Original Update #5: In Dreams

Update #5: Pertains to all movements 1) SCM 2) ICM 3) FPM

Let me preface by my visit to a local city hall (Livonia, MI) meeting last night. I had promised my friend Jeanine of Safe Technology Michigan that I would attend. But I couldn’t wait any longer as the council occupied the late December meeting for member commemorative purposes for 40 minutes, then put our 5G comments and presentations toward the end of the agenda.

As I was leaving a strange wave of depression came over me—I can’t really ever having this feeling of helplessness and uselessness, as in, “Brian, you’re not at all relevant to the outcome, you’re a 70-year-old man with no real accomplishments besides some books very few read. You’re not special, and you’re going to die as a nobody.”—that took a few hours and a food binge to cure.

The incident of feeling useless was still rather a “what if?” question in my selftalk, but it had me wondering whether someone or something was hitting me with negative brainwaves. We know they have the technology, but not fully implemented. In any case, a few mg of CBDistillery CBD oil and a good night’s sleep have me back to my normal, cheerful, quixotic self. Then an encouraging dream.

The dream is also HIGHLY PERTINENT to FLOW and why anyone who is into the truth, justice, and independent consciousness movements should consider joining us and funding the FLOW Fellowship. It goes like this:

I’m in one of my old haunts as three of us are at the bar. The two others are older, as myself, in their 70s—one is a good friend and confidant of mine in the 911 Truth movement. We’re having a disagreement. But somehow in real time I’m doing what Eckhart Tolle describes (in The Power of Now) as a “consciousness flood.”

Only this time as I’m feeling the consciousness of all my cells come into being, I focus on simultaneously dissolving the inner and outer collars that I talk about in the FLOW introduction of the fundrazr. And it WORKS! I feel ELATED AND RELEASED from the outer collar in particular as I throw off the OfficialStoryItis of major collective-brain pacifying lies of 911 and the ‘Holocaust’ OS.

In fact, in my realtime consciousness flood I simply REFUSE THE COLLAR, and, what’s more, refuse to feel any GUILT to others for not accepting the collar.

Then back in the dream I have not only dissolved the outer collar and have taken a big step toward dissolving the inner collar, as well. I feel totally wonderful. The upshot is that guilt in offending the mass mind is a huge factor in keeping those who aspire to Independence and worthiness from doing their special part “to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.”

It’s a deeply spiritually liberating—and confidence boosting—process to dissolve the outer collar and inner collar and realize FLOW.

My marketing side says, “Now, THIS I can sell!”

btw, Here is the Tolleian Consciousness Flood exercise. Take it up, FLOWers and aspiring FLOWers, and you will be amazed at its power to change your life for the better.

CONSCIOUSNESS FLOOD, ref. The Power of Now, pg. 103

“When you are unoccupied for a few minutes, and especially last thing at night before falling asleep and first thing in the morning before getting up, ‘flood’ your body with consciousness. Close your eyes. Lie flat on your back. Choose different parts of your body to focus your attention on briefly at first: hands, feet, arms, legs, abdomen, chest, head, and so on. Feel the life energy inside those parts as intensely as you can. Stay with each part for fifteen seconds or so.

“Then let your attention run through the body like a wave a few times, from feet to head and back again. This need only take a minute or so. After that, feel the inner body in its totality, as a single field of energy. Hold that feeling for a few minutes. Be intensely present during that time, present in every cell of your body. Don’t be concerned if the mind occasionally succeeds in drawing your attention out of the body and you lose yourself in some thought. As soon as you notice that this has happened, just return your attention to the inner body.”

Note: you will also feel a lack of resistance internally to FLOW of energy as the collars dissolve. Powerful stuff! In another update I’ll present two or three other exercises or cultivation practices from Tolle that are perfect to apply as we FLOWer en masse.

I’m going to leave this update with the FLOW CafePress image. It took several iterations and I feel it’s very close to what will go public. Note the incorporation of Independents Rising in conjunction with dissolving collars.

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