Donut Whole: Free Ted Visner… and the Michigan 10 Million

… from the clutches of a typical county in the most corrupt state in the union[1]
Update by Brian R. Wright

Who is Theodore Joseph Visner?

The voice of Christmas present and all those to come, the hope and focal point for victims of public officials running amok all over the late great state of Michissippi… and for the rest of the country, perishing from self-inflicted danger-of-loss of their First Principles[2]—life, liberty, and property.

I’m simply putting this up today, and will elaborate later: To this humble columnist, Ted seems to have gotten the ultra royal shaft by local kangaroos of the foulest character and currently sits in their Bay County kidnappers’ compound, having been convicted by an insider-drone jury of anti-peers, and then in the early days of December sentenced to two years (minus time served) of state time on bogus firearms charges arising from calculated, fraudulent police-theft-motivated entrapment of the slimiest ground-slug nature.

I think.

The problem is that I don’t have phone access to Ted, so I have to try to get the details of his situation thru his wife, Dani, who lives understandably ‘beside herself’ with their young ‘un in Pinconning. [Note: Even if I were to go to the Bay City Jail, apparently I would not be able to visit with him. I can only sign up to do video. This appears to be a bold new policy sweeping the country of violating habeas corpus.]

For the time being, while Ted remains in Bay City, you should be able to send to him a postcard or a letter—mine got thru—it has to be black or blue ink on white paper and white envelope: Send to Honorable [ 🙂 my own special title for good people who are not public officials; you can just use ‘Mr.’] Ted Visner, 503 3d Street, Bay City, MI 48708. The problem is that I don’t know exactly where they are in the process, and he may be going to state for 30 days, then elsewhere, awaiting appeal, transfer, etc. Dani also mentions that you may set up an account at and connect with him that way, for how long I don’t know. His name is Theodore Joseph Visner, and I provide a Facebook page address below as well. It would be great if he got an avalanche of Christmas well wishes. I believe his email address,, is still monitored by Dani. 

From what I’ve been able to gather—and Dani and I, et al, would surely welcome a first-rate independent journalist working for a major independent metropolitan daily newspaper with a team of staff and budget adequate to uncover what looks like MAJOR CRIMINAL CORRUPTION AT THE TOP LEVELS OF AT LEAST THREE MICHIGAN COUNTIES (KENT, ISABELLA, AND BAY)—the latest tale, and why Citizen Ted sits in jail while the average Michiganian, like me, enjoys the holidays, festivities, and fond remembrances of family—listening to carols and sipping Evan Williams by the fireplace, is this:

Somewhere in 2017, on orders from above—those who feared that Ted’s exposure of official corruption would send them to serve out multi-decade felony convictions—a pack of official mid-Michigan gangster-muscle [drooling, steroid-junkie bandits disguised as police] 1) seized Ted’s lucrative, legal medical marijuana crop, then 2) used CAF (civil asset forfeiture) to take all the good stuff from his family’s belongings, and divvy up the proceeds among themselves.

[According to Dani, apparently it’s a major industry up north these days seizing medical marijuana crops and their owners’ personal property to pay the bills of local government… so as not to have to lay off, well, themselves.]

Poster child for people’s independent grand juries

From the book I’m writing (at right), comes this section I’ve roughed out on Mr. Visner:

US Navy veteran, entrepreneur/jack-of-all-trades, Ted Visner was minding his peaceful family life and business in mid-Michigan, when in 2010 he witnessed a Kent County sheriff’s deputy [TVCO1: Ted Visner corrupt official #1] ‘robosigning’ sheriff deeds [such creation of a counterfeit instrument is a 14-year felony]. One of these bogus deeds was used to steal a property from Visner’s parents in East Grand Rapids, Michigan, on April 15 that year.

The counterfeit deed was then used by a Grand Rapids Lawyer [TVCO2] to take physical possession of the property in a totally unlawful manner. This home had over $120,000 dollars of equity.

Five months after the first home was stolen in East Grand Rapids, a second home was stolen at 829 E Walton Rd in Mount Pleasant Michigan by the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office using a fake eviction. This home along with it’s contents was stolen by members of the Isabella county sheriff’s office [TVCO3s] on the weekend of September 27, 2010. Ted was arrested and thrown into jail for calling 9-1-1 to report the crime.

2010 was financially and emotionally devastating to Ted and his family due to these first two events that he believed to be related to keep him from seeking remedy and redress for official wrongdoing.

Ted ran for Isabella county sheriff in 2012 during which time he was denied a permit for a concealed pistol license in his application to the same Isabella county that had taken the second home with a fake eviction. In the denial letter Ted was called suicidal and homicidal, a threat to himself and others.

In 2014 his girlfriend’s three children were taken by Child Protective Services (CPS) without a court order and although the petition to take her children was ultimately denied by the courts in Isabella County, her children were never returned to her.

