Guest Column: Masks are MUCH Worse for EVERYONE Than We Imagine…

… AND they are disease-inducing and irrational-fear creating…
a powerful symbol of the end of our freedom forever if we don’t toss them…
Dr. Russell Blaylock

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Share this page widely and often until we are liberated from the fake emergency and its horrendously destructive and deadly lockdowns.

The byline belongs to Dr. Blaylock, as I, Brian R. Wright, am solely the editor and condenser for rendering this summary column. What I’ll do here is go down the list as I watch the presentation—it will probably remain on YouTube (preferred for the closed captions for my hard of hearing buds) until it reaches millions of views. [The Vimeo link here ( has been down, which I’m looking into urgently.] This fabulous and highly critical talk must be shared widely and deeply to rapidly deprogram the mask zombies who actually believe their facial covering is a virtue (!), not a crime against nature.

On the theme of totalitarian control, no one is more apropos than the human rights activist Vladimir Bukovsky. Remember this as you get stares from the masktodons and snitching ‘Karens’ in stores that have not yet been liberated. [Also, please forgive the good doctor for the misspelling of hero Vlad’s name.]

By the way, important note: This presentation was made possible under auspices of the newly formed Citizens for Free Speech (CFFS), by anti-radiation-poisoning, anti-technocracy, pro-liberty guru Patrick Wood. The main focus of the organization is ending the fake-emergency ‘covid’ lockdown measures, especially harm from public wearing of masks.

Plumes and Jets

The third slide points out what Blaylock calls the jet and plume effect that masks create. This phenomenon results in the widely unknown contaminated-breath spraying effect that masks cause for wearers and those around them. Dr. Blaylock includes some artist sketches of the mass release as it actually transpires. The participant is inhaling then exhaling a ‘vape’ mixture. [What a GREAT photo. You can almost see his eyes behind the glasses. Yikes! In real life the vapors would be full of contaminants that the person was taking in from the dirtying mask, storing in his lungs and nasal cavities, then expelling. Pretty disgusting, isn’t it?]

The artist sketches of grocery store contamination via mask plumes and jets:

The masks are predicated on stopping large droplets—however the large droplets rarely have virus attached—but that’s what the data show are most of the virus is on the smaller droplets and in the fine aerosol mist that the mask does nothing to stop. The aerosol mist contaminates everything on the sides of a person and behind him, not to mention above. The plume of infectious particles comes to reside at the top of the room and linger for hours, some say indefinitely. WEARING A MASK IS THE BEST WAY TO SPREAD INFECTION IN A ROOM.


For an hour or less, you’ll be okay, but after that you start fatiguing… because you’re working so hard to breathe. Most people are NOT young or healthy. Did studies on surgeons’ use of masks; at four hours the loss of oxygen gases continued to decline. It was also found that masks for the general public were producing hospitalizations and ICU admissions—ref “How it Might Happen” slide.

So the anxiety can be caused by the media scare, which is accelerated by being in the hospital. The patient is terrified, then THEY PUT A MASK ON THEM! Leading to ICU admission and transfer to a ventilator, which will KILL the patient a large percentage of the time.

Going into the additional serious hazards of wearing a face mask, particularly when it comes to the hypoxia (low oxygen) condition, we see an acceleration of atherosclerosis, especially when wearing all day, every day. With elderly the condition of microglia can lead to dementia; Blaylock wonders what studies might tell us. Same with release of HIF-1 and its stimulation of cancer, and triggering of inflammation.

The second slide above shows the potential for masking upon admission leading to intubation and a ventilator, deadly in high numbers. Patients with preexisting lung disease cannot be masked for prolonged periods, risk arrhythmia (heart attack). Hypoxia is shown to precipitate high blood pressure and other signatures of a cardiac crisis.

