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Doreen Hendrickson's Sentencing
Let's 'Bring It' to Detroit on April 9, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015, 12:00 noon, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit, 2nd floor, Victoria Roberts courtroom … for sentencing on a contempt of court charge This is a case of retaliation against Doreen’s husband for his book, which clearly defines the difference between taxable income and earnings that are not taxable under the IRS Code. Though numerous attempts have been made to discredit and suppress the book, especially through deliberate misrepresentation of its contents by government officials, nothing actually revealed in the book has ever been disputed. This is Not a Tax Case

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March 2015


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• 2015.03.22 Mourning for Imus
• 2015.03.15 To Detroit for Doreen
• 2015.03.08 Satyagraha Breakthru
• 2015.03.01 A911T: 12, Causes
• 2015.02.22 Libertarian at MIGOP
• 2015.02.15 Jesus Mode wrt Vax
• 2015.02.08 A911T: 2, Truth Digest
• 2015.02.01 A911T: 7, Share Fwd
• 2015.01.25 A911T: 4, Satyagraha
• 2015.01.18 A911T: 5, Auth Swing
• 2015.01.11 1st Principles' Grand Jury
• 2015.01.04 15 Fatal Flaws
• 2014.12.28 The Threat Matrix
• 2014.12.21 FW to After 9/11 Truth
• 2014.11.30 9/11 Truth Ltr, Pt. 1
• 2014.11.23 After 9/11 Truth
• 2014.11.16 Lynching Kelly Tilghman
• 2014.11.09 Sliming Ted Bishop
• 2014.11.02 Contra Threat Matrix
• 2014.10.26 After [Deception] Truth
• 2014.10.19 Channeling P. Henry
• 2014.10.12 'Life and Times' Prospect
• 2014.10.05 New Citizens' Pledge
• 2014.09.28 Witchcraft Released
• 2014.09.21 GNL Quick Start Guide
• 2014.09.07 Anatomy II (2014)
 2014.09.01 'Anatomy' Premier
 2014.08.24 Grand Shi of Nakagiri
 2014.08.17 Shot Heard, World, II
 2014.08.10 Latesummer's Dream
 2014.07.28 Witchcraft Trial(s)
 2014.06.15 1: "Heal the World"
 2014.06.08 Context for Sandbox
 2014.06.01 Meander vs. Monsanto
 2014.05.18 The Howell Statement
 2014.05.04 Parables of Nocium
 2014.04.21 RINOs and DINOs
 2014.04.14 Organic Marketing
 2014.04.07 Wikipedia Suppression
 2014.03.23 Open Letter Satyagraha
 2014.03.16 Snowden-Manning-16
 2014.02.17 Fwd: Leaving Sandbox
 2014.02.10 LP Strategy 2
 2014.02.03 LP Strategy 1
 2013.12.15 Of, By, and For... Pt.1
 2013.11.24 Shakabuku Choo Choo
 2013.11.04 Shakabuku 9-1-1
 2013.09.29 Macho Flash, Updated
 2013.09.23 New Paradigm Rising!
 2013.09.14 Sheriff Letter
 2013.09.01 An Inconvenient 'Poof!'
 2013.08.19 Liberty Local Action Net
 2013.08.05 The Jesus Catharsis
 2013.07.07 Ltr to Joe Shlabotnik
 2013.04.29 Breaking the Spell
 2013.04.15 Omamacare VII
 2013.04.01 National Boycott
 2013.03.11 Mama Patriot
 2013.02.25 Omamacare VI
 2013.02.11 Truthwalkers
 2013.02.04 Omamacare V
 2012.05.28 Huckleberry Hiatus
 2012.05.14 Memorial Day, 2012
 2012.04.23 Torture Boycott
 2012.03.26 Freedom Philosophy
 2012.03.12 Insufferable Acts
 2012.02.27 Independence Redo?
 2012.02.06 Liberty Forum 2012
 2012.01.09 Ron Paul Freedom Train
 2011.11.28 FLOW Fellowship
 2011.11.14 Paterno Catharsis
 2011.10.03 Social Security 'r' Us?
 2011.09.12 911 at 10
 2011.08.01 Ettinger Taks a Nap
 2011.06.20 FLOW
 2011.05.09 Osama Redux
 2011.04.18 Atlas Movie Phenom
 2011.03.14 Libertarian Government
 2011.02.14 Tax Season Shuffle
 2011.02.07 We Had it All, Means
 2010.11.29 Panarchy 1
 2010.10.25 Societism
 2010.09.06 Pirates on the Veranda
 2010.08.22 The Good Ol' Bars
 2010.08.15 Rejuve Tech is Here
 2010.07.04 9/11 Evidence Destroy
 2010.05.17 9/11 Truth Urgency
 2010.04.05 Constitution Solution
 2010.02.15 Libertarian Kids' Story
 2009.11.01 Crack the Code, 1
 2009.04.20 Springtime in Detroit
 2009.03.09 Liberty Forum 2009
 2008.12.08 Legalize Plaxico
 2008.12.01 Make Money on Web
 2008.09.29 A Cat Named Thomas
2007.07.23 Jalapeño Slider

