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Columns by Coffee Coaster guest writers:

Archbishop Vigano Lays out the Real Deal, Archbishop Vigano [20211215]
CDC Grasping at Blatant Lies
, Pete Hendrickson [20211102]
Total Deaths Expose False Flag
, William deBerg [20210430]
Insurrection Narrative Crumbles
, Glenn Greenwald [20210305]
Jon Rappoport on That Old Time Religion
, Rappoport [20201228]
Rappoport-Trump ‘covid’ Shock Release Program
, Rappoport [20201221]
Masks MUCH Worse for EVERYONE Than We Imagine
, Blaylock [20201010]
Latest Nails in the CV Official Story Coffin,
Ben Swann [20200802]
Powerful Voice for the Commonsense Old Normal
, Chuck Baldwin [20200710]
Is Texas ‘Covid’ Spike Fake News?
, Ron Paul [20200706]
Roark’s Courtroom Speech
, Ayn Rand [20200622]
Hydroxychloroquine, Proven Treatment
, 1000s of doctors worldwide
Americans Killed and Tortured by Israel
, Philip Giraldi
Assange in Court, Craig Murray
An Independents’ Manifesto
, Caitlin Johnstone
Palestine, S. Africa, and the Myth of One State
, Nahida in Exile
Speaking the Truth to Jews
,, Paul Eisen
People Take Charge on ‘Smart’ Meters,
Jerry Day, David Lonier
Book Review, From Yahweh to Zion: 1
, Laurent Guyenot [20190415]
Treason, En Masse?
, Chris Mark
Ursula Haverbeck awarded Robert Faurisson prize at Vichy
, Rudy List
The Real Story of the Creation of Israel
, Alison Weir
What’s Really behind the 16th Amendment
, Gregory Sutton
The Liberating Truth about the Income Tax
, Kevin Flanagan
Liberty Comments on Crypto
, Brandon Smith
Assange, Press Freedom, Being Destroyed
, Chris Hedges
Scary Election 2018,
Pete Hendrickson
November 3, An Historic Date in American History, Pete Hendrickson
Vote for Bill Gelineau for Governor,
Campaign Worker [20180917]
Are Your Earnings Taxable, Three Easy Steps,
Pete Hendrickson
Trade War Distraction Brandon Smith
We Owe it To Everybody
Brandon Smith
Schoolmarms Packin’ Heat?
Awr Hawkins
Fairy Tale with a Happy Ending
Steve Smith
The Conversation
Pete Hendrickson
Where’s the People?
Pete Hendrickson
Mind Control and the Flu Virus
Jon Rappoport
Liberation 101
Pete Hendrickson
Frivolous Penalty Smackdown Pete Hendrickson
The Poison Papers (CCCC)
Caroline Cornell
Thanksgiving and Ziobarbarism
Emma Fiala, Gilad Atzmon
Boycott Big Brother?!
Paul Philips
First Amendment Note
Bob Livingston [20171106]
Backyard Mike Collins
USS Liberty, Why Justice Now?
Joe Meadors
Las Vegas ‘Final’ Comment
Paul Craig Roberts
Las Vegas Shooting
Paul Craig Roberts
The Bobby McIlvaine Act
Michael Atkinson
Mainstream Boogie
Jon Rappoport
#FreeDoreen, #FreeAmerica
Paul Craig Roberts
The Trump Witch Hunt Paul Craig Roberts
The Israel Lobby Paul Craig Roberts
Run with Runestad
David Lonier
Bozeman Red Pill Michael Atkinson
Speak Ill of Israel, go to Jail
Alison Weir
Groundbreaking Opportunity for YAL?
Shane Trejo
Swamp Things in Chantilly
Bob Livingston
What Kind of People…
Thomas Are
Remember the Liberty
Alison Weir
Details on the Big Issue The Saker
Trump Fires Comey
Jon Rappoport
Seeds of Our Destruction
Paul Craig Roberts
Are Speech Rights Grinding to a Halt?