Infection Issues

Who knew? Eh? The mainstream certainly wasn’t about to tell us. Dr. Blaylock is at his best as he runs down the list and tells stories from his own vast experience. The organisms cultured from these masks are common causes of pneumonia, and would be expected to likewise contribute with any ‘covid’ virus as well. The temporary trapping under the mask of viruses in the exhaled breath and then inhaled into the nose can travel along the olfactory nerve directly to the brain. Such an effect can lead to progressive neurodegeneration, which we’re only going to find out about in the longer term as people wear masks for months.

Wearing Wrong and Hypercapnia (Excess CO2)

The slide on on not wearing masks properly by virtually everyone in public. It’s actually rather a comic-relief discussion, for example wearing a mask into a restaurant then constantly touch the mask, touch the most contaminated part of the mask near the nose to take it off. If they are infected, whenever they take the mask off and it contacts a surface, it will be contaminated.

[Any  medical professional looking at the way people are actually wearing their masks KNOWS that the masks are doing no good whatsoever. Hence, we KNOW that public mask wearing is about submission, not transmission. They tried with influenza wearing masks, did no good. Everyone knows the truth.]

Excess CO2 is shown to occur in routine tests with masks. It creates the sensation of breathlessness, because it competes with your needed uptake of oxygen. You can’t catch your breath, and it stimulates:

  • heart arrhythmia
  • panic attacks
  • worsening of anxiety and depression
  • worsening of hypertension

“But nobody seems to care about this, because they’re so obsessed with the masks.”

Vaccines in General and the Unicorn Vax In Particular

“Let’s discuss because what all this [masking] is about is to set the stage for mandatory vaccines that supposedly will remove all concerns for a virus that has a 0.1 percent fatality rate if you ‘catch’ it, thus stop all the distancing, staying at home, closing businesses, etc…. which, because they’re talking about delivering it to the entire world, would be the largest pharmaceutical profit item of all time. But let’s discuss a few facts, first.”

They tell us everyone six months of age needs a flu vaccine every year, when the two largest studies ever done showed the flu vaccine had no effect before the age of two. Same with elderly living at home. But they tell us we should still take the vaccine. SV40 was a complete disaster, 100 million people affected; after cleaning, the original bug was still inherited from parents. Vax makers can’t answer whether DNA fragments cause harm. “To me that says the vaccine needs to be pulled from the market.”

Glyphosate (Roundup), causes cancer. It’s 25 X higher in the schedule’s MMR II vaccine. The nasal flu vaccine was found to kill children in Japan; Japan removed it from the schedule… but it still remains in other countries, including the US. Most of the adjuvants—compounds intended to produce an antibody reaction—are neurotoxins, and lead to massive increases in autoimmune diseases. “Aluminum’s footprint is all over ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.”

Finishing up General Vax Notes, Then the ‘covid’ Unicorn Vaccine

Did anyone realize that the aluminum dose given to two-year-olds per the CDC poisoning (er vaccine) schedule is 50 X higher that the FDA safety limit for adults?! We used to cherish our children, right? And if you want to go to term in your pregnancy, improve your odds 4:1 by NOT taking the flu vaccine!

The Unicorn Vaccine is what Del Bigtree of calls the current effort to come up with a ‘covid’ vaccine. [This is an especially difficult task when you consider that the SARS CoV-2 ‘virus’ has never been purified or isolated (identified). Thus it’s a fundamental truth that what is not identified is also shown NOT to exist.] The slides show mainly status of the testing and safety concerns. Please also take a minute to understand the intended nature of the so-called vaccine:

“They really have no earthly idea what this ‘vaccine’ will do. None. No one knows what the long-term consequences are going to be.” — Blaylock.

“If you vaccinate everyone in the United States by a fourth, and five years later you find out large numbers of them are going to have MS, large numbers of them are going to have transverse myelopathy, auto immune diseases, you could cripple this nation and people would not be able to work, their lives would be ruined forever.”

