Article: Worldwide Health Freedom Manifesto

Inspired by good Earthers suffering from the contrived (covtardia) emergency
Brian R. Wright

Many have heard of the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD), which would end the devastating lockdown, yet keep in place the global state architecture of control via testing and monitoring by the “health establishment,” meaning, the health tyranny establishment—functioning by error and corruption—that got us in the jam we’re in now. If the spirit moves you, particularly, as a physician or health scientist, go ahead and sign the GBD petition to stop the lockdown of the healthy. With current tally closing in on 500K concerned citizens plus 40K medical people, it lends establishment legitimacy to you and at least a semblance of common sense.

[Image courtesy Jeremy Lee, Atlanta, GA, ref. American Gumption Catharsis, 2019.]

But virtually all the regular people of the earth that yours truly prefers to hang out with—in person and online—prefer TOTAL INFORMED CONSENT HEALTH FREEDOM over their own minds and bodies, and that is the point of my Worldwide Health Freedom Manifesto, links described as follows:

Purpose of This Particular Page

The goal of our overall effort is to gather, we hope millions of, signatures, worldwide, for health freedom and justice, then to pursue the wrongdoers (of the preplanned  ‘covid’ operation), and finally to restore and help rebuild the lives of the millions of human victims of this high-crime assault by “the Global Criminal Syndicate.”

In that scheme the main purpose of this page is to a) present the Freedom Manifesto in html, then b) to provide the detailed references and citations that support each of the clauses and claims of that document. The page will also naturally lead to tools to finish the fight, I’m thinking for instance of a note for business proprietors to display their support for health freedom to their customers. I’ll try to rough one out in a day or two.

Note: Sign the Worldwide Health Freedom Manifesto here.

The Manifesto—Displayed as More Briefly Composed for Change.Org

We, the free and independent citizens of the world declare:

Our unalienable and inviolate right of informed consent
over what is done to our own bodies.[1]

I. Considering esp. the recent global ‘covid’ operation, where:

a) CDC admits existence of the SARS CoV-2 virus not shown.[2]
b) A +PCR test does not mean disease. 90% have 0 symptoms.
c) Serious ‘covid’ symptoms => different agent, eg ambient toxins.
d) Nearly all serious cases prevent/cure w/ nutrition, HCQ-zinc…
e) Unprecedented lockdown of the healthy harms and kills millions.
f) Mandated general-public face coverings:
i) optimize spread of disease via jet and plume effect.
ii) do nothing to prevent or lessen viral loads.
iii) seriously damage health and brain with prolonged use.
iv) spike irrational fear among emotional, brainwashed public.
v) stifle freedom via mass-submission, raging-herd mentality.
vi) rot your teeth. (seriously)
g) The elite-set goal of ‘covid’ op is a literal killer ‘vax’ for all.
h) Evidence is strong that highly financed ‘bad actors’ and craven
corporate-state officials conspired to create a ‘covid’ fake emer-
gency for $trillions and to commit systematic crimes against
humanity–to which the ‘covid’ op is key.

II. Thus, we the free and independent citizens of the earth sign
this manifesto to:

a) Deny consent for compulsory testing, tracking, surveilling,
masking, distancing, isolating, temp-taking, bio-chipping,
business-closing, school-stuffing, Congregation-ending,
sports-denying, beach-shutting, exempt-vaxxing, etc.
b) Hold all ‘bad actors’ accountable and personally liable for
their aggressions and crimes against humanity, including life
in prison for those who have faked the ‘covid’ emergency, thus
causing deaths and economic devastation–under applicable
statutes for government officials and embedded media lying
and/or committing fraud in reporting disease facts and images.

III. We also shall pursue, via international and multijurisdictional
class action and independent people’s grand juries, other
official bad actors’ high-crimes, e.g.:

a) 5G and harmful electromagnetic radiation, dirty electricity.
b) Genetically modified organisms and food tox practices.
c) Water and sky poisoning, consentless geoengineering.
d) Damage-suit-immune vaccine and drug manufacturers.
e) ‘Climate change’ hoax promoting international taxes/control.
f) The worldwide child-trafficking-and-sex-molestation network.

[1] In America, this right is guaranteed to all residents by First
Principles of the Declaration of Independence, the 1st Amend-
ment, and the 9th Amendment to the Constitution, which reads:
“The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights,
shall not be construed to deny or disparage
others retained by the people.”
No right is more inviolable than the right of self-ownership.
“First… Do… No… Harm!”
[2] Citation links for each listed item will be
on the links page:

[Note: removed my petition for violating its ‘standards.’]

Please view standalone documents and references at
Please donate to Fundrazr crowdfund for victims of lockdown:

Supporting Links for Manifesto Clauses and Claims, by Outline #

Declaration and resolution heading

Simple statement of our natural [or if one prefers, Creator-bestowed] rights to life, liberty, and property. Refer to the American Declaration of Independence, its First Principles outlined in the “We hold these truths…” paragraph, and to antecedent writings with which America’s founders were cognizant of, particularly John Locke on individual rights.

I. Considering esp. the recent global ‘covid’ operation

The manifesto pertains mainly to resolving the current series of assaults by the <Global Crime Syndicate> on our health freedom, i.e. the heavily planned ‘covid’ operation.

The GCS is what I have previously referred to generically as the Men of the Power Sickness, or you can use New World Order, the Western Cabal, etc…. essentially a pack of ruling families in relative coordination, leveraging the international union of Rothschild-Rockefeller-founded national central-banks, with a full spectrum domination blueprint evidenced in the United Nations Agenda 2030/2021 agendas.