In helping her with this process Ted discovered that the Michigan Supreme Court had created Michigan Court Rules (MCR) and in particular a rule that deprives respondent parents in CPS cases of due-process rights. Specifically MCR 3.920(H)

Shortly after going public with this critical information two supreme court justices (Mary Beth Kelly and Bob Young Jr) stepped off the bench and Ted’s family home in Blanchard, Michigan, was raided by more than 40 police while no one was on the premises… ironically, the GTPO (grand theft—public official) occurred on Constitution Day, September 17, 2015. All of his family’s belongings were stolen or destroyed.

The raid took place after another fake eviction process in Isabella county. This process occurred when he and his wife were summoned to court as named defendants in eviction proceedings to be told by Isabella County judge [TVCO4] that the Visners did not have standing and could not defend themselves. Subsequently, Ted was later put on trial in Isabella County for trespassing in his own home after spending eight days in jail.

At his criminal misdemeanor trial he witnessed the judge, [TVCO5] and the Isabella County prosecutor [TVCO6] tamper with the jury by stacking it and taking away Ted’s juror challenge rights as a matter of public record.

It was during this attack and raid upon his family’s Blanchard, Michigan, home where everything they owned was thrown into seven 30-yard dumpsters and hauled 40 minutes north to someone’s personal property where Ted had to dig through them for days recovering what was salvageable. He discovered that three of his laptop computers were missing along with all their camera equipment and external data storage devices among other things. These items were simply stolen by the police [TVCO7s]

In 2016 Ted moved his family to Bay County and became licensed by the state of Michigan to possess, cultivate, and assist Registered Qualifying Applicants as a medical marihuana caregiver. He had a small-scale operation in the summer of 2016. He discovered he was not just good at growing medical marihuana but was great at it and scaled up operations in 2017 and grew 72 plants outdoors in an enclosed locked facility according to legal requirements.

On October 17, 2017, Ted’s $750,000+ medical marijuana crop was stolen by police [TVCO8s] based on fabricated evidence and a false affidavit. The raid occurred at his home in Pinconning by 60 officers. They also attempted to take custody of his child and held him in jail without bail for 56 days, while refusing him the ability to participate in his own defense by intercepting the filings he attempted to make from jail.

Ted believes that the raid on his property was executed to prevent him from having the financial means to to seek redress for the crimes of the police and directing-accomplice public officials in 2010 and since.

To compound his problems… he has been entered as a targeted individual into a secret database created in an unsigned, anonymous Officer Safety Caution manufactured by the Michigan State Police in conjunction with the Michigan Intelligence Operations Center that claims that no appeal or rebuttal process exists making the Officer Safety Caution a final judgment.[TVCO9]

[This and the next paragraph pertain to the summer 2018 timeframe.] For over eight months now Ted has been forced to endure being the Defendant in a criminal trial where the Bay County Prosecutor will not furnish him discovery as ordered by the court and his motions to dismiss will not be heard.

Soon, on July 19, 2018 Ted is being forced to “Show Cause” as to why he should not be found in contempt of court for refusing Judge [TVCO10] order to immediately sign a document presented to him in court by the judge on June 14, 2018 titled “Request for the Appointment of Counsel”. Ted refused to be ordered to do something voluntarily and now faces up to 93 days in jail and/or $2,000 in fines for criminal contempt of court.

Ted was using Facebook to keep friends and famil

Ted was using Facebook to keep friends and family apprised of the things going on in his battle for justice and freedom ( I was able to get a letter to him at the Bay County Jail, 503 3d Street, Bay City, MI 48708, and he replied with a seven-page description of his situation as of December 10th. I massaged it to make it legible, then scanned it to a pdf and posted it here: Please spread the word and let’s get Ted and his family away from these sadistic, lawless kidnappers.

I’ll be producing a brochure you may download from this column shortly.

Final Thoughts

At every step of the process of the railroading of Ted Visner, his absolute right to invoke and effect a grand jury of his peers has been abrogated. That’s why his case—and there are literally 10s of thousands of others across Michigan, few as severe as his, some more so—is such a poster child for people’s independent multilevel everywhere grand juries. One grand jury OF HIS PEERS would have stopped the locomotive dead in its tracks… AND SENT THE RAILROADERS TO PRISON INSTEAD for a long time.

We are out here, many of us in the patriot and general truth, justice, and liberty communities. We shall rescue and restore Ted and free the remaining Michigan 10 million, starting with those thousands who have felt the brutality of public officials violating their oaths and running roughshod over us the people. [More to come, will update you with Ted’s status, as I hear it, on this page.]

[1] I’m citing the Michigan Bridge publication for 2018, which cites the Center for Public Integrity (2015) identifying Michigan as the most corrupt state in the union… meaning 50th in terms of accountability and transparency. Now it may have edged up a spot or two since 2015, but that’s still nothing to brag about. [And forgive the dig at Mississippi, which wasn’t even in the bottom five.]

[2] First Principles are written into the Declaration of Independence as America’s “blood and soil” for all INDIVIDUALS who embrace them: the “We hold these truths…” paragraph. These are what make us us, nothing else. For the watershed book on First Principles and their integral, people’s independent grand juries, refer to the Oracle’s, What is the Foundation? (2018).

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