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Human interest pieces and articles for the Coffee Coaster by guest writers
and the proprietor, including quicker, lighter fare as the spirit moves us.

Worldwide Health Freedom Manifesto (20201015)
Two Quickie Pickmeup Tweets on the ‘covid’ (20200823)
The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’ Fact Sheet (202Categories0811)
Whither Jock Nation? (2020807)
Maskteria in Michigan (2020625)
The Good Ship USA Revisited (20190121)
Free Ted Visner and the Michigan 10 Million (20181217)
Position Paper #2: Electroaggression (20180806)
Hemlock or Hanging on Top Trump SC Picks (via Hendrickson, 20180708)
Saki on Cats (via Rose, 20180701)
My Campaign Brochure (Brian R. Wright, 20180626)
Position Paper #1: Vaccines (Brian R. Wright, 20180527)
Simple, Practical Grand Juries (Brian R. Wright, 20180318)
We Were What We Eat (Brian R. Wright, 20170929)
Oh Say Can’t You See (Brian R. Wright, 20170927)
Sauce for the Gander (Brian R. Wright, 20170723)
Hell is Coming for Breakfast (Paul Craig Roberts, 20170511)
Asset Preservation Just in Case We Avoid WW3 (20170429)
Preventing WW3 (20170427)
• “Good Night Sweet Girl” (20170425)
Is Trump a JFK or an LBJ? (20170120)
Is Wapo Literally Insane, (20170118)
Deep State Goes to War vs. Trump, (20170113)
Ongoing Leftist Takeover Plans, (20170111)
Open Letter to Governor Siegelman, (20161223)
Time to Redouble Efforts for Liberty, (Ron Paul, 20161221)
Practical Matters of Self-Governance, (Ron Burcham, 20161207)
Post-Election Notes from Pete, (Pete Hendrickson, 20161109)
The Failure of Democracy, (Paul Craig Roberts, 20161028)
Hillary as a Deep Killer ‘Op’ (20161026)
Form Grand Jury on the FBI Killing (20160128)
Stand with Doreen for Christmas (20151216)
Act Now for Michigan Analog Meter Opt Out Bill (20150908)
Republicans for Peace in the Middle East (Dennis Marburger, David Lonier, 15/08/27)
Eating as We Want to Be By Brian Wright (13/04/20)
The Clean Machine By Brian Wright (13/04/20)
Taking Shots By Brian Wright (13/04/13)
Off to Leave the Wizard By Brian Wright (13/04/06)
Facebook to Merge with Hooters? By Brian Wright (13/03/30)
Magic at the Michigan Theater By David Spencer (12/04/30)
Especially for Garlic Lovers By M. (Hercher) Struck (10/09/20)
Reflections on Petit Treason  Analysis by Dean Hazel (10/06/04)
Trip Report: The Magic Fillmore  Story by Dave Spencer (10/04/12)
Chicken Soup Teacher Tale Story by Ron Kaiser (10/02/03)
All We Got is Time Fiction by John Ryan (09/12/21)
Tell Me About Her Fiction by Ron Kaiser (09/11/25)
• Scarcity Fiction by Ron Kaiser (09/11/08)
• Trigeminal Neuralgia: Terrible Disease   Therese Hercher (09/10/26)
A Broken Mirror Fiction by Ron Kaiser (09/10/19)
Full Circle Fiction by Brian Wright (11/03/07)
• WW II at 70 Gerhard Fuerst (09/17/09)
• Woodward Dream Cruise Brian Wright (08/24/09)
• Job Scams and the Buick Open John Worster (08/17/09)
Jobless in Detroit, Continued John Worster (07/27/09)
On the Good Ship to America Kathie Schwager (07/20/09)
Age? Old? Aging? Gerhard A. Fuerst (07/16/09)
The Freedom Bell Gerhard A. Fuerst (07/06/09)
Where’s MY Stimulus Package?! John Worster (04/17/09)
Realistic Pizza John Worster (10/06/08)
The Editorial Department Poetry from Sam Mills (5/8/08)

Longer articles for the Coffee Coaster by Brian Wright

Free State Project 1st Porcupine Festival, 2004  Live free or stay put
National LP Convention 2004 in Atlanta An insider’s prophetic view
Sound Wall When?! “Peaceful Enjoyment of One’s Property”
FSP ‘Festivi’ 2010, 2011 Latest Pilgrim Chronicles from Early Mover once removed
Breath of Fresh Air 2006 Defeat of Smoking Ban #1 in the Free State, reminiscence
Space Lizards and Pod People A conversational revision to the Sacred Nonaggression Principle
Don’t Throw Mama off Turnpike The “Free State Audi A4” finds a new home abroad
The Free State in Winter 3 Mary Ruwart, David Nolan, and a host of the freedom faithful
Rally for the Republic 2008 Report from the Labor Day Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis
The Free State in Winter_2 Personal Notes from the 2008 New Hampshire Liberty Forum
The Free State in Summer Diary of the 2007 Free State Project Porcupine Festival
The Free State in Winter_1 Personal Notes from the 2007 New Hampshire Liberty Forum
Ron Paul, Libertarian, 1988  Notes from the LP natl convention, Seattle, 1987, RP vs. Russell Means

Listing of all articles and human interest pieces on the Coffee Coaster

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2 thoughts on “Donut Wholes

  1. Hi Brian,

    So pleased I stumbled across site. I share similar philosophical, spiritual and political perspective. My current favorite meme is “We should all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of consciousness”.

    If you haven’t already, check out Amber Lyon’s site as well as Rick Doblin’s M.A.P.S. site at The future of phamaceuticals!

    Well, I’m still working my way through your informational site…thanks!

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