Movie Review: Vice (2018)

Well-done multimedia distractoid from what’s daily eating out our substance
By Brian R. Wright

A number of deep ironies this afternoon on the penultimate day of 2018. For one thing, the person inviting me to join him and his son at the Waterford MJR Metroplex is none other than  Peter Eric Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code, THE people’s liberator from misunderstanding and mispayment of the federal income tax—so long as we have the individual courage to stand up for the knowledge.

It’s probably been five years since I’ve taken in an actual film at a modern public cinema. The previous time was still LOUD. Today they’ve toned it down some, and added the plush, wide-butt recliner seats with at least a meter of aisle space at your feet for others to pass in front of you. These gentle envelopes remind me of the do-everything-for-you hover chairs for the uselessly fat passengers on the giant space-escape-cruiser in the movie WALL-E. [Escaping from the waste-world Earth in its death throes that the single, stranded WALL-E (Waste Allocation Lift Loader—Earth Class) robot still tried to clean up.]

Load up on the excitotoxin-dripping snacks and beverages—my small popcorn and carbonated beverage a steal at $8.25—then head back to your cocoon, fix your eyes and ears on the big screen, and assume the receive-program position. Despite its slyly powerful political content Vice is still a modern American movie—disconnect your critical faculties to absorb the full perceptual-emotional impact of the audio-visuals laden with unquestioned premises brushed in with the subtlety of a Mack Truck.

El Supremo False Premise: The Official Story of 9/11[1]

When Pete offered to meet me there with tickets, I gathered from cursory reviews that the Vice of Vice referred to none other than VP Dick Cheney during the Dubya years… and, silly me, I actually expected that Hollywood would be spilling some of the major beans behind Cheney’s planning and operational role in the Crime of the Century and the multitrillion-dollar, multimillion-killing-spree War of (Western Cabal) Terror that it launched.

NOT. I’m 69 years old, how could I have been so naïve?

Note: For those who want the true story and leads to the probable architects and executors of the 9/11 false-flag act of state terror and its intended result, I offer you two exceptional books by internationally acclaimed independent journalist Christopher Bollyn: Solving 9/11: The deception that changed the world (2012) and The War on Terror: The plot to rule the Middle East (2017). Also my own digest work, After 9/11 Truth: The Death Star in Ashes, Humanity Rises (2015), will send you to some other incontrovertible, fine sources.

The point is ‘Cheney-Rumsfeld’ was operational point man-power broker in the Big Lie of 9/11, then serving as executioner via American resources of the War OF Terror. Once you understand that 9/11 was an inside job from start to finish—and that the job of the ‘Israel Lobby’-dominated corporate media and entertainment industry was to hard-SELL the contrived Al Qaeda/crazed Muslim-Arab Boogiemen story—then you realize Hollywood’s main rationale for making Vice is to continue to distract you from the truth in an artful (moneymaking) manner.

Based on that primary objective, Vice is a serious accomplishment. Performances are splendid—Christian Bale IS Dick Cheney and Steve Carrell paints a wonderful power-monger picture of Donald Rumsfeld (omitting, of course, in both men, whatever moral failing causes them to continuously treason w/Israel their entire careers); Amy Adams hits Mrs. Cheney out of the park; the gay daughter is believable and touching; Sam Rockwell as Dubya, a joy to watch. I have to also give major kudos to the medical team, and actor Jesse Plemons of Friday Night Lights‘ fame, who lends high tech drama and symbolism to the heart issues (and transplant).

Final note: Perhaps propelled by the Mack Truck false premise the filmmakers seem to want audiences to actually like Cheney as the right all-American guy to handle ‘terrorism’… and for his tenderer moments with family. While at the same time DISliking him for (very visual) allusions to fostering the bombing and torturing of innocent civilians, as well as corrupt business practices or not acting responsibly with firearms among his drinking buddies. Thus, because we don’t have the complete truth picture, critical viewers may be left in a muddle.

Hey, don’t worry, be happy: next movie house innovation, mainlining excitotoxins!

[1] Coincidence:

It occurs to me that the same big perceptual-emotional mode OBVIOUS TRUTH THAT EVERYONE BELIEVES AND THOSE WHO DON’T BELONG IN PRISON OR AN ASYLUM OR OSTRACIZED applies to the Official Story of 9/11 [that 19 radical Muslims commandeered four planes and killed 3,000+ Americans despite it being physically and logically impossible and having absolutely no evidence to show such]…

…as applies to the Official Story of the Federal Income Tax [that the income tax is a direct tax on all earnings that ‘come in’ to an individual and the 16th Amendment made it so despite that the Constitution specifically prohibiting federal direct taxes (before and AFTER) the 16th Amendment and, in fact, the income tax was explicitly implemented as an excise tax on exercise of federal privilege in 1862—and has remained an excise since then).

IOW, we’re living in an increasingly Groupthink World where truth is measured by the number of consciousnesses who FEEL something to be true based on some giant official Electronicized Ouija Board, and the actual facts an individual consciousness uncovers and reasons from have no relevance to what the official experts divine from the EOB. Then, vast numbers dismiss (and refuse to think about) any conclusion not coming from the official experts. They plug themselves into the Matrix and don’t budge. USA, USA, USA!

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