Guest Column: Scary Election 2018

Taking the Long View; No American Need Worry if They Stand for the Law
By  Pete Hendrickson

And Happy Guy Fawkes Day!

Election Day, 2018. A Bit Scary, Right?

It’s particularly fitting this year that election day comes so soon after Halloween…

SO, ARE YOU WORRIED about the election outcome this week? You should be!

After all, the unprincipled, progressivist nut-case Democrats might regain power.

Or, the unprincipled, neo-con nutcase Republicans might retain power.

Whichever way it goes, as things stand now, you and your kids are going to be screwed.

YOU SEE, AS THINGS STAND NOW, the winners, of either party, will find themselves with far more money in the treasury than is needed for their Constitution duties. Those duties include little more than courts, actual national defense, modest Depts. of State and Treasury, a Post Office and a Patent Office, a small immigration bureaucracy and a few other offices of similarly focused function and dimimutive dimension.

There is FAR more in the US treasury than is needed for these lawful obligations of the United States. The excess will be spent (after some serious nest-feathering) on a host of things inimical to your interests.

That excess will finance an army of spies surveilling you; an army of “security thespians” impeding and dictating to you; an army of soldiers making enemies for you in other countries which are no threat to you; and swarms of petty functionaries with clipboards which endlessly harass you and eat out your substance in myriad other ways, as well.

Some, if not all, of your economic, cultural and opportunity competitors will be subsidized. Some, if not all, of your own attempts to compete in these areas will be hindered and penalized. Critical markets– like healthcare, for example– will be distorted so as to compel your subordination to the collective.

None of this will be new, of course. All of it will just be the perpetuation of the status quo, and it won’t be affected by the election.

Managing to get Democrats in power won’t stop any of it. Managing to keep Republicans in power won’t stop it, either.

THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO STOP THESE BAD THINGS. That is for you to stop financing the state, and to explain to your neighbors that they needn’t give it money, either, and are crazy to do so.

Explain to those neighbors that, in fact, the Founders and Framers set up the tax rules in the Constitution for the specific purpose of equipping you and them to rein in the state when it gets the way it is today. Remind them that the United States was intended to be, “A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned.”

Trust me, the message will resonate. You can walk into any room full of people– whether liberals, conservatives, progressives, or whatever– and you will never find a single one who, if told they have the legal option to either pay $1,000 in taxes or to pay $10, will choose the $1,000.

SO, WORRY ABOUT THE OUTCOME TUESDAY! It’s a dire prospect, whichever way it goes.

But don’t focus on it. Focus your attention on the real solution to America’s problem, which elections only pretend to be.

That real solution is simple and singular in its nature: Shrink the beast, which does harm to you in direct proportion to its size, and does it whether it has Democratic handlers any given year or Republican ones.

In that latter regard, it has occurred to me that some folks might misunderstand an important historical fact related to this issue. It occurs to me some might imagine that the first 140 years of our history, during which, on the whole, liberty and prosperity increased, were somehow distinguished by the blessing of unusually saintlike officeholders.

It is easy and natural to make this mistake. Every generation harbors fuzzy and unrealistic views of ancestral virtue.

But this is just fuzzy unrealism. The fact is, other than the typically rare and unreliable exceptions which prove every rule, those in office during those first 140 years were no more saintly on average than are Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, John Bolton or James Clapper. [Or Donald Liberty-F***ing Trump — ed.]


So, stand up, act, and teach.

Sure, have some fun doing post-mortems on Wednesday, as encouraged by those against whom elections are no solution but who want us all to imagine otherwise, and to therefore do nothing but bitch and vote. But just on Wednesday.

Starting on Thursday, do what really IS the solution. Stand up, clothed in knowledge and resolve. Act, and teach. [And don’t forget simple, practical grand juries to raise up the people in proper authority over the corrupted ones — ed.]


NOTE: Here are a few resources to help with the teaching:

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