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 Quick Red Fox, MacDonald
 After 9/11 Truth, Wright
 Dissolving Illusions, Humphries
 Longest Walk, Meegan, George
 The Appeal, Grisham, John
 Motor City Witchcraft, Wright
 Against Judgment, Weir, Alison
 Another 19 Suspects, Ryan, Kevin
 Life in the Philippines, Shanks
 Democracy! Edu, Meegan
 Farewell to Arms, Hemingway
 Edge of the Dreaming, Kruhse
 StarTram, Powell, Maise, Pellegrino
 South Park Liberty, Simpson
 Mother's Stone, Wright
 Charlie Brumfield: King, Keeley
 After Disclosure, Dolan, Zabel
 Heart of the Sea, Philbrick
 Libertarian War on Poverty, Robin
 The Truth Torpedo, Wright
 Classified Woman, Edmonds
 Little Pink House, Benedict, Jeff
 Max Perkins, Berg, A. Scott
 Terror Conspiracy, Marrs, Jim
 Deer Hunting w/ Jesus, Bageant
 Medusa and Snail, Thomas
 63 Documents, Jesse Ventura
 Three Men in a Room, Lachman
 Call No Man Father, Kienzle
 First Strike, Cashill and Sanders
 Crossfire, Jim Marrs
 Death, Life, Cities, Jacobs
 What about gods?, Brockman
 Executive Hobo, Bo Keeley
 Strategic Terror, Beau Grosscup
 Black Tide, Antonia Juhasz
 Rancho Costa Nada, Garlington
 The Third Terrorist, Davis
 WTC7 Mystery Collapse, Griffin
 Incident at Sakhalin, Brun
 Conquest of Paradise, Sale
 The Barrier Cloud, Wright
 The Case Against God, Smith
 Truth about Geronimo, Davis
 Left and Right, Rothbard
 Wednesdays w/Diether, Haenicke
 9/11 Synthetic Terror, Tarpley
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 Sovereign Individual, Davidson
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 No Treason (1870) L. Spooner
 Choosing Civility (2002) PM Forni
 Cracking the Code, Hendrickson
 Nonaggression Principle, Wright
 New Pilgrim Chronicles Wright
 Revolution: A Manifesto, Ron Paul
 Content Our Character, Steele
 John Adams (2001) McCullough
 Nobody's Business, McWilliams
 History Not Absolve, Schotz
 Guns, Germs, and Steel, Diamond
 Debunking 911 Debunking, Griffin
 The Singularity is Near, Kurzweil
 Creature, Jekyll Island, Ed Griffin
 The Power of Now (1999), E. Tolle
 Our Enemy the State (1935), Nock
 Crimes Against Nature, Kennedy
 Bridge to 18th Century, Postman
 Wanda Hickey's Night, Shepherd
 Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand
 Mayflower, Nathaniel Philbrick

All (167) Book Reviews
  Articles Human Interest Guest Columns  
2004 FSP Porcupine Festival
The Freedom Rider attends his
  first and the first Porcfest
2004 LP National Convention
Reflections on the prep for some
  to move to the Free State
Sound Wall When?—Part 1
Michigan historic homeowner's
  long struggle for a sound barrier
FSP 'Festivi' 2010, 2011
Latest Pilgrim Chronicles from
  Early Mover once removed
Breath of Fresh Air
2006 Defeat of Smoking Ban #1
   in the Free State, reminiscence
Space Lizards and Pod People
A conversational revision to the
  Sacred Nonaggression Principle
Don't Throw Mama off Turnpike
The "Free State Audi A4" finds
   a new home abroad
The Free State in Winter 3 :
Mary Ruwart, David Nolan, and a    host of the freedom faithful
Rally for the Republic 2008:
Report from the Labor Day
   Ron Paul Rally in Minneapolis
The Free State in Winter_2:
Personal Notes from the 2008
   New Hampshire Liberty Forum
The Free State in Summer :
 Diary of the 2007 Free State    Project Porcupine Festival
The Free State in Winter_1:
Personal Notes from the 2007
   New Hampshire Liberty Forum
Ron Paul, Libertarian, 1988 :
Notes from the LP natl convention,
  Seattle, 1987, RP vs. Russell Means

All (42) Articles/Human Interest

Changing our Ways of Eating
  By Brian Wright (13/04/27)

Clean Machine
  By Brian Wright (13/04/20)

Taking Shots, A Dream
  By Brian Wright (13/04/13)

Wizard of Oz Lesson
  By Brian Wright (13/04/06)

Facebook to Merge with Hooters?
  By Brian Wright (13/03/31)

Magic at the Michigan Theater
  By David Spencer (12/04/30)

Especially for Garlic Lovers
  By M. (Hercher) Struck (10/09/20)

Reflections on Petit Treason
  Analysis by Dean Hazel (10/06/04)

Trip Report: The Magic Fillmore
  Story by Dave Spencer (10/04/12)

Chicken Soup Teacher Tale
  Story by Ron Kaiser (10/02/03)

All We Got is Time
  Fiction by John Ryan (09/12/21)

Tell Me About Her
  Fiction by Ron Kaiser (09/11/25)

