the Free Man publication of my own works. The list is generally in order from most recent to least recent:

Main Authors’ Books

  1. With the highly insightful and humor-rich Libertarian Lessons of South Park, I did a light edit and shared it with the author for a subsequent revision.
  2. With Christine’s book (The Farrah Chronicles), I simply read thru and made observations—it’s an outstanding and crisply entertaining work that I reviewed on my Coffee Coaster site here—then helped her set up the cover and upload the interior file to the online publisher (Createspace).

Brian Wright’s Books


This is more recent development and is a service Free Man provides that often leads to the writing and publication of a book. Two plus details…

Wikipedia Articles

Free Man does some business writing articles for Wikipedia, but…


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