Screenplay Review: Enemies Within (2019)

When Israel Declared War on the United States of America
By Clint Burnette, Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

This is a book I actually had a hand in bringing to publication initially via the Amazon independent-publishing print-on-demand and Kindle preparation facilities (was Createspace, now = Kindle Direct Publishing). The book posted on Amazon on this link is actually a screenplay, by Clint Burnette, documenting the all-out, war-crime attack on the United States Navy intelligence ship, the USS Liberty, by all three branches of the Israeli military on June 8, 1967, and its subsequent coverup by top corrupt Israeli and United States officials… with wholesale disrespect of the ship’s officers and crew, their families, and friends of American liberty, justice, and truth, worldwide.

The intent of publishing Enemies Within for general reading audiences is to generate wide support, readership, and enthusiasm among the general public for word of mouth referral to a special filmmaker(s) of excellence and courage wishing to step up and DO the movie that wants to set sail from its pages. [Disclaimer: It shouldn’t be necessary to state this, but Enemies Within is not anti-Jewish anymore than opponents of those corrupting the US government are anti-American. It is the STATE of Israel and its corrupt personnel and accomplices who must be held accountable for the assault on the Liberty.]

My review consists of 1) the context and description of the Liberty incident and its coverup (appearing on the back cover) followed by 2) the initial review of Enemies Within posted on Amazon by Hiram Chance.

Enemies Within: Context and Description

On June 8th, 2019, patriotic Americans will mark the 52nd anniversary of a day of infamy for our naval forces and for our country. The harsh realities of that day will never leave the crew, and can only be assuaged by service to and victory of truth and justice.

For on that day in 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Israeli military launched a deliberate, unprovoked, full-scale attack against the defenseless American Naval intelligence ship USS Liberty—with unmarked jet fighters, followed by Israeli Navy torpedo boats and Israeli Army boarding helicopters with commandos. The US ship was steaming in international waters on a cloudless day with flags unfurled and other identifying features fully visible.

Two hours of pure hell ensued: For 25 minutes a minimum of 12 Israeli jets from all directions struck the ship with 100s of 30 mm cannon and rocket rounds, dropped napalm canisters on the Liberty’s bridge, and jammed/destroyed five American emergency communications channels. Then from the PT boats six torpedoes were fired, one striking the Liberty starboard side leaving a 35-ft. diameter hole, killing dozens. The Israeli PTs machine-gunned stretcher bearers and others, as well as life rafts for survivors.

Objective: annihilation of the ship and all crew to bring in America on the side of Israel in the war and in the Middle East in general, specifically against Egypt, whom the Israelis sought to false-flag as the attacker.

Miraculously, heroically, Liberty survived: 34 dead, 174 wounded (of 294)… and the story of Israel’s premier war crime and top US official coverup and treason began…

…and has not yet ended. For 52 years, justice for the Liberty has been delayed, hence denied. The official story of “Israel mistook the Liberty’s identity, sorry.” has thwarted any investigation or prosecution of the aggressors, leaving the heroic victims hanging out to dry… BY THE COUNTRY THEY PROUDLY SERVED. The dishonor of their top brass and government has our Founders rolling in their graves.

In 2011, surviving Liberty veterans reached out to obtain the services of a sympathetic, accomplished screenwriter, Mr. Clint Burnette, to tell their story—in hope of seeing it take form with the enormous cultural impact of a feature film.

Mr. Burnette worked tirelessly with these good men over three years, interviewing in depth and great detail every aspect of the Israeli attack against the USS Liberty. He questioned them repeatedly to be absolutely certain the information was error-free. Every scene was examined by the men for, at times gutwrenching, accuracy. Enemies Within is THEIR story as witnesses of the highest integrity.

This work attests to the heroic servicemen of the USS Liberty and to restoring the honor and greatness of the country they served.

Hiram Chance Review
Remembering the Liberty with the most real and intense war story you’ll ever experience…

Most of us, even those of us in the Baby Boomer generation, have forgotten or minimized the incident where Israel attacked a United States Navy vessel in the Mediterranean (June 8, 1967) during the “Six Day War.” I was one of them. We need to dust off that vague memory now, and bring into crystal clear focus what really happened—because as the subtitle of this book states, this was THE DAY when Israel literally declared WAR on the United States… and in fact, has all but won, pretty much running our country since that incident like England did in colonial times.

Several outstanding books and documentaries have been written. But what distinguishes this masterpiece of heart-wrenching writing is that it is a wonderful HUMAN STORY of key members of the crew who survived that unspeakable war crime and collusion-treason of top US government officials to get out the truth in the form of a FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY. It was three long years in the making, writer Burnette spending countless hours painstakingly documenting all the crucial details in interviews, research, and fact verification.

The objective: Write a screenplay so thorough and gripping that everyone in the USS Liberty support community will gladly share it forward to a) friends and family (to authentic what these brave men went thru during and AFTER the assault) and b), what is more pertinent, get this most thrillling patriotic drama before the eyes of a filmmaker with competence, vision, and–most important–the multifaceted COURAGE to withstand the “Israel Lobby’s” desperate no-holds-barred countermoves to squash the movie on the launch pad.

Who will step up? Gibson, Glover, Eastwood, Stone? My humble prediction, having read this breathtaking screenplay several times, is that the movie Enemies Within will be made under leadership of a brave, young producer-director team, Down Under, away from prying Hollywood ciphers, with the outstanding actors and resources Australia is known for. It will take about $100 million USD to produce, and it will gross $1 to $2 billion worldwide. The screenplay is that good. The global villainy it will topple is at an end-of-days’ crisis level. The people need hope and will find it here.

As this screenplay circulates at behest of a popular uprising for truth and justice—especially from our military veterans who the USS Liberty attack and coverup victims represent—the several billion-dollar question is who will Clint and his Liberty veteran associates choose to honor with the task. The action sequences in particular are so authentic, so overpowering, that any reader can see that Mr. Burnette’s audio-visual sensitivities are of a highly refined nature. He and the veterans, as subject-matter experts, will help properly direct the production from Day One.

This document and its movie will change EVERYTHING… for the best.



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2 thoughts on “Screenplay Review: Enemies Within (2019)

  1. The surviving crew, of which I am one, have hoped and prayed for something like this for more years then I care to count. If this nation only knew what it took to get this far, they would help us get this movie out there. Buying the screen play sure wouldn’t hurt. Lost lives, lost families, pain and suffering that never ends, and for what? For this nation that we love, for your family, and for mine, and still we struggle. We can prove it all, and some of it, is in the film. I lost my family, because I wouldn’t stop trying to tell the truth. Two of them are back, but I hadn’t been around them for so long, I am like a stranger in their home. Three Fourths of the crew were Naval Security Group, and considered the finest in the U.S. Navy, so why would we not be telling the truth?

  2. I’ve just read Enemies Within and am ready to read it again. It seems the more I read the more I want to know. I’ve been following the USS Liberty for approximately 24 years and never imagined I’d be reading something as chilling and riveting as this! So realistic that I was in tears, and actually felt as if I were there, terrified and slammed into a wall. I did not want this to end. I want more. I want to read more, know more and see more in FILM! A blockbuster film! Almost forgot to mention that my partner Wayne Kyle was aboard the USS America and witnessed some of the after effects of that incident.

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