Article: Whither Jock Nation?

A collection of Tweets condensing key segments of Jon Rappoport’s 20200731 column: “Dispatches from the War: New York, Trump, physical freaks”
By Brian R. Wright

Whew! Long title for an article. But the piece just sprung up as I was reading Mr. Rappoport’s watershed column having to do with how American sports’ athletes and enterprises have caved in to the Mystery Lockdown Disease (MLD) official story—aka COVID-19, ‘covid’-1984, STUPID-19, COVERT-19, etc. Original column here:

Jon thoroughly describes the refined mind control environment that afflicts the modern American athlete—no doubt other countries’ sports figures and companies as well. This is nowhere more apparent than in the blithe acceptance of the MLD official story to the detriment of virtually everyone’s self-interest. I found myself condensing key segments of his column into the Twitter Tweet format and presenting them individually on my Twitter feed. They are all gems. This article is just a bucket to provide a link to other Tweeters who may wish to propagate or lunch off the Tweets, themselves.

The final Tweet is my own conclusion (#14) that the world would stand to benefit from the END of the planned MLD and the propaganda it rode in on… IF one major sports figure were to “call the Emperor Naked.” I have no doubt that such a bold statement would do the trick.

  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #1:
    “US GDP dropped more than 30% in past quarter–the greatest collapse in US history. And what is the president saying, doing? Besides wearing a black mask and talking about operation warp speed to develop a killer Gates vaccine.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #2:
    “Obvious that the global virus fakery called COVID depends on ‘The Individual’ conceived as a social construct.
    ‘Once you’ve been brainwashed into altruism down to your toes, we can manipulate you six ways from Sunday.’”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #3:
    “Recently, I wrote five consecutive pieces at Trump, urging use of his full power to force open the economy, come hell or high water… because the economic wreckage was that bad, and the danger line had been crossed months ago.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #4:
    “The op takes decades: constant messaging on TV, in classrooms (especially), the workplace, homes, churches. When the op succeeds, govt can enlist vast numbers in self-immolation for ‘humanity,’ pull the trigger, get compliance.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #5:
    “‘Of course I’ll go along with masks and lockdowns. Anything to serve a higher cause.’ Yes, indeed. A new identity has been glued to The Individual. He’s no longer just himself. He’s been made ‘better.’ By a virtue-twisting op.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #6:
    People were once independent, and resistant to those wanting to turn them into cartoon images. After enough messaging they became docile. Pro athletes were once difficult to control as ‘citizens.’ Then came ‘role models.'”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #7:
    Good that athletes do good. Tho hidden was the plan to turn these men into willing serfs to society’s ‘hive’ structure, following a ‘greater good’… defined by hive-central. The jocks fell in—rendered prestige and wads of cash.
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #8:
    “Sports tough guys, billionaire team owners submit to ‘covid.’ I stand in awe of their cowardice. Not one grows a pair and says NO to STUPID-19! They obey senseless, destructive govt edicts like abject weaklings. All of them.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #9:
    “As the three major sports leagues in America try to open their seasons, athletes bend and bow before warnings that seasons could be lost if too many test positive for ‘covid.’ Fauci controls their careers. And they take it.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #10:
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #11:
    “Where are the warriors of yore who ran, hit, slid, tackled, blocked, fought and clawed for every advantage? Our modern-day Sampsons are shorn bald. Think how Ted Williams or John McGraw would have reacted to Fauci’s BS orders.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #12:
    “Now, like little lambs, the athletes’ unions fold up their tents and obey governors’ edicts. Take ALL coaches of all the sports in the country—not one of them is saying NO to the lockdowns and insane masking/distancing dictates.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #13:
    “These athletes have been mind-controlled at an ASTONISHING level, given how they used to think, live, and play their games. Their natural good impulses have been turned against them, via years and years of propaganda messaging.”
  • Spread the 7/31 Rap #14:
    My take on Jon’s heroic Jock Nation Down series is to invoke Charles Lindbergh’s maxim, “One man with courage makes a majority.” One JOCK speaking clear truth–re: STUPID-19–brings down the Naked King. What do you have to lose?!

So that’s the deal. Please feel free to copy and paste as your own Tweets. The message needs to get out, in particular, regarding #14. We need to have “one man with courage” either among the athlete-owner-coach world, someone famous like Albert Pujols. It could also be a major political figure or media figure who’s ready to call the emperor naked, damn the torpedoes.

I was also thinking that whoever it is, say it’s famous NFL quarterback Tom Brady, will need to have a collection of simple, obvious facts with references at his finger tips. Toward that end, I believe I can put together a very brief citizens’ 10-point fact sheet and primer on ‘covid,’ accompanied by a link page to the key people, then find an MD to coauthor and spread that to the world hand to hand. For example, such a sheet would certainly include the HCQ-zinc being a cure.

Finally, please read the remainder of Jon’s wonderful column, which goes through his personal experience with the decline of the life blood and brains of New York City, where he grew up. This man is a national treasure!

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