Article: The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’ Fact Sheet

From The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’ publication
Scheduled 11/1/20, Free Man Publishing Company

It will be a short booklet, to include a listing of the 10 basic facts with references and a bit of discussion from all the indie experts—scientists, scholars, doctors, journalists, citizen-journalists and so on. As a matter of practicality I’ve done the fact sheet first, with a list of 10 statements of reality, at least as I’m honestly seeing it after months of serious reading and research. Each of the statements is posted with two technical references, which I’m including with additional content in the writeup below. This page will serve as the spot where I create the remaining text for the booklet; it has a forwarding url of The location of the actual pdf file that you can download and use to print off fact sheets is

The ten pertinent facts on ‘covid’ [references in brackets [ ]]

  1. ‘Covid’ op was planned under auspices of Bill Gates’ World Economic Forum, Event 201 (10/2019) and UN Agenda 21/2030 [1a][1b]
  2. Official Story is that SARS CoV-2 (CV2) “VIRUS” is sole cause of “DISEASE” COVID-19. In actual fact, CV2 is a small strand of RNA of unknown origin. [2a][2b]
  3. “Gold-Standard” test for ‘CV2’ is RT-PCR (PCR), which test’s founder states that PCR cannot successfully diagnose infectious disease. [3a][3b]
  4. 90% testing positive for “‘CV2’ RNA STRAND” have no symptoms or mild cold for short time. [4a][4b]
  5. Severe symptoms (esp. hypoxia, dry cough) named COVID-19 (C19) ~100% cured by timely, proper use of hydroxychloroquine-zinc, worldwide. [5a][5b]
  6. Exact cause of severe symptoms labeled C19 remains unknown; leading indie scientists think it unmasks environmental toxins: 5G@60GHz, pollution, glyphosate, vaxxes, etc. (abundant in Wuhan). [6a][6b]
  7. Nos. of cases of “‘CV2’ RNA strand” have no meaning, deaths labeled C19 inflated >10:1 [most real ‘murdered’ by ventilators, other causes]. [7a][7b]
  8. Med-State response to ‘covid’ = per Agenda playbook: illegal unprecedented life shutdown, 30% US GDP decline last Qtr., millions of lives lost. [8a][8b]
  9. Med-State response: sustained psychological torture prog. for all, per Amnesty Intl. defn. [9a][9b]
  10. Public masking = symbolic ctr. of psych torture: I submit, “Me slave, you massuh.” [10a][10b] Submit2mask says u will submit2KillerVax. Human consciousness: epic decision. [10c][10d]

References to experts. YouTube censorship influence at work. A couple of other links I’d prefer different ones, but Big Tech has spiked them for your own good:

Note: I’m also going to be creating a “links page” for the booklet at
when the booklet is finished. A reader of the booklet can then go to that links page to conveniently click on important Internet links that are referenced in the hard copy of the booklet with a number surrounded by { } brackets.

These will be updated occasionally, but serve well in their original casting. The narrative of the book follows, and will also refer to these links and several others. Many have been censored by Big Tech, but are finding outlets in alternative video channels and news outlets.

Book: The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’

About the author

Brian R. Wright. Just a regular guy—writer, editor, publisher, citizen researcher—who reads and tries to support good causes, with as much focus as I can. My Twitter feed ( has the latest info on my history and what I’ve been up to. The link has a fairly thorough bio sketch. I have an engineering degree (BSME, Wayne State University) and have worked as an engineer in aerospace and automotive fields.


I was drawn into ‘covid’ research for reasons that should be clear from my bio, namely that I tend to DISbelieve any corporate-government “official story” that I’m expected to accept. It’s not that I’m obstinate, only that I’ve seldom seen any official story hold up to the light of reason and common sense… or individual freedom.

Note: I use the term ‘covid’ to convey two things: a) that no virus has been identified (purified or isolated) as the sole cause of the disease labeled COVID-19 and b) that —as I intend to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt—what we are dealing with is NOT a genuine health crisis, rather an operation by a global cabal aiming to seize full-spectrum power over Human 1.0, turn it into Human 2.0.

Some have dismissed my arguments and articles as ‘conspiracy theories.’ To that I respond that I am not a conspiracy theorist, rather a conspiracy provist, or at the very least a causality theorist. [Another good term is “conspiracy realist.”]