Jon Rappoport
Trump’s ‘Wag the Dog’ Moment
Robert Parry
Howard Roark and the Collective
Jon Rappoport
Global Warming Wrapup
Paul Craig Roberts
FBI’s Fraudulent Conspiracy Theory Paul Craig Roberts
Eva Bartlett, Journalist
Brandon Turbeville
Who Programs the Reality? Jon Rappoport
Enemy of the Year? Why Russia?
Justin Raimondo
Rejoicing at Tax Season
Pete Hendrickson
The Bounce Effect
Jon Rappoport
Why Do They Hate Us?
Ind. Kevin Spicer
Shady Origins of Modern Medicine Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty
Will the Drone Wars Continue?
Ron Paul Institute
Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish
Paul Craig Roberts
When Fear Comes
Chris Hedges
Whose Mind is it, Anyway?
Bob Livingston
Electoral College Makes it Official
Stewart Rhodes
Libertarians and the Alt-Right
Shane Trejo
Big Money Intends to Shut Our Sites Down
Paul Craig Roberts
It’s Up to Us Paul Craig Roberts
Roots of the US-Israel Relationship
Alan Sabrosky
The Individual is Paramount
Jon Rappoport
Taking Back our Country
Mike Adams
Roots of Hillary’s Would-Be Armegeddon
Christopher Bollyn
Roots of the Grand Jury Roger Roots
Comment NOW on Michigan New ‘Smart’ Meter Rules
Shane Trejo
Dump Trump… and Hillary, Too
Thomas Greco
Big Brother’s Helper in Michigan
Shane Trejo
Assad’s Death Warrant
Mike Whatney
9/11: 15 Years of a Transparent Lie
Paul Craig Roberts
Labor Day
Paul Craig Roberts
CDC Doubling Down
Jon Rappoport
Religion is a Matter of Conscience
Marco Caceres
End Collective Bargaining for Michigan Employees
Steve Harry
Only One Libertarian Position on Immigration  Jacob Hornberger, FFA
US Foreign Policy, Palestine-Israel, and BDS
Jill Stein, Green Party
Liberty Lessons Learned via Trump 2016
Shane Trejo
Israel’s Worldwide Role in Repression
Jewish International Anti-Zionist Network
• FBI Pros Question Decision Not to Charge Hillary Clinton
Attkisson, Rappoport
Using the Law for Right
Hendrickson, Wise, noduty2submit
If Anyone Died in Orlando Incident It was after 5:13 a.m.
Baxter Dimitry
Orlando Gay Community
Kevin Brant
No Need to Panic about the Johnson-Weld Ticket
Kathleen Wikstrom
Ali Championed Palestinian Liberation, Who Knew?
Dr. Kevin Barrett
In Loving Memory of Harambe
Mike Adams
Sign Petition, Repeal Common Core in Michigan
Shane Trejo
Gene-Changing Vaccines
Jon Rappoport
Free Doreen Hendrickson… and the American 300 Million
Shane Trejo
HPV Vaccine in Canada Sends 1 in 10 to ER Mike Adams
Dear Doctor: How to avoid blame for autism Jon Rappoport
Let’s Make Vaccines Safe Dr. Paul Thomas
Trump/Sanders 2016? Jon Rappoport
Raise a Hue and Cry Pete Hendrickson
ISIS attacked Brussels? Jon Rappoport
Shouldn’t Matter, the President Jeffrey Tucker, FEE
Big Kahuna Tax Service Pete Hendrickson
Extremist Overreaction Syndrome Paul Jacob
Trump vs. Newspeak Jon Rappoport
Doreen’s Case Publicized in WND Alex Newman
JFK and RFK Killings Paul Craig Roberts
Who is Killing the Healers? Foster Gamble
Limiting Immigration a Crime? Jon Rappoport
US: International Gangster Supreme Bob Livingston
Oregon Standoff Success-Oriented View Brandon Smith
Dale Haviland, RIP and VIP (1929-2015) K. Augustin, et al
Obama Sheds Fake Tears for Wrong Victims Infowars
Mark Baker Closing His Farm Shane Trejo
Soviet-Style Justice Shane Trejo
The Global Economic ‘Reset’ Brandon Smith
Wiseman Activity on Eve of ‘Tax Season’ Pete Hendrickson
