My name is Brian R. Wright. I grew up in Overland Park, Kansas (near Kansas City), then the family moved around a bit, winding up in the Detroit, Michigan, area in 1968 (when I’m 19).[1] I’ve lived in SE Michigan since then, except for a few years as an early mover to the Free State.

In the summer before my senior year in high school, I read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged—and took her vision of heroic individualism deep into my heart and mind… to the consternation of many, and the country’s so-called intelligentsia. And after jettisoning the Rand addiction (and other addictions) fashioned an ‘Independent’ life….

Since 1964—from Barry Goldwaterism to Ayn Randism to libertarianism, then being active in the Libertarian Party from its inception—I’ve been an activist. In 2004 I bailed from the LP ‘answer’ and became an early mover to the Free State (New Hampshire). That’s when I started writing books (writings to date here)—from sanctifying the nonaggression principle to a grueling, yet oft-humorous reminiscence of the failure take the Drug War seriously. My wholistic libertarian commentary and opinion site, was born in late 2006.

Personal Note: Somewhere in the earlier part of the above years I graduated from Wayne State University with a BS in mechanical engineering and got married to a wonderful woman (both occurred in 1975), then wound up working for ‘the Man’ in the cannon business (engines for cruise missiles) until I couldn’t justify it to myself, developed a drinking problem (1980), went into automotive, divorce (1984), then IT (information technology) and technical writing. Rode a big two-wheeler to Alaska (1985), started letting go of addictions—mainly alcohol and tobacco—(2008), today pretty much write, edit, publish, do community service-oriented jobs in ‘retirement,’ hoe my garden and now am founding a living-activist philosophy qua religion best documented on its FundRazr crowdfunding site here:

Toward Global Spring

From simple libertarian I became libertarian truther… then ‘justicer,’  culminating in my first novel, The Truman Prophecy (2016)that humankind, one by one, as Independent beings,[2] will indeed break free of the oligarchy-contrived stage we’ve been trapped on and in… just as Truman Burbank does in the watershed movie, The Truman Show (1998).[3]

Most of us seek a world of peace, freedom, and abundance—as individuals living in voluntary community, that is, a society where no  individual or group is entitled to push others around or harm them. And we each have a unique image in our minds of what such a world looks like and feels like. The figure on the right is the clip art cover I used for my second major book, The Sacred Nonaggression Principle. She’s a little girl eating an ice cream cone without a care in the world.[4] This is the world I envision.

Thus, for me, Global Spring is the outcome, the result, of doing the right thing(s) for our species. And since I wrote The Truman Prophecy and have begun several new projects at my site, it took some time to come up with a Big Picture so I could have an orderly plan of work. That has now occurred and is being documented on this site as we speak. The Big Picture is shown in full below and described briefly under the Big Picture tab here.

The forces arrayed against humanity from high-crime assaults to cascading AI with even deeper broad-scale attacks are considerable. But if we can gel on a grassroots level, adopt the simple FLOW and Independents Rising mission inside the next couple of years, I’m confident of victory over the forces of darkness… bringing, you guessed it, Global Spring.

[1] I’ve started my memoirs from that time at this link on my Coffee Coaster site.

[2] That is, independently conscious: An ‘Independent’ is a human person who exercises full and exclusive psychological dominion over his or her own mind and its judgment in all matters, never surrendering that responsibility to others based on authority or consensus. Independents think for themselves, as individuals, never accepting coercion of anyone’s mind or body by another being or beings. And seek a world based on the nonviolation principle and voluntary cooperation of individuals in benevolent community.

[3] Relevant Prophecy and Trumanist-Independents’ links:

[4] The image of the little girl is many people’s vision of an ideal world. NOT utopia. [She gels Catherine Austin Fitts’ description of a near 100% “Popsicle Index” (—the likelihood a lone five-year-old can walk to a store blocks away and buy a Popsicle with no risk of harm.

