Truman Prophecy Book Signing and IM Grand Strategy Discussion

Book_SigningPlease join the author, Brian R. Wright, of The Truman Prophecy at the Novi Library, May 25, 2016, 7:00-9:00 p.m., for a book reading, signing, and Independents’ Movement grand strategy discussion. If you are planning to attend, please notify me at the following email address:


I’m going to be holding what is nominally a book signing for The Truman Prophecy, but—since many of the invitees will have received and read the book—will actually be more of a where I am now and where I’m thinking of putting my efforts in terms of ‘building a society of Independents.’ [Toward the Billion+ Points of Light Society.]

Per the novel, I feel I have a good start on the actual strategy, but I’m inviting about 30 key truth, justice, and liberty activists I know–as well as a few longtime personal friends who are generally sympathetic to the ideas–to help refine the ideas thru a free flow of insights. If this appeals to you, I’d like to see you there. Please RSVP.

I’m developing some exciting ideas for taking immediate action for justice with implementation of people’s grand juries. Also, will have some work accomplished toward the concrete steps to take to achieve full political status as human beings of Independent consciousness.  “IndieCons of the World Unite!”

Location and Directions

It’s at the Novi Library on the first floor on the south wall, the Youth Activity Room, just walk in the main entrance from the parking lot, go past the stairs and hang a left. The room will be marked with The Truman Prophecy. The library is on the south side of 10 Mile Road, west of Novi Road by about a mile.


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