Big Picture Potpourri and the Masks Spread Irrational Fear Psychology

I’m going to take Dr. Blaylock’s final comments, which form a serious commentary on the dangers in which we are now immersed by minions of the Global Crime Syndicate, and juxtapose them beside a graphic I received just today from our English freedom fighters spelling out the psych reasons freedom’s enemies have for masking us. [I hope the writer(s) will forgive a few edits to such a forceful piece. — bw

Russell’s Bullets

Question from Patrick Wood via the chat room: “What do we cite for our rights to our own bodies: the Constitution, the Nuremburg Code, etc.” Russell used as a platform to issue a barrage of insights and recommendations on all dimensions of the mask issue:

  • People are complying. This is a test. The fact that they put this virus purposely in nursing homes, and the fact that more than 50% of the deaths are from nursing homes… I call it the “Culling Virus.”
  • You’re taking the most vulnerable members of society and killing them off… by the thousands.
  • Well, what is it that socialized medicine wants to do? The old and sick are the most expensive ones to take care of. They need to get rid of the sick and the old, in England you can’t get a heart bypass if you’re over 65. It saved the NHS a lot of money.
  • Someone was purposely killing these people in the nursing homes. Even a common cold virus in a nursing home will kill 8%.
  • Ventilation was the best way to take care of the virus inside buildings. The PPE, masks, gowns, gloves—none of them do jack—example of a doctor he knew reporting that 17 of 18 PPE protected people came down with the virus at the same time from a fellow worker. What protects you is dilute the virus so much it’s a trivial load.
  • Or go outside, UV kills virus. There’s no viral load outside, people wearing masks or protection outside are doing something totally asinine and pointless. If you have a strong immune system, even a high viral load won’t affect you. Sunlight, vitamin D, vitamin C, iodide, a little bit of zinc… is all you need.
  • 80% of the deaths are in people with dark skin, it’s not racism, it’s because they have extremely low vitamin D levels. They need six times as much UV exposure as light-skinned people to get the minimum level of vitamin D required. If you took beta-glucan once a week, you’d never catch this virus.,
  • Why do they think the death rate in young people is zero? It’s not even a fraction of 1%, it’s ZERO. It’s because they have young good immune systems and get plenty of vitamin D, etc. Do you see the Fauci and the medical authorities saying that everyone should get good nutrition, NO, NO. Because they want a lot of people dead!
  • They say we have to get a vaccine, vaccine’s your only hope.
  • What did Redfield the head of the CDC say? This guy sat there before Congress wadding up this mask in his hand (you’re not even supposed to touch it) saying this is the most powerful weapon we have against this virus. Now the CDC a month ago said masks have no effect on the virus. So we know he’s lying because there aren’t any studies between the month ago and now that say masks are good.
  • Same thing with Fauci, he’s on YouTube a few months ago, saying the mask does nothing, go ahead and wear it if you want to, but it’s NFG against virus. Now he’s saying everybody needs a mask. What study changed his mind? There’s none, there’s none. They’re all lying. They know routine good nutrition will take care of the problem. But they have to go along with the control agenda.
  • Now they’re trying to make it mandatory thru Congress. Why would you ever have a vaccine for a condition for which the survival rate is 99.8%?! Makes no sense. And even the people who are elderly and weak 80% of them are recovering, as long as they stay off the ventilators.
  • And to the question of the Constitution and rights, the only way you can have a national health emergency is that there is a large number of people who are at risk from death. They know that this is a very benign virus for the vast majority of the population.
  • And somebody found a federal statute that said that anyone who fakes a national emergency can go to jail for life. And it’s being put in the courts right now, I think it’s Title 19. And if they convict them, these governors, these medical experts, THEY CAN GO TO PRISON FOR LIFE. And if you precipitate fraud in a medical emergency, it’s 30 years in prison.
  • And that’s what we need. We need a lot of people going to jail for this, because they have MURDERED, they have MURDERED, a lot of people. When all this started we thought the hospitals were overrun with patients, remember that? And then we found out that whole hospitals were completely empty. They weren’t even seeing traditional patients. They were EMPTY. They were packing a lot of patients in ONE hospital to make it look like it was overrun.
  • They had thousands of ventilators sitting idle, not even taken out of the package. Citizen reporters went out and found that emergency rooms were empty. Why, because all these deaths, the 208,000 they keep talking about, it’s a lie. Those people didn’t die… from this disease. They died from heart disease, stroke, hypertension. You know how many people die every year in this country? 2.8 million. Everyone with a flu was counted as ‘covid.’
  • And now they find out that 90% of the tests are false. New York Times just reported. The cases keep climbing but they’re meaningless, and the deaths keep falling… all over the world. And what about Sweden, didn’t do anything. All these officials need to be put before a tribunal and accused of perpetrating a FAKE CRISIS, worldwide.
  • We found out that Fauci gave $2.8 million to a lab in China that made the virus… in 2016. Run by the Chinese Communist military. Why would you give $2.8 million of American taxpayers’ money to a military lab whose main function is producing bioweapons?

