Brian’s Column: Announcing a Precocious New Voice for Truth and Justice

What really appears to be going on in the world right now…
courtesy Helen Buyniski via Dr. Kevin Barrett
By Brian R. Wright

All I have say is Wow! Here it is in all its stream of independent-consciousness splendor, a column by one Helen Buyniski. SHE is The One. The range of her mind and ability to connect all the key journalistic facts with clear and humor-tinged colloquialisms and take-no-prisoners logic into a beautifully written mosaic for all the good guys is off the charts. I’ll find out more and share as I do.

WARNING: Helen’s prose is highly addicting.
Here’s a column reproduced by Kevin Barrett in Veterans Today, from Thursday:

… and a corresponding email message I sent out to some of my one-time Ron Paul liberty-Republican friends who since the Trump Bubble Machine came to town in 2016 have shown very disturbing signs contracting Trumptardia—actually believing DJT has the slightest interest in the individual liberty of anyone on the planet. I first gave them the above link, then commented as follows…

Seeing signs of the ruling class pressing hard for absolute tyranny, but also the roots of their imminent demise.

For example, the movie VAXXED was pulled from Amazon DVD offering after some loony Congressman wrote a letter But if you check out the VAXXED site, Amazon and the Congressman are going to be the ones taking it in the shorts. Same thing with Ilhan Omar playing the Emperor’s New Clothes on the Bright Shining Dogf*****s of apartheid, genocidal Israel. “One woman with courage makes a majority…” to paraphrase Lindbergh… and my dad.

The VT column is a long read, but you won’t be disappointed. Please no ad hominem responses that the facts cannot be right because the author once voted for a Democrat or drinks lattes or didn’t square her story with Q-Anon, etc., etc. And also note how our old friend and Bright Shining Lover of Liberty, Donald J(ust basically a sadistic, self-righteously illiterate, serial-child-abusing, state-worshiping moron). Trump comes off with letting his Ziocon-lackey officials run bananas all over the world.

It’s like in the former Soviet Union, pretty much everyone “just knew” that if it was official news or something the government announced it was an absolute, baldfaced lie. The Soviet Union collapsed because practically overnight nobody found anything it said or did credible.  Reason for high optimism here, too. Except I do worry when the chickens come home to roost on that Ziocon imperial, global castle of heinous, unrelenting crimes against humanity, that those Israeli government d********s, to avoid the guillotine and worse, will opt for the Samson nuclear Dr. Strangelove option.

I’m just hoping BET (benevolent extraterrestrials) has their tools in place to stop the psychos.

“The sun, the moon, and the truth. Three things that cannot be long hidden.” — the Buddha

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1 thought on “Brian’s Column: Announcing a Precocious New Voice for Truth and Justice

  1. No exaggerations here. Helen is brilliant! Been following her work since her appearance on Chris Hedge’s show a year or two back.

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