Stop Lansing’s SB 306 Ripoff Shane Trejo
The CIA and the Media Carl Bernstein
Drive Free or Die Paul Jacob
Vaccine Injury Compensation Broken Barbara Loe Fisher
Chemtrails and Geoengineering Foster Gamble
The Hillary Tapeworm Unreality Jon Rappoport
Autism Epidemic Continues Sharyl Attkisson
What we KNOW about 9/11 Mr. Miles Mathis
How the Government Suppresses New Energy Buck Rogers
DTE Power-Shutoff Attacks Continue David Lonier
The Economy, Key Issues Augustin and Heller
Vaccines: Who is right and whose right is it? Gamble
The Trump Wild Card Rappoport
A Message to Libertarians on the FDA Rappoport
The Real American Sniper SM Gibson
Vaccine Logic from Affected Parent Megan Heimer
Twisted Logic of Vaccines Jon Rappoport
6th Circuit Appeal for Doreen Hendrickson et al
Fly on the Wall at Bilderberg Foster Gamble
Whither the Rebel? Jon Rappoport
Governor Jerry ‘Tuskegee’ Brown Mike Adams
Down Under First to be Plowed Under? Jon Rappoport
The Devious Matrix Called Psychiatry Jon Rappoport
Howard Beale… last sane man Jon Rappoport
“Not Charlie Hebdo” Author Turned Back Kevin Barrett
Sheriff ‘Stingray’ Bouchard Shane Trejo
Canada’s Surveillance State Jon Rappoport
Prop 1 as an Insult to Intelligence John Worster
The Doreen Hendrickson Statement Doreen Hendrickson
Stand up for Doreen, Big Time David Lonier
History of Michigan in Taxes David Lonier
Bizarre Federal Ultimatum Shane Trejo
Top Five Lies of the Vaccine Mongers Ethan Huff
It’s Not Just Unlawful, It’s Downright Awful Janice Daniels
10 Things America Must Do to Stop Ruining the World Tom Engelhardt
Vaccination as Old Time Religion Jon Rappoport
I Miss America Mike Adams
Mind-Control Media and Medical Fascism Jon Rappoport
Why the Government Can’t Be Trusted w/Radiation David Lonier
Directions of Mind Control Jon Rappoport
Rand Paul Would Exclude Palestinians Just Foreign Policy
Why the State Hates Jury Power Paul Rosenberg
New Time, New Life Jon Rappoport
Stand for Doreen Hendrickson David Lonier
All That Matters Now Pete Hendrickson
The Bad Guys Won Again, So What Now? Shane Trejo
Another Fake bin Laden Story Paul Craig Roberts
Demystifying 9/11 Dr. Alan Sabrosky
What Will CDC Whistleblower Say under Oath? Jon Rappoport
Ebola Attacks CDC’s Smoking Gun? Jon Rappoport
Edwin Vieira’s Magnum Opus, Ron Burcham
Fighting for Liberty as a Republican, Shane Trejo
First US Ebola Patient a Hoax?, Jon Rappoport
The Walls of the 9/11 Big Lie are Crumbling, Dollar Vigilante
The ‘Heroic’ Ebola Doctor Myth, Rappoport
Stopping “LEOs Goin’ Wild”, Lonier
Solitary Proliferation in US Prisons, Infographics
Beverly Hillbilly Ebola, Rappoport
Stop Doreen’s Heresy Conviction, Hendrickson
Reduce Prison Population, Siegelman
Psychiatrists Pushing Drugs, Rappoport
The Brian Williams Snowden Interview, Infowars, Rappoport
Awaiting Appeal, Help My Fellow Prisoners, Siegelman
New Evidence in the Siegelman Case, Siegelman
When the Courts Fail…, Dennis Marburger
The Biggest Elephant in the Room, Dane Wigington
Open Letter to the Governor, David Lonier
Operation American Spring, Colonel Riley
Money and Debt, Greco
Oh the Stupidity, Smith
Fresh Look at Net Neutrality, Giuliano
Don Siegelman, Selma March, Siegelman
Pools of Molten Metal, Rappoport
(Ayn)RAND2016, Paul
Declaration of Independence, McDermott
Secular Fundamentalism, Burrowes
