Brian R. Wright Business Page

For the time being I have two creative lines of work to offer:
  • Full editing/writing/publishing services—unlimited subject matter. I have my own works, which are listed here. Then various books I’ve published over the years mostly in the nature of sports biographies, stories of adventurers, medical self-help books, anthropological blockbusters, and space travel innovations. Please visit this page. Please review my Free Man Publishing site http://brianrwright.com/publish, which is soon to be updated, for representative work.
  • The other line has more to do with graphical display, which I call storygraphs and syllographs, depending on function. These are fitting for resumes, for life memoriams, and for showing an argument or process flow at a glance… and attractively.

I am still in the market for writing of procedures and manuals, or performing editing and publishing work to your own creations. I’m working out my new rates and procedures, which will be published on the Free Man Publishing site imminently.

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