1a) CDC admits existence of the SARS CoV-2 virus is not demonstrated

Relatively recent admissions by the CDC, but follow earlier independent sources:

Ib) A +PCR test does not mean disease. 90% have 0 symptoms

Again, the early discoverers, like Rappoport and Canadian citizen-researcher David Crowe, have become discovered by honest journalists closer to the current access points:

Ic) Serious ‘covid’ symptoms => different agent, e.g. ambient toxins

This field is mined recently by Dr. Thomas Cowan, who presents a more than interesting analysis that does not include contagious viruses or ‘germs’ as the prime mover of disease. Rather poisons: 5G, GMOs, pollution, SkyTox chems, vaccines, and so on. Others, like Dr. Zach Bush, seem to retain a viral agent that “unmasks” the effects of the toxins (his full video interview on HighWire censored by YouTube):

Id) Nearly all serious cases prevent/cure w/ nutrition, HCQ-zinc…

The effectiveness of proper use of hydroxychloroquine-zinc is well established in the independent literature; in fact, Anthony Fauci himself commented on the efficacy of the formulation on SARS from an NIH study in 2005. It’s also well-suppressed, because the marching orders are killer-vaccine is only cure. Dr. Zev Zelikov provides clinical truth about the HCQ performance. [A Dr. Bartlett is also showing great effectiveness against ‘covid’ with the anti-inflammatory budesonide (]:

Ie) Unprecedented lockdown of the healthy harms and kills millions

This was apparent in the early days from cognizant social studies experts, e.g. Toby Rodgers explaining that for every 1% in US unemployment 58,000 die in a span of 5 years. One-third of the US GDP has been lost in the 2d quarter of 2020, which is historic. Worldwide starvation and poverty have risen an order of magnitude:

If) Mandated general-public face coverings

Ig) The elite-set goal of ‘covid’ op is a literal killer ‘vax’ for all

The current round of tests on the proposed ‘unicorn’ so-called vaccine is showing major health problems, including paralysis and MS. Dr. Russell Blaylock describes these trials in his latest commentary presentation on masks for Citizens for the First Amendment. [Toward the end of his talk.]

One of Dr. Blaylock’s final admonitions in that presentation is that if one-fourth of the American population suffers the effects that are becoming apparent from the ‘covid’ vaccine trials, we cannot have a functioning human society. Which reminds me of the observations made in the movie Vaxxed! regarding autism… which the MMR vax was demonstrated to have caused. Using CDC numbers, the rate of autism is still exponential and shows that 1 in 4 children will have autism in 2032, that’s 1 of 2 boys.

We have a little more than 11 years before the autism curve reaches fruition. Children with autism cannot take care of themselves. If one of two boys cannot ever take care of even themselves throughout their lives, our country cannot function on a human level. Please also watch the HighWire regularly,, which is a currently weekly broadcast on Thursdays, 1400 Eastern Time.

Ih) Evidence of Intent and Preplanning of the Disease

The pandemic exercise was conducted in October 2019 at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the World  Economic Forum (WEF) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. During the WEF Event  201 Johnson & Johnson was asked specifically about a coronavirus vaccine. Please use links I am providing here:

It had roots within the WEF and the UN agenda world long before the simulation event. We cannot ignore the obvious depopulation plan embedded inside UN agendas and the sadistic minds of the GCS. This is boldly pointed out in the Thrive movies:

II. Thus, we the free and independent citizens of the earth sign this manifesto to

IIa) Deny Consent

We end all the lockdown measures by refusing to perform or submit to them, especially masking, which is symbolic surrender of the heroic individual to the collective primal herd. As seen above under outline mark If), when we know the facts that masks harm both the wearer and those around the wearer as an optimized disease spreader, we’re giving up our freedom… and destroying our health… just to “fit in.” Once you know the truth, to abide falsehood, when no realistic threat of physical force is legally imposed, is an act of moral and intellectual cowardice. There’s no other way to put it.

…and read the material. Do NOT let the stores bully you. In America you have the 9th Amendment and the right of informed (non)consent. Exercise it. No one will stop you. Today in Michigan, thanks to its supreme court ruling, the state cannot force you or the stores to mask up or to adopt any of the governor’s orders—which are now null and void. But if they still stood, the orders would be OUT of order based on our American First Principles and the 1st and 9th Amendments to the US Constitution.

But you have to exercise your freedom to keep it. If you bow your head and agree to self-immolation and the harming of others by mask disease spreading, then the police power WILL eventually round everyone up and send them to American Gulag. We are, sad to say, the last line of defense of American freedom.

IIb) Obtain justice

We have two approaches, the first of which is unfolding against the GCS as an multinational class action suit. It shows a lot of promise:

The second is more interwoven in the fabric of society and was available to the early American colonists and then the Independents upon their victory over the British Empire. It’s the people’s independent First Principles’ grand jury; the underlying roots of the institution are fully described in the threshold book, What is the Foundation? by Diane McGilvery:

I am working on the specifically complementary work to WITF, The Accountability Project, which will lay out a practical approach for reestablishing First Principles’ grand juries in a practical setting, starting with a prototype version in the State of Michigan, United States. The people’s grand jury institution functionality is imagined in my 2016 hybrid novel, The Truman Prophecy, and it applies to investigating and indicting probable ‘bad actors’ for the following massively evident high-crime assaults of Syndicate officials:

  1. 5G and Wireless: ref.
  2. GMOs:
  3. Water and SkyTox:
  4. Vaccines:
  5. Climate Change power hoax:
  6. Child Abuse Empire:

Tools—Letter to Store Executives and “Attention Customers” Mask Policy

[In progress.]


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  1. A senior professor at the Max Plank Institute – an epidemialogist – that the measures were unnecessary, and we have departed fro he usual response.
    This was on YOUTUBE but was removed. No debate, nothing.

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