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… Lord God Almighty, UNZAPPED at Last!
Position Paper # 2 for the 2018 Brian R. Wright Campaign for 38th District Rep

Okay team, I’m doing my 2d position paper in stages, spurred by so many activists in the field who are fighting the electromagnetic field (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) high crime assaults that have a) already been unleashed en masse by corrupted public officials and b) are about to assume megalethal proportions as the US Congress is fast tracking a bill, S. 3157 that will…

“… preempt state and local government authority by enabling 5G ‘small’ cell antennas to be erected in neighborhoods—in front yards on utility poles, street lights, and buildings—abrogating the property rights of individuals and easement control by local governments.” [It will also restrict rates that local governments can charge to the telecom cartel (cell installations drastically decrease home values).]

That’s right, bipartisan big-government Big Brother is about to bust down the doors from Smallville to Metropolis, frying and spying you and your children… old people, dogs & cats, birds & bees, all living creatures great and small. Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring on electrified steroids aiming to maim and kill all biological life, Planet Earth. Sadly, the apocalyptic vision is not just a bad dream.

“When you start to observe and realize that swallows and house martins no longer nest in towns and villages, when you realize that the sparrows have all disappeared, that in the evenings there are no bats flying in the dusk and that you no longer hear owls hooting, then you will begin to know what effect microwaves from cell towers and antennas are having on the environment.” — Salon

Joyous Vision of an Abundant, Benevolent Human Future

I interrupt what’s starting out as my too commonplace doom and gloom scenario to shift gears dramatically. This just in from a new friend in the educated tax movement: never focus on the negative. For ANY ISSUE first establish what you aim to see and/or do and use the Law of Attraction to make it real. What I envision for our individual lives in the not too distant future is exactly what the heading states: joy, abundance, benevolence.

We are on the threshold of personalized energy [ref. the Sustainocene era of Dan Nocera], and the corresponding liberating philosophy of the Independents’ Movement. Many celebrated spiritual technologists of our time—from Dr. Stephen Greer to Foster and Kimberly Gamble to Josh del Sol—have the same flourishing view: we all live as we like, as individuals, with all the land and water we need, in Nature (or cities, spaceships, floating colonies, etc. in harmony therewith), with those we love, in a world free from scarcity, pollution, and aggression.

“Every day a walk by a babbling brook on a sunlit future of our own imagination.”

Let’s call it the ‘Babbling Brook Sunny Day’ future. THE destiny of every caring, truth and freedom-loving individual on the planet. It’s your own vision. And by all the important signs, it shall be yours and ours. So when we/I talk of ‘problems’ let’s always consider them—however horrific and imposing they appear—as mere barnacles on the ass of progress. Remember the lesson of Toto and Dorothy: the Wizard only has the power over us that we the people let him trick us into believing he has.

And what we in the movement have to start doing more and more is articulating the sole and far better alternative of a WIRED (ubiquitous fiber-optic cable via “One Big Dig”) future. All hands should be on that deck as the POSITIVE SOLUTION, looking with disdain on the atavistic cluster flock of wireless.

Having stated all that, let’s look at the sizable barnacle presented by Big Telco et al.

“So Are We Dealing with Extreme Hazards Here?”

Yes, Virginia… with absolutely no doubt whatsoever. Keep in mind WE’RE ALREADY FACING VERY SERIOUS HEALTH AND INTRUSION EFFECTS with the EMF/EMR we’re subjected to—sans knowledge or consentvia microwave-emitting towers beaming cellphone and wireless fidelity (WiFi) signals ubiquitously at energy levels far exceeding biological harm standards… not to mention the horrific network of fry & spy devices disarmingly called ‘smart’ meters. Very soon, unless masses of people rise up to stop it, 5G will be upon us.

European scientists’ appeal for a global moratorium on 5G:

“More than 230 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concerns” regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices already before the additional 5G roll-out. ‘Numerous recent scientific publications have shown that EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most international and national guidelines.’ Effects include:

  • increased cancer risk
  • cellular stress
  • increase in harmful free radicals
  • genetic damages
  • structural and functional changes of the reproductive system
  • learning and memory deficits
  • neurological disorders, and
  • negative impacts on general well-being in humans.

“Damage goes well beyond the human race, as there is growing evidence of harmful effects to both plants and animals.”

For a fuller set of data on existent and incipient MASSIVE, UNIVERSAL electroaggression, please consult the resources at the wonderful site This brochure relied on one of its newsletters here, to which you may subscribe freely. The 5G World will be one that even George Orwell’s worst nightmares could not anticipate: no humanity, no choice, no individuality… ultimately no biological life. The machines will have won.[1]

The matter of insurance

Any damages from EMF and EMR in the current wireless cellphone, wifi network, and EM radiating-device [e.g. ‘smart’ (assault) meters] environment are excluded from general insurance coverage by all commercial insurers. It is a virtual certainty—as 5G legislation is being engineered by the explicitly fascist American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) —that no telecom or energy company, no executive, no legislator, no public official will be subject to any legal liability for damages caused to people (or other living organisms) and property by their scorch-the-earth wares.

In other words, just as the toxocracy has laid out zero legal remedies for vaccines and GMOs—from Big Pharma and Big Agra, respectively—it will be impossible for an individual to obtain damages for the harms of electroaggression.[1]

As I point out in my book review of We Almost Lost Detroit (1975), the government had to step in by edict to limit damages from a nuclear incident to $560 million–about 20 to 50 times less than real cata-strophic damages would have been experienced from the Monroe fast breeder plant in the mid 1960s. [And the industry was only responsible for $60 million!]