Storage Area for Work in Progress on Site

  • The ideal man and woman in the FLOW way of being come early into psychological independence. As children they learn the necessary life skills at a rapid though natural pace from whom they will—loving and caring parents, home schools and neighborhood academies, trade apprenticing, kindly old people with expertise, and so on—but the state and its compulsion (or anyone else’s) stay out of the picture.
  • Program being assembled.
  • Readings and exercises for Inner Ring, Outer Ring.
  • Politically, many hands make light work. Fun.
  • Every confirmed FLOWer: continuous learner and leader
  • Activists who work as network of Independents, survival, security.
  • All who declare the ideals of FLOW may attend ‘services’
  • [The organization is being worked out, some parallels to how churches function.]
  • Ref. page

First Steps Recommended for This Page

At this early stage (New Year’s Day 2017) we’re simply trying to draw people to seed the next more active steps. What I’m asking individuals to do is to as a minimum is to fill out the participants form above, indicating interest. Then go to the check lists below that to let me know your level of interest.

I would like everyone who is a dedicated ‘truther’ of independent mind to review my Personal Declaration as Independent and decide whether that is something they agree with and would be willing to sign and have notarized… then file with this site as an expression of intention vis a vis the existing, terminally corrupt government(s) occupying our country (speaking of the US here, though Global-Spring is of course a worldwide movement).

We do intend, in Jefferson’s words: (whenever any government is destructive of these ends, i.e. liberty, it is our right to) “to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new (voluntary, nonaggressive) government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to [us] shall seem most likely to effect [our] safety and happiness.”

That’s about it. Think of what we’re doing as a national boycott where we the people of Independent being deny consent to those who would subject us… then move on… leaving those of collectivized consciousness—rulers and ruled—to their own devices. After we obtain reparations from the central-global-state looter machinery, whatever do we need them for?

Building the Movement—Steps Envisioned

It’s New Year’s Day 2017 as I write this: The time span of the Truman Prophecy in my novel of the same name is 2014 thru Independents’ Day 2016 at which point the ‘prophecy’ was on its way toward fulfillment.

Obviously, the fictional world I created is a bit more optimistic than the real one we inhabit. But 2017 is a new year and global-springs eternal! Trumanism—though simple in the imperatives of Wake, Stand, Walk—does take a few cycles (and some reading) to learn the details of. Yet it is an activist philosophy where those inclined can learn by doing.

The steps for an  individual to aid in the fulfillment of the Prophecy and Rise of the Independents I see as follows:

  • Read and appreciate the novel, The Truman Prophecy.
  • And/or read about the activist ‘Trumanist’ philosophy via the three-fold brochure, Trumanism: Fulfilling the Human Potential.
  • [Ideally] based on a generic spiritual self-discovery process for Independents, described in my upcoming booklet, The Joy Spot (due 3/1/2017… promo here):
    • Self-realize and assert your Independent Being psychologically and politically, then, as the pertinent option, work with the Global-Spring movement to:
    • Declare your Independent Being with specific steps and forms—find a formal template for personal Independent declaration here—politically and in concert with kindred souls.
    • Expand your understanding of priority high-crime assaults of the Threat Matrix and choose which of these you will take an active role in remedying.
    • Understand and take part in the reclamation of people’s independent grand juries and apply to the specific criminal corruption you will help to rectify.
    • In conjunction with asserting grand jury (and petit jury) institutions, learn to exercise your existing common law and First Principles’ natural rights when dealing with state usurpers.
  • The Global Spring movement will be developing characteristic forms and processes in the course of taking action to raise (and transform collectivized peers into) Inde- pendents—also terminology, the language of liberation.
  • Spread the good word: Trumanism is an evangelical philosophy-movement to create a world for Independent beings live aggression-free, in benevolent com- munity, and where each person achieves full individual power thru rigorous con- ceptual knowledge and robust imagination.

Near term, I’m going to create an Independents Rising action matrix, which will list specific activities and categories of activities—many of them suggested in detail in The Truman Prophecy—for interested parties, eventually ‘members,’ to do.

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