toto1Toto Worldwide is the global foundation serving as the sanctioning body and embracing worldwide Toto Affiliates and Chapters—formed as free associations of human individuals to a) expose mass deceptions behind “high-crime assaults” on the people by the Western global oligarchy (the Old World Order)[1] … and b) bring justice to all the perpetrators and for all the victims.

The vision comes from the 1939 American movie The Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy (with her dog, named Toto) and her friends go to see the Wizard a second time. The horrifying apparition rejects them again with sound and fury, when suddenly Toto jumps from Dorothy’s arms and proceeds to a nearby chamber, pulling back the concealing curtain. The dog thereby exposes a small old man feverishly working levers and buttons on a control panel. Obviously, the Wizard. Obviously a fraud… and Dorothy reads him the riot act. Toto is symbolic of a small effort to reveal truth and with Dorothy’s help deflate corrupt, illusory power.

Toto Affiliates and Chapters

The Toto Affiliates and Chapters each address one of the 12 identified Threats described in the so-called Threat Matrix in Brian R. Wright’s The Truman Prophecy, and originally in Mr. Wright’s Leaving the Sandbox treatise on grand strategy for libertarians in an era of abject federal-global tyranny. The seven priority Toto Affiliate/Chapters, as identified in the Prophecy are as follows:

[1]  Usually self-identified by those involved as the New World Order. Ref. video Invisible Empire by Jason Bermas.


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