Indeed, to reject a logical causal arguments without thought by applying a term of derision to their arguers is a logical fallacy, similar to ad hominem (to the man) or ad verecundiam (from authority). [Note: The practice of using “conspiracy theorist” to dismiss and ridicule arose as a conscious, intentional US government psych program in the bowels of the CIA to deal with objectors to the official story of the JFK assassination.[1]]

Note on citings and general documentation process: I’m not a scholar, nor should my book be taken as a rigorous scholarly work. However, I do cite reliable sources that have proven generally valid independent of official sources, which we know by stated policy and practice to be lies intended to manipulate perceptions and obtain the consent of the masses. Ref. Rule from the Shadows

Let me also state that I’m aiming to keep my writing as conversational and down-to-earth as possible. Please use the book as a launch pad to your own research. Until the world wakes up and dispels the fraudulent plandemic en masse, every week, every day will bring new light to the field. The book is necessarily stuck in time with solely the latest developments up to publication. Note: probably my major single source to this point is the Del Bigtree HighWire ( weekly broadcast—the relevant ‘covid’ and vax broadcasts are located here: {13}

Chapter 1: ‘covid’: a PLanned Assault

  1. The ‘Covid’ op was planned under auspices of Bill Gates’ World Economic Forum, Event 201 (10/2019) and UN Agenda 21/2030 [1a][1b]

Long before we ever heard of ‘covid,’ and within the Western Cabal’s[2] medical planning hierarchy let’s just say the super planners had put together a whole range of population control options under the United Nations’ Agenda 21/2030.

To sum up that agenda, it’s a massive depopulation and earth poisoning program conducted to sustain a one-world collectivist state with individuals having no rights whatsoever. Here’s a John Birch Society report (—and please do your own searching down this way-twisted Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole… until Google scrubs everything except the official story. [which it would like to do, of course, but Google is being ‘found out’.

Plugged into that UN program is an entity called the World Economic Forum. Do a search and any independent consciousness worth its salt can tell that the listing has been sanitized by experts. It’s “an independent organization dedicated to the good of us all.” As to who really funds it and controls its policies, I did find a recent column in SGT Report that points out Bill Gates’ role as an “agenda contributor” along with a quote:

“It’s the common thread that runs through planned parenthood, global warming, climate change, eugenics, bioethics, vaccinations, Agenda 21, communism, Marxism, socialism, food production control, etc.”

The videos Plandemic I {14a} and Plandemic II {14b} provide a deep look into the actual machinations of the World Economic Forum, Event 201 meetings. Do your own research.

Chapter 2: The Manufacture of a Phony Virus and Disease Architecture

Probably few Americans or people worldwide believe the initial mainstream scare-porn on ‘covid’ emergence, that a bat virus escaped a Chinese open-air market to infect humans—causing untold numbers of individuals to collapse dead instantaneously, as in The Bourne Legacy, while walking the street. But the average mainstream true believer was dished up an official-origin story full of wild contradictions that still lies at the root of ‘normie’-awareness of the phenomenon.

What appears to have actually happened from detailed work of independent investigators, such as the indefatigable Jon Rappoport and credentialed MDs, especially Andrew Kaufman, is that medical officials assayed lung samples from a group of people with severe cases of pneumonia in the city of Wuhan, China. [Pneumonia has many causes, including lungcrushing air pollution afflicting that area of the world in spades.]

Technicians via electron micrograph (EM) isolated a small 300-code-sequence of RNA that they stated to be present in most of the subjects… higherups then, thru the worldwide med-net, called this strand—which could have been from other biologic material, even the patients’ own cells—a VIRUS and gave it the name SARS CoV-2.



[1] Please refer to my review of Lance deHaven Smith’s Conspiracy Theory in America:

[2] The “Western Cabal” is the global control entity defined by Foster Gamble in his Thrive I video and relevant and Website material. It’s only a term, a concept, for the overlying Western worldwide cartel, aka “1%” (more like 0.001%). I often use Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) to denote the same thing.

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3 thoughts on “Article: The Thinking Individual’s Guide to ‘covid’ Fact Sheet

  1. Kay, thank you for this. It fleshes out what I’m seeing universally, and it is in keeping with what one researcher-analyst, has identified as prolonged and systematic psychological torture of virtually everyone per Amnesty International guidelines ( Not unlike the torture being inflicted with higher focus and intensity on Julian Assange. [The prohibition of contact, especially funerals, is barbaric.]

  2. Fauci came out saying temp checks are useless, as is his ever changing advice. He also said bandanas are super spreaders because they atomize Covid particles allowing them to travel 20 ft rather than the 6ft of mask wearers.

    Davos 2020 welcomed the disease because the elite can “reset” the world. (available to anyone who searches; a top result). Reading thru, Davos participants are emphatic that a feature of the new world will be “trust”. The words “reset” and “trust” are theirs.

    I have never before seen where healthy individuals were locked down because about 1% might die from a virus. Meanwhile, people are committing suicide, looting, violence and murders, overdosing, losing AA and other support groups, dying from lack of medical care (a British expert estimated that at least 39,000 died in their country as of June from lack of treatment), unable to celebrate weddings and other life milestones, dying due to lack of family support (denied even a funeral), deprived of education, not allowed to socialize, depressed, malnourished and even joining the ever growing ranks of the homeless. The financial devastation may be irreparable.

    I am at high risk which means I, an individual, should minimize contacts.

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