Guest Column: CDC Grasping at Blatant Lies

CDC has begun to run scared
Pete Hendrickson, Newsletter column

Editor’s note: Pete’s observations are always informed and go right to the point, particularly on the ‘covid’ operation we’ve been subjected to as part of the Jabba Global Cabal’s Great Reset assault. He and I are in general agreement, though I’m not convinced that COVID-19 is solely caused by a so-named SARS-CoV-2 ‘virus’ or that the standard PCR ‘test’ produces meaningful diagnosis of harmful ‘viruses’ in the body. [My current speculation is that severe cases of respiratory problems called COVID-19 are rather induced by environmental toxins, with perhaps a specially designed poison courtesy global government facilities.] But from whatever perspective, it’s clear we’ve been lied to by public officials and that the Jabbas want to enslave us via medical tyranny.  Also be aware that Pete has maintained a virtual compendium of worthwhile information about the operation on his site, here:



Faced with the burgeoning evidence and professional recognition of naturally-acquired immunity as real, widespread, and superior in every way to “vaccine” induced effects, the narrative managers are resorting to near-fraud in a futile effort to keep control of the conversation.

“There is no safety for honest men but by
believing all possible evil of evil men.”
— Edmund Burke

YOU KNOW THE SPIN-MEISTERS ARE SERIOUSLY NERVOUS when they resort to bs as fragrant as the pile pinched off by the CDC on Friday, October 29. The scam was an announcement of what is purported to be research suggesting that “vaccination” with one of the mRNA concoctions confers immunity to C19 which is superior to the naturally-acquired variety.

Sadly, some folks– those who get their information solely from sources like the CDC and its fellow-travelers– will be ignorant of the various background facts that immediately debunk this desperate nonsense. I’m going to step in to help.

THE “STUDY” CITED in the CDC press release, which was dutifully distributed by co-conspirator Associated Press and published in pretty much every alleged “news” outlet which maintains no proper journalistic skepticism, no investigative staff and no sense of responsibility to accuracy or its consumers, claims to have looked “about 7,000 adult patients who were hospitalized this year with illnesses or symptoms similar to those of COVID-19” (a quirky description which ought to have been enough by itself to raise the antenna of anyone not drenched in the narrative Kool-Aid).

The PR piece goes on to say that “about 6,000 [of the studied group] had been fully vaccinated with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines (sic) three to six months before they wound up in hospitals. The other 1,000 were unvaccinated but had been infected with COVID-19 three to six months earlier.”

Continuing from the press release: “About 5% of the vaccinated (sic) patients tested positive for the coronavirus vs. about 9% of the unvaccinated group. The researchers factored in other data points, including age and how much virus was circulating in different areas, to calculate that the unvaccinated group was at even higher risk.”

Okay, now let’s turn on the Klieg lights.

FIRST OF ALL, omitted from the press release is the fact that the hospitalized patients in the study were all from the CDC’s own VISION network medical centers. Instead, the sample group is described as simply coming from “nearly 190 hospitals in nine states”.

This right-off-the-bat deception is no real big thing itself, at least insofar as the research conclusions are concerned. It’s just a cheap little lie meant to falsely suggest a disinterested objectivity to the study.

More important is the failure of the press release (and of the “research” on which it is based) to acknowledge that the sole basis for asserting that the 1,000 unvaccinated subjects had been previously infected with C19 are “positives” from RT-PCR tests administered between February 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021. That’s the real heart of the scam being run here.

The narrative managers rolling out this bogus “research” and its fraudulent headline, “Study: Shots more protective than past infection” are hoping those who get their news from NBC or any of the other co-opted mainstream media organs will be unaware that RT-PCR tests administered between February 1, 2020 and January 1, 2021 were systematically over-cycled– at anywhere up to and including even the low 40s– so as to produce a remarkably-high rate of false positives, a fact admitted by the WHO in guidance published on January 20, 2021.

So, a high percentage of the supposed previously-infected 1,000 persons in the CDC’s press-release study are very likely to have never been infected at all, since a pre-cycle-rate-adjustment PCR test is the only indicator relied upon to distinguish that group.

To put emphasis on this critically-important flaw in the study, the 5% of the 6,000 “vaccinated” persons found to be infected were tested according to a stringent requirement imposed by the CDC in April, 2021 that in the case of “vaccinated” persons, only “positives” resulting from tests run at less than 28 cycles are to be reported as such (as well-reported here by Kit Knightly at OffGuardian). No such control is applied to reporting supposed “positives” for the unvaccinated.

This differential reporting deliberately results in undercounting the infection rate for the “vaccinated” (yielding better-looking, if false, stats on the rate of so-called “breakthrough” infections) while over-counting actual infections in the unvaccinated.

Further, overcycling and false-positive test results during the sample period used in its “study” are not the only things relevant to this issue to have been quietly admitted by the CDC. In July of this year, the agency acknowledged that the PCR test has never actually been able to distinguish between C19 and influenza, even if any particular application actually yielded an accurate indication of infection with a virus.

Hence, not a single purported case of previous infection with C19 among the unvaccinated subjects of the CDC’s widely touted “study” is reliable. This harkens back interestingly to the language of the press release describing the study’s subjects as those, “who were hospitalized this year with illnesses or symptoms similar to those of COVID-19”, doesn’t it…

Only a positive C19 antibody test could establish that anyone not “vaccinated” has actually had the virus. For some reason, such testing never seems to enter into the research mix.

TO SUM IT ALL UP, the “Study: Shots more protective than past infection” that appeared over the weekend on every MSM platform possible is complete bs from start to finish. Its methodology is completely incapable of producing any sound conclusions about immunity levels in previously-infected unvaccinated people, because it has no reason to assume that it looked at any such people.

Further, since for all of recorded history it has been the general (if not the unvarying) rule that, once having beaten a viral infection the immunity naturally-acquired thereby is complete and durable, the well-established data on the subject under consideration here says that, in fact, not one of the unvaccinated study subjects found later to be infected had been infected with C19 previously (or were not infected with C19 when admitted to the hospital later with “illnesses or symptoms similar to those of COVID-19”).

This farce is ludicrous, and heinous. The panic-mongering “vaccine” pushers are beginning to lose control of the narrative as actual facts continue to push forward and gain ground in the conversation.

For the whole enchilada please go to the original column here

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