What (and who) is the Coffee Coaster?

Hello, I’m Brian Wright, proprietor of the Coffee Coaster, just a regular fellow who has done a lot of reading and writing in a political-philosophical vein. My roots are middle America, Baby Boomer, Goldwater/Ayn Rand-generation freedom philosophy. In the early 1970s, I was active in defining the secular-humanist libertarian movement and a cofounder of the Libertarian Party of Michigan (1972).

Starting roughly in the early 1990s… more to come … [this page doesn’t appear to have a draft location]

For more than five years, Brian Wright has been proprietor of TheCoffeeCoaster.com, a ‘wholistic libertarian’ opinion and (movie and book) review site. His writing—and that of many of his guest writers—comes mostly from a caring and reasonable ‘libertarian’ humanitarian perspective, that is, as a (world) citizen-intellectual who has a) appreciated Ayn Rand, b) broke sweat for liberty, and c) become a ‘person in his own right’… increasingly, he hopes, with a sense of humor. For example, here’s a parody of the media coverage of Ron Paul Campaign 2012.

More to come…

Live Free and Flourish!

[Began construction of the new Coffee Coaster site on 3/17/12. The old site may be found at http://www.brianrwright.com/Coffee_Coaster/index.htm, and will be maintained in a hybrid fashion with the new Coffee Coaster site (http://www.brianrwright.com/CoffeeCoasterBlog/). All authors of material retain copyrights, unless otherwise indicated on posts.]

Contact: Brian Wright: brian@brianrwright.com

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  1. Kimberly, I’m revisiting my whole structure of sites in the next month, and will keep you on the list for a newsletter. I did a newsletter before but not with any consistency. I also want to set up one site The Coffee Coaster or Perke Diem, rather than, well I have like three now.


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  3. Hi Brian, I found your website after reading with interest a comment you left on amazon. I would like to receive your posts my email but I don’t see any way to sign up for that. Will you please either point me to the signup form or add me to your post email list? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

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