The Truman Prophecy

Rise of the Independents
(spring 2016 release notes and review by the author)

Truman_Front_NewYup, it’s finally done and dusted, the original full-fledged release of my first novel, The Truman Prophecy—a story about fulfilling “the Prophet’s” vision of truth, justice, and liberty in our time. More specifically, the action takes place in 2014, 2015, and 2016, culminating with the celebration of Independents’ Day on what is otherwise known as Election Day 2016 (November 8). The Prophecy kicks off—in the heart and mind of one Hiram T. Chance (Chance)—as a visceral response to the legal horror and atrocity committed by unconscionably corrupt and criminal actors in the modern American illegal system against Doreen Hendrickson [for refusal to commit perjury on a tax form… ref. my The Motor City Witchcraft Trial(s) (2014)].

Plot Summary

Chance—my literary avatar and alter ego, encouraged by the Thrive movement and the Thrive video—gathers some people together to conduct structured truth salients, called Toto projects… after the little dog in the classic morality movie, The Wizard of Oz, who pulls back the curtain on the illusion-generating Wizard. These truth salients or Totos each address a high-crime assault in the Threat Matrix—perpetrated by the globalist control Mob (the 0.001%). Threats include geoengineering-bred toxic skies, GMO foods, ‘smart’ utility meters, vast corporate-state medical crimes, the War on Drugs, false-flag acts of state terror, staged massacres, and so on. 

The Toto phase starts and develops in earnest as 2015 progresses. In parallel with the Toto operations, but reaching a high point toward the end of 2016, is the corresponding ‘Dorothy,’ or justice, phase—again, invoking The Wizard of Oz and young Dorothy’s angry response to learning of the Wizard’s deception. The Dorothy phase of the Truman Prophecy has two major components: grand jury resurrection and the Snowden-Manning political program. Chance’s vision for how these components of the Dorothy phase ‘fulfill’ is an exhilarating one for readers who relish the experience of good triumphing over evil.

Finally, although written into the Dorothy phase of the novel, we come to the liberty phase… which is a whole set of psychological and spiritual realizations of who WE are as Independents, as en masse we assert ourselves to lay claim to our birthright spelled out in the First Principles of the American Declaration thereof. The Prophecy provides a set of tools for its ensemble cast of characters—and by extension, for readers—to build a vibrant, flourishing world of Independents… what Chance has elsewhere termed the Billion+ Points of Light Society. The Independents’ Movement has all the makings of a self-fulfilling New Paradigm that irreparably breaks the global Death Star and unleashes unfathomable positive universal energy for all humankind.

The individual Prophecy Fulfillers assemble, grow, and—through some plot twists and turns—ultimately prevail… in the simple manner of the Little Boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s fable, The Emperor’s New Suit, declaring the obvious. And in The Truman Prophecy the Fulfillers’ actions culminate in the great celebration of Independents’ Day, November 08, 2016.

Serendipitous Spinoff: The Spiritual Magic Move

From the book, page 16, 17.

“One night late, the computer and all the other electronics being shut down in preparation for bed, Chance happened to take note of his cat sleeping on the chair. Of a sudden, he was taken into her ‘stillness’ or else it was absorbed into him.

“Aha, he said to himself, “Eureka Bingo!” Finally. Perhaps he had found the Deep Quiet/Infinite Eternal, terms he had coined to convey the indescribable inner calm—what his favorite spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now), would call Being… or Source—available to all who wish to tame the Beast of the Insidious Head Noise.

“Chance resided there in the quiet zone for a good five minutes then went on to bed. In the morning, because he awoke so refreshed—with an effortless inner flow of energy lasting the entire day—he decided to reverse-engineer the process.”

The result: the so-called Spiritual Magic Move, written into a column post here.

As with the incidental discovery of something revolutionary while working on or trying to discover something else—for instance, penicillin, by Alexander Fleming—Chance’s finding of ‘the Move’ may prove to be more conducive to the Prophecy’s ideals than The Truman Prophecy book, itself. Why? Because the Move is easily spread (it bypasses compulsive-mind resistance), it’s almost immediately effective, and here’s the kicker: it’s impossible to achieve the spiritual enlightenment or full human consciousness that the Move engenders without moving quickly toward Independent being status.

Further, several other facets and enhancements of the Move have become apparent to me since writing the short description in the novel. Which means very shortly I’ll be writing a short booklet entitled The Spiritual Magic Move.

Promotion and Spread of The Truman Prophecy

The following letter template represents the initial outreach, individually, to key persons on my email distribution lists:

First sentence personalizing.

With a mixture of pride and humility, I’m very happy to announce the completion of my novel, The Truman Prophecy, the initial full release effective the first day of spring 2016. As the signature block indicates, Truman is a story about an envisioned, imminently successful struggle for truth, justice, and liberty… in roughly that order… in America and the world.

I’m hoping motivated readers will follow at least some of the story’s bread crumbs toward building a free worldwide society of Independent human beings. The book employs a simple ensemble-cast plot surrounded by metaphor and analogy to keep it grounded in people’s real lives… along with, I hope, some decent entertainment value.

The essence of The Truman Prophecy is the Little Boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s, The Emperor’s New Suit, simply declaring the obvious. Nothing special. To those who fear pulling back the curtain on Big Wizard and ruining their standing in the merry old Land of Oz, I’m sorry. We simply must dispel and discard the overwhelming illusions of the modern world for the healing to begin.

ThriveI have a special review copy of the Prophecy uploaded <link for the long preview version—contact me personally via email for that version> for you. A much briefer preview has been constructed and is accessible here. [Special note: I find The Truman Prophecy to be complementary to Foster and Kimberly Gamble’s robust Thrive movement and its watershed video, Thrive. Watching that free video (Thrive) is a splendid, easy way to grasp the thrust of the Prophecy.]

Your comments back to me are appreciated, and if the spirit moves you to give the novel a few sentences of positive review on the Amazon page here, that will definitely help get the word out. Thanks, and if you’ll give me your mailing address, I’ll show my gratitude by mailing you a signed author copy.

Brian Wright
Live free and flourish!

That’s where the book and Independents’ Movement stand at time of the writing of this review. The promotion aims to raise awareness of the novel to the next level, with solid testimonials, which will be included in the prime release in a couple of weeks. [Note: Inspiration for the title derives from the 1998 movie, The Truman Show, where the lead character Truman Burbank (played by Jim Carrey) determines he is being manipulated in an elaborate production of some kind and comes to face the decision of his life.]

The Truman Prophecy