Brian’s Column: Ted Visner Lives…

… and Writes from Jackson Prison, Michigan
Brian R. Wright

Dreary Place: Easter Sunday. Ted is in there. So are many others innocent of any real crime.

Some will remember I wrote up the situation with this (virtually and incredibly unknown) Michigan and American freedom warrior back in December 2018. His fortunes did not improve since then. It appears in a completely arbitrary miscarriage of justice by Bay County and state officials, Ted was railroaded for profit by means of a state undercover fraud-sting—using 40 ‘police officers’ and civil asset forfeiture (CAF) to clean out his wealth and home—on his legitimate medical marijuana business, and now resides in Jackson Prison, which barring successful appeal, is where he’ll be until May 2020.

Please consider writing to him and helping him out.

[I’ve finished the my Ted brochure with most of the latest updates, and you can find it here:] I did fire off a letter around Easter, then received a letter back. Here’s my reply to what he sent back:

Novi, MI 48375
May 3, 2019
[my inside address on the letter is incorrect: March 22, 2019]

Honorable Theodore Visner
MDOC #526348
c/o Parnall Corrections Facility
1780 East Parnall Road
Jackson, MI 49201


Yes, I received your letter and I acknowledge everything you’re saying. I’m rather overwhelmed, myself, these days with cause-oriented work, especially for those who have been so hammered by the system. So sorry I can’t do that much for you. I did try to reach a few of the names you gave me.

I did speak with <friend, California>, but she was with her son and said she would call next day. But didn’t. Your friends in Washington, one number was not taking messages and I did leave a message with the number associated with <friend in Washington>… got no call back. I thought the best path you have right now is with that “People vs. Hency” case… and I called <contact in Michigan>, left a message, but again, nothing. [Kept trying, and did contact the friend in Michigan, 5/6/19.]

What’s so sad is the extent to which it appears your family has abandoned you. Are you parents no longer living, or are they unable to help? Brothers and sisters? Geez. Well, I’ve basically lost whatever family I had, too, I have a sister still living but we fell out when… [case details, very Jerry Springer-ish]—my mother (who has died since) and I thought such a punishment of my former niece-in-law to be Medieval and took the side of the niece to keep her out of an unbelievable prison sentence. Appealed to the judge down there, he gave her long probation instead. Etc., etc. But what remained of my ‘family’ baled on me after that.

Anyway, I know how it is. The other problem we have in the absence of people’s grand juries is there’s no way to validate to others what you’re asserting. I believe you. And you’re going into my book The Accountability Project. But when I tell others—btw I have completed your brochure at and will update the column I wrote a few weeks ago with current info—they have a hard time believing.

Can you receive money from me, how about books that come mailed from Amazon?

The good news is I have finished American Gumption-Catharsis, and it should be up on Amazon by middle of next week. Now I have to stay focused and finish Accountability… by Independence Day. Wish I could do more, but the two books I feel will set the stage to prevent such total corruption to you and others, going forward.

Best wishes and good luck,

Brian R. Wright

PS: I’ll look into setting up an email account to communicate with you. Will do next week. I can probably be available to do occasional legal legwork here and there, you know, drop off pick up forms.

[Okay, I’m all done and dusted with this now, 5/6/19. Details on how to do the setups follow under the Details heading.]

One major question I have is where is the mainstream media in all these grotesques acts of public corruption. The media, even and especially local media, are all bought off by the criminals in public office running at the largesse of the all-American scam job that goes all the way to the top of the child molesting political hierarchy. We’re run by a two party mafia, as Jimmy Dore puts it, and the mainstream society’s Fourth Estate has all the independ-ence of a Papal decree.

Another observation: all these third party moneymaking companies who the state contracts to for email and for setting up funds are like working with any commercial enterprise, they’re basically quite cooperative and helpful.  Their job is basically to make it possible for the continuation of this massive public operation that is one giant sea-anchor on the people’s lives, but at the same time to do whatever this sea-anchor’s ownership will let them do to help John and Jane Doe who are trapped in it. So thanks to the humans in the mix. As Karl Hess once put it, “Everybody’s people.”


Okay, I’ve figured out three key connection points for Ted, and I assume most other inmates (or “offenders” as the system seems to like to call them now):

  1. Set up a phone account for him to be able to call you
  2. Set up an email account for you to be able to email him, to which he may reply

The first two you set up via accessing this site:
The email account you set up using JPay at:

Ted’s MDOC number is #526348. If you follow along there, you should be able to set up accounts at a minimal expense to a) help Ted out, and b) stay connected to him. I haven’t yet figured out the physical visitation process, and it may be complicated or prohibited for me on account of my own record. But whatever, I have another query in to the folks at MDOC and will pass along what I learn.

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