Original Update #3: The First Principles Movement

Corresponds to Revised FLOW Update #4
Update #3: Movement#3, FPM

In today’s update I want to talk about First Principles and Grand Juries, how they go together like horse and carriage. Please read this booklet by “the Oracle” (Diane McGilvery):


Diane’s fountainhead book puts the First Principles and grand jury together. Then I’m a little more specific in my three-panel brochure on the subject in this pdf file: http://bit.ly/2xTkPX7_First_Principles_Brochure. We shall have quite an undertaking to bring First Principles grand juries into reality, but fundamentally my process will look like this (first on a state level, Michigan as prototype):

  1. County grand jury pools [know (US) Constitution and GJ basics, volunteer]
  2. We pay for GJ service TBD [lottery, state funding]
  3. Possibly county pool in conjunction with county fairs
  4. Propagate GJ model to township level
  5. Complaint filed to GJ to investigate, indict corrupt public official/accomplice
  6. 6) Rules and protocols updated for security; go online, at least 2x meet in person
  7. GJs shall have no contemporaneous government employees
  8. GJs hold authority over criminal justice officials–incl. judges, prosecutors, cops
  9. CJ officials will carry out indictments and trials as directed by GJ

The implementing machinery will be accomplished by passage of enabling a ‘People Taking Charge’ bill in the state legislature and signed by the governor. This is merely to gain compliance from existing state officials that they will abide by First Principles’ grand juries as effected by a First Principles’ Grand Juries of Michigan Association… the bylaws will spell out more detail of above and appear in the bill.

Note: If the legislature does not pass the enabling legislation in a reasonable amount of time (1 year), “we the people” shall implement First Principles’ grand juries on our own and meet according to the bylaws, in all jurisdictions, to process citizen complaints of corrupt, malicious gross misconduct by public officials and accomplices. A people’s system of grand juries is the sine qua non of First Principles government; they are the highest authority, with indictment power only.

Note: The occasion of forming of sitting grand juries in the initial county gatherings may turn out to be the perfect foundation for recreating and establishing well-regulated Constitutional militias… whose object will be to secure American people’s First Principles’ rights against corrupt, criminal, renegade public officials. If we’re smart, we’ll get the police of the state to help us get started.

As you can see… even with a clear plan that is practically deliverable to the Tom, Dick, and Marys of the general public, several rather complicated issues remain to be solved. This is where FLOW congregants, believers, and practitioners will put their heads together and make it work. We are living under a MASSIVE OUTER COLLAR of state power right now; we have no process to hold corrupt officials to task.

This aspect of FLOW will free up our system and turn it to the Founders’ vision:

“The people should not be afraid of their government; government should be afraid of the people.”

People who are interested in practical people’s grand juries will flock to a working grand jury system. FLOWers will be all over the place making things work and happen… further the FLOW Fellowship will draw millions into its worldview and mission as they start to take charge of their country(s).

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