Additional Question on Immune System Enhancement

  • What we know is you never quarantine healthy people. Everything they are doing is not designed to contain anything. The question is how do you develop your immune system, and it’s a great recording system. Immunity is lifelong, except for vaccines. Vaccines destroy immune systems.
  • Chief medical officer for Pfizer says we have herd immunity to ‘covid.’ It’s over.
  • They’re playing a game to see how much we’ll put up with. They destroyed businesses. 60% of businesses will never return, they’re dead. Not even as bad as the flu. We ruined those lives. Deaths of despair far exceed what ‘covid’ killed. CDC admits that only 6% of their death totals are exclusively from ‘covid.’
  • For a flu we destroyed the economy of this country, we ruined social relationships, we shut down funerals and weddings, old people had to die in the hospital alone without their family with them. That’s how HEARTLESS this thing is, these tyrants, are.
  • People don’t realize what’s happened here. An elderly person ending his life and he can’t have his family with him. A person is burying their loved one. And they can’t have a decent funeral where people can be together and hugging and comforting one another. They have destroyed human relationships…
  • And they want to see how many people will go along with it. It’s amazing to me but what I’m seeing is MOST WILL. If I had a loved one die, and you tell me I can’t have my family at that funeral I’m going to raise some sand. You tell me I can’t comfort my mother when my dad dies, that ain’t gonna happen.
  • And people getting married, you tell them they can’t have their people with them to celebrate this happy moment, and you don’t get to do it again. You don’t get to dig up your loved one and have a funeral later when they quit playing this game.
  • Yet we’re so compliant that people fell in line, instead of saying and telling these politicians no, we’re gonna remove you from office, and we’re gonna file criminal charges against you. You see now that we found this federal statute, that’s what we need to do, they need to go to prison for life, because they have killed thousands of people. You’re killing a lot more people by despair. 1% unemployment = 58,000 deaths in five years. Suicides have tripled.
  • People are drinking more, they’re taking drugs, they’re abusing their families. Child abuse is going thru the roof. For a flu virus. We’re putting up with it, we’re a nation of sheep. It would take nothing for a foreign invader to come in and just take over.
  • People have no idea what they’re inviting in. I spent my life understanding what life was like in these communist dictatorships. I have friends from these countries. How they fought and died to stay free. And then Americans, no we’ll give up our freedom without a fight, and that’s what’s scary to me.
  • I look at all these people walking around in their muzzles and we won’t lift a finger, we’ll do it. They’re going to be marched into the gulag. It’s real. You’re going to be looking at the gulag and wondering what happened. That’s exactly what happens, these friends of mine in Cuba, they were happy, they were free, then OVERNIGHT they lost it all.

I’m going to get off my stump. But I see very, very dangerous things taking place. And we’ve got to wake up now or we’ll lose everything and we’ll never get it back. The beginning of the end. This is it. We’re in the last quarter. This is the test. Whether you really want freedom. Thank you, Pat. I thank everyone for listening, but we, we’ve got to come together. Got to fight this.

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