These are my major works from most recent to least recent [links are to Kindle versions minimally priced (usually $1, occasionally $2) for smartphone Kindle apps] [also an autobiography in the works starting with memories of a special childhood: ]

  • The Truman Prophecy (2016) — Using metaphors from the classic 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, and the 1998 movie, The Truman Show, the novel foresees an imminent ‘Rise of the Independents’ (independent individual consciousnesses) via successful, real struggles for truth and justice. This is a different kind of novel that interweaves fiction and nonfiction revealing bold alternative core ideas.
  • After 9/11 Truth (2015) — Lays out a brief listing and description of key presentations—videos, books, papers, oral testimony—of scientific, political, and forensic evidence that show the government’s official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is an absurd cover story for a horrendous false-flag act of state terror perpetrated by a deep-state global cabal launching the phony War of Terror. A grassroots plan to hasten advent of the truth.
  • Leaving the Sandbox (2014) — Develops a simple strategy for the Libertarian Party state and local affiliates in an era ‘of wanton US federal crimes and terror.’ Practical action handbook. I wrote this at the time I had decided to leave the LP, at its convention in Columbus, Ohio, not only because its Grand Strategy was failing, but because it refused to stand for truth and justice on real issues of the day.
  • Mother’s Stone (2013) — From a series of columns documenting my mother’s  end times, as a victim of polycystic kidney disease, then, more important, a captioned pictorial of my dear mom’s wondrous rolling-stone life. She meant so much to me, especially during those final years when, without any help or concern from other family members, I became her daily caregiver. A universal ‘greatest generation’ mom story.
  • Don’t Throw Mama off the Turnpike (2009) — Humor/travelog as yours truly journeys w/Mom (85 years young) as ‘wingman’ driving the Mercury Villager… to Syracuse, NY, to sell the Free State Audi. Ride along on our exciting journey that almost doesn’t even get started—Mom makes a wrong turn toward Chicago, not Cleveland, on the Ohio Turnpike. [My bad; walkie talkies were too high tech. 🙂 ]
  • The Sacred Nonaggression Principle (2007, 2010) — A primer on the nonaggression principle, with several new ideas explaining key barriers to its realization, workable strategies and vision. My thought at the time was to create an emotional surge in people, vs. simply intellectual abstractions, to convince them of  the ‘Kindergarten Rules:’ Don’t hit. Don’t steal. Don’t lie. How the SNaP enables successful modern societies.
  • New Pilgrim Chronicles (2006) — The beginning Free State experience, in the eyes of a single man of letters. Porcfests, Porcupine groups, antiwar vigils, protesting Real ID and smoking bans… how it was at the beginning for this 55-year-old, starry-eyed early mover. Will the Free State Project save humankind? Will it make you a better person? Will it unleash heretofore unrealized potential? Answer: up to you. I loved/love the New Hampshire free-bees in all the ways.
  • There Must Be Some Mistake (1999) — Brian R. Wright’s more youthful yet modest run-in with the drug prohibition laws, which he had never quite taken seriously… but sadly learned that those who benefit from them do. A true story. “A cross between Forrest Gump and Midnight Express-Lite, Brian Wright’s short take on the WOD will have you laughing in recognition and sympathizing in outrage.
  • American Gumption-Catharsis (2019) — I guess I’m using third-person here, so AGC is Mr. Wright’s advocacy of the theory and practice of the ‘Hendrickson Discovery’ effected by Pete Hendrickson in his watershed book Cracking the Code (CtC, 2003). The Discovery (of the truth of the federal-income tax—that it is an excise tax applying to exercise of federal privilege) has huge ramifications, not only in retaining our property but in defunding US national government mayhem.

Okay that’s the whole enchilada of my major published works. While I wait to be discovered, I’ve been busy in the field of politics, particularly pursuing the ideal of American First Principles’ grand juries—which can seed comparable institutions worldwide. Here’s an important work I’ve recently published by supreme citizen-researcher Diane McGilvery:

  • What is the Foundation? (2018) — Diane McGilvery’s “Common Sense” magnum opus (booklet ~40 pages) on the vital, integral relationship between America’s First Principles as set forth in the Declaration of Independ-ence—the sublime blood and soil homeland “We hold these truths to be self-evident” paragraph—and the people’s independent grand jury institution.
  • The Accountability Project — The most imminent book I’m planning to finish by spring 2020 is the companion booklet to Mrs. McGilvery’s monograph, entitled The Accountability Project: Monitoring and disciplining runaway public servants. I have the front cover designed and here’s the link to my column in the Coffee Coaster of leveraging First Principles into a prototype independent people’s grand jury system, first, for the state of Michigan (where I live).
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