TV the Stage Play, Rappoport
After Obamacare, Adams
We Are Not Your Enemy, Smith
Doreen Hendrickson Goes to the Mat, Hendrickson
Mideast Monster(s), Farris
Constitution Day, Boldin
Russian Peace Gambit? Escobar, RT
Imminent Shift in Consciousness, Adams
Avoiding GMO Foods, Benson
Feds vs. the Fourth, Hornburger
‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Sane, Top Info Post
Free Don Siegelman… Still, Dana Siegelman
George Zimmerman Trial, Jon Rappoport
Kokesh Arrested by Stormtroopers, Paul Joseph Watson
US Military Occupation… of US, Mike Adams
Big Oil’s Big Lies on Alternative Energy, Antonia Juhasz
Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership Shadow Cabinet
Collective Vendetta vs. the Individual Rappoport
Individual vs. the Collective Rappoport
Obama: “I am not a crook.” Rappoport
IRS Criminality Implies More of Same, Adams
The Tell of Who’s Good and Who’s Not, Adams
Take the Media Hypnosis Test, Adams
April 15 Reminder, P. Hendrickson
April 1 Cyberwarnings, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Education and Childbirth, P. Wright
Imagine There’s No Congress, Babka
Peace and Armed Citizens, Boman
Letter to the Leahy Subcommittee, Burcham
Grandpa: “Why I Carry a Gun”, Anon.
Obama Agri-Takeover, Adams
The Artist vs. the Collective, Rappoport
Newtown: Federal Terror-Op Double Whammy, Oathkeepers
Oathkeeper on Secession, Oathkeepers
Sandy Victims,
Sue the Banksters, Spire Group
John Kiriakou’s Civic Virtue, Global Research
Russell Means, in Memoriam, Wright
NDAA Down But Not Out, Hedges
Fork the Drug War, Justice
Torture Reality, McCoy
Motor City Rambles, Worster
Tom Woods on Ron Paul, Woods
Grand Shi Strategy of Ron Paul, Spitznagel
Politics as Sport, White
Politics of Obedience, la Boetie
Skull and Bones and Opium, Maxwell
Prison Tourism in Peru, Keeley
The Real Bill for the BP Oil Disaster, Juhasz
May 2012 Coffee Coaster Comments Winners, Burcham et al
DDC contra NDAA, Babka
Colonized by Corporations, Hedges
Game Over for the Climate… if…, Hansen
Patriots Targeted for American Gulag, Watson
Pot Law Sleaze Beneficiaries, Lee Feng
SCOTUS OKs Strip Searches, Naomi Wolf
The Lawless Roads, Floyd
Whack Jobs for War vs. Iran, Davidson
Media Marching Tune, Burcham
Contra NDAA, Wolf, Adams
Drones Attack, Watson
Ron Paul or Tyranny, Roberts
Nix on Iran War Drums, Burcham
TSA Radiation Cure, Infowars
NDAA Treason, Boman
OWS ‘r’ US, Bowman
Chemtrails are Real, Infowars
Stop Support for Israel, Hazel
Axe TSA, Real ID, DDC
God, Money, 911, McIlvane
Zero Interest by Fed?, Hazel
Nuremberg Principles, Fuerst
Rumsfeld for Torture, IndictBush
McWilliams’ Day, Krassner
Man Up for Tax Truth, Hendrickson
Detroit Breakdown, Wright, Rose
9/11 Insider Speaks, Infowars
Osama Replant, Infowars
Jury Power, Oath Keepers
Puritans and Zionistas, Hazel
End Patriot Act, Babka DDC
The Dictator Fallacy, Browne, DDC
Support the Troops?, Raimondo
Pirates on the Veranda, Heller
Income Tax Truth, Hendrickson
Restore Honest Money, Hazel
End Civil Forfeiture, James Wilson
Quest for Funk Relief, Worster
Keep and Bear Arms, DDC
Republicans, Religious Liberty
Lee Iacocca’s Leadership
Casino Capitalism
The Bailout and the Fed
Constitution Day Thoughts
End Corporate Welfare
Jitneys and Colectivos
Independence Day Letter

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