• Scarcity
  Fiction by Ron Kaiser
• Trigeminal Neuralgia: Terrible Disease   Therese Hercher (09/10/26)
A Broken Mirror
  Fiction by Ron Kaiser

• WW II at 70
  Gerhard Fuerst

• Woodward Dream Cruise
  Brian Wright (08/24/09)
• Job Scams and the Buick Open
  John Worster

Jobless in Detroit, Continued
  John Worster

On the Good Ship to America
  Kathie Schwager (07/20/09) 
Age? Old? Aging?
  Gerhard A. Fuerst (07/16/09)
The Freedom Bell
  Gerhard A. Fuerst (07/06/09)
Where's MY Stimulus Package?!
  John Worster (04/17/09)
Realistic Pizza
  John Worster (10/06/08)
The Editorial Department
  Poetry from Sam Mills (5/8/08)

All (42) Articles/Human Interest

Bizarre Fed Ultimatum, Trejo
Vaccine Top 5 Lies, Huff
It's Unlawful, Daniels
10 Commandments, Engelhardt
Vax Old Time Religion, Rappoport
I Miss America, Adams
Medical Fascism, Rappoport
Govt and Radiation, Lonier
Mind Control Work, Rappoport
Rand vs. Palestine, JustForeignPol
Suppressing Juries, Rosenberg
Life and Time, Rappoport
Stand for Doreen, 12/10, Hend.
All That Matters Now, Hendrickson
Bad Guys Win Again, Trejo
Fake Bin Laden Story, Roberts
Demystifying 9/11, Sabrosky
CDC Whistleblower Oath, Rapp.
Ebola: CDC distraction?, Rapp.
Edwin Vieira's Opus, Burcham
Republican Liberty?, Trejo
1st Ebola Patient Hoax, Rappoport
Walls of the Big Lie, Dollar Vigilante
Heroic Ebola Dr Myth, Rappoport
LEOs Gone Wild, Lonier
Hillbillies Ebola, Rappoport
Support Doreen, Hendrickson
Reduce Prison Pop., Siegelman
Psychiatrist Pushers, Rappoport
Williams int. Snowden, Rappoport
Help Fellow Prisoners, Siegelman
When the Courts Fail, Marburger
Biggest Elephant, Wigington
Dear Mich. Governor, Lonier
Money and Debt, Greco
Oh the Stupidity, Smith
Net Neutrality, Giuliano
Siegelman, Selma, Siegelman
Molten Pools WTC, Rappoport
Rand Paul Foot Shooter 16, Paul
Drone Murders Continue, Watson
Secular Fundamentalism, Burrowes
TV News, Stage Play, Rappoport
NSA Treason, Caldwell
After Obamacare, Adams
Not Your Enemy, Smith
Doreen Goes to Mat, Hendrickson
Mideast Monster(s), Farris
Nullify: The Answer, Boldin
Withdraw Allegiance, Willis
Avoiding GMO Foods, Benson
Feds vs. Fourth, Hornburger
Conspiracists Sane, Topinfopost
Free Don, Siegelman, Dana
Zimmerman Psyop, Rappoport
US Military Occupation, Adams
Big Oil vs. Alternatives, Juhasz
Stop TPP, Green Shadow
Individual v. Collective, Rappoport
IRS_Criminality, Adams
Media Hypnosis Test, Adams
Terror as a Psyop, Rappoport
4/15 Reminder, Hendrickson
Childbirth Education, Phyllis Wright
Canton Movement, Dwight Johnson
No Congress, Jim Babka
Constitution Status, John Galt
Peace and Gun Freedom, Boman
Club of Liberals, Rappoport
"I Have a Drone", Various
Trashing Constitution, Rappoport
Newtown Shootings, Oathkeepers
Write Letter for Nothaus, DC
Sue the Banksters, Spire Group
John Kiriakou, Global Research
Free Don Siegelman, Various
Expose and Expunge, Civil Justice
Torture Reality, McCoy
Motor City Rambles, Worster
Grand Shi Strategy, White
Aurora Lesson, Burcham
Voluntary Servitude, la Boetie
Deny Consent, DDC
Patriot Re-Ed Camps, Watson
SCOTUS OKs Strips, Wolf
Torture Matrix Exposé, Floyd
Drones Attack, Watson
Ron Paul or Tyranny, Roberts
Nix on Iran War Drums, Burcham
NDAA Treason, Boman
Chemtrails are Real, Infowars
Stop Support for Israel, Hazel
God, Money, 911, McIlvane
Detroit Breakdown, Wright, Rose
9/11 Insider Speaks, Infowars
Osama Replant, Infowars
Puritans and Zionistas, Hazel
The Dictator Fallacy, Browne, DDC
Support the Troops?, Raimondo
Income Tax Truth, Hendrickson
End Civil Forfeiture, James Wilson
Quest for Funk Relief, Worster
Republicans, Religious Liberty
Lee Iacocca's Leadership
Casino Capitalism
The Bailout and the Fed
Constitution Day Thoughts
Jitneys and Colectivos   
Independence Day Letter

All (281) Guest Writings
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