The early multibillion-dollar nuclear fission “safe energy too cheap to meter” industry shamelessly pandered to the masses via government and energy companies who had their starry eyes fixed on sloppy sentiment and their grubby little mitts rifling thru a football-field-sized till. Some serious engineering and scientific minds went along, because nobody likes to end a respectable career by asking honest questions. Everyone, however, knew that a realistic accident would kill tens of thousands within hours and render a Pennsylvania-sized area uninhabitable for centuries…

In a free, moral society, if nobody will freely insure your technology, YOU DON’T DO IT.

Qui Bono and Qui Gonna Stop ’em?

As alluded to in the footnote, the ‘Who’ of the immediate threat is a conglomerate that conspires to render the individual (of ‘we the people’) powerless and supine, rather than independent and empowered. The functionaries of this oligarchy—company executives, on-the-move techie-wienies, compliant legislators and officials, types you will see out in public at hearings or committee meetings—wear their collars proudly like the fission industry mavens used to do when deluding themselves and the public on prospects for nuclear catastrophe.

These are a nasty lot of business-suit-clad marauders. Who will stop them?

WE will. Qua candidate, I have a strategy to socialize that recovers our native tools for holding government officials accountable and their corporate ‘buyers’ fully liable. It’s very simple: people’s independent grand juries, and it represents the cornerstone of my campaign for state representative and my mission following the election to enable a First Principles’ grand jury system for Michigan. Soon to be expanded nationally and even internationally.

How to Apply

How does such a people-empowered system apply to the corporate-government onslaught we’re experiencing with EMF and EMR or RF, especially as 5G arrives? Basically, we the people file a complaint to a sitting grand jury of our peers in the jurisdiction(s) affected. That complaint identifies the First Principles’ rights—life, liberty, and the peaceful enjoyment of one’s property—and any other laws being broken by actual or would be perpetrators: e.g. company executives, legislative toadies, bad cops, compliant home-owners’ associations, etc. The grand jury investigates, and in all likelihood (because the infractions are so startlingly obvious) issues presentments. Presentments are a form of indict-ment, that is, stating there is probable cause that the named suspects or defendants committed the named crime(s). Punishment upon conviction by a trial jury will be appropriately severe.[2]

In Michigan, the constitution is also explicit…

As one of three state senators who opposed the Michigan state level 5G fast-tracking of the 5G high-crime bills (SB 637 and SB 894), Honorable Patrick Colbert pointed out that the Michigan Constitution prohibits infliction of knowing harm upon the people of our state:

Article 4, Section 51: The public health and general welfare of the people of the state are hereby declared matters of primary public concern. The legislature shall pass suitable laws for the protection and promotion of the public health.

While we’re discussing Michigan, and my state rep campaign for that matter, along with opposing 637 and 894 as blatant attacks on our rights and safety, I’m also dedicated to full utility meter choice for the next few years that we have these dinosaur centralized power systems.

That would be House Bill 4220 currently before the Energy Committee. Pro-meter-choice Gary Glen, formerly chair of the committee, lost his primary for state senate will no longer hold office come January 1. He recommends that we strongly support Electricity Choice champion Tom Barrett who did win his primary but faces massive utility boss money for his opponent in the general election. You know what to do.

Until we have the functioning grand juries, I recommend that we electrofreedom activists stay positive and focused on going on the offensive as much as possible. Use the existing federal grand jury system or a virtual people’s grand jury system to put criminal complaints in play. These corporate officials and their legislative lackeys do not belong in boardrooms or committee hearings: they belong in front of grand juries, then in front of trial juries, then behind bars.

Remember, First Principles and the Law are on OUR side. Use them.

Electrofreedom Activist Resources

This is somewhat a Michigan-centric list, but great sites for taking grassroots action: for newsletter national, with EMF meters and store
Safe Tech News:

Our children our the sickest in our nation’s history. One in six have a neurological condition and 54% have a chronic disease. And, they are the most vaccinated […and the most Zapped — bw.].” — Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

[1] War of the Worlds:

At the highest levels of the Men of the Power Sickness, we do have a clear, integrated full-domination plan—which we know of thanks to the work of Catherine Frompovich, Elana Freeland, Dane Wigington, and others. Putting it starkly, 5G is necessary for a singular AI-Robotic collective ‘hive’ organism to take over the planet and displace (destroy) us humans… and probably kill off most other biological species, as well. If you have a hard time actually believing that, watch the James Cameron 1984 movie, Terminator.

Of in late 18th century terms: “… when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce us under absolute Despotism, it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such government …”

The bad news is that the would-be ‘hive,’ for years unimpeded by general awareness, has a big head start. The good news is hive has numerous design flaws and defects. We the people can reclaim our First Principles, take charge of our governance, and fairly quickly render it impotent—sweep this EMF/EMR barnacle into the dust bin of history.

[2] For a look at ordinary scenarios, check out  the so-far fictional denouement of one CEO of DTE, “Richard Pencil,”  on page 173 of my novel, The Truman Prophecy. In all likelihood, Dick Pencil will be convicted by a petit or trial jury of our peers, and wind up spending 15-20 years in a restitution facility for “assault, civil liberties infractions, violations of contract, and conspiracy to commit, well, all that stuff.” Bah bah.

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