Indies Rising (Signup)

The diagram at right is symbolic of the core Independent consciousness we the people have to develop and secure in ourselves above all else. And quite urgently, I might add. Someday it may serve as a flag for a party or merely a protest.

FLOW and ‘Independentness’ are related, they correspond to the Inner Ring and the Outer Ring of the Big Picture, or Being, respectively. FLOW absolutely requires Indie, but Indie does not necessarily produce FLOW.

Independent-ness is the Ethical and Political Connection of FLOW

My novel, The Truman Prophecy, provides a number of insights into what it means to be an Independent, and just how central that individual choice is to enabling our species to survive and flourish.

Then my recent The Decollaring Book provides a boost to the manifested process of asserting our Indie natures in the real world.

We must each make a choice, and the choice we make must become a tsunami turning the tide against the Dark Side. Quickly. Join the Decollaring team here:



[Note: The ‘Declaration’ in the form is located here. At this point I haven’t updated the meaning of that field, so please ignore for the time being.

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2 Responses to Indies Rising (Signup)

  1. alan haber says:

    interesting. i am an independent

    why Truman? trumanism?

    true man? or Truman as in Harry Truman?.. or I had heard of some movie about a character “Truman” that wasn’t Harry S.Truman ? … Obscure and confusing at the beginning is a problem. The first word needs sound a true clear note.

    In general I’m done with ism-s Whatever is isn’t good enough, we need to converge toward something that isn’t yet.

    otherwise very interesting, i’ll look at the declaration.

  2. Brendan Kelly says:

    Hi, I’m with you all the way. Our time has come.

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