Snowden-Manning 2020 Campaign


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… is a symbolic assertion of consensus by millions of Americans on how their country can be fixed… especially in light of the federal government’s attacks on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Army Wikileaker Bradley/Chelsea Manning. We celebrate these  patriots for exposing government crimes… and for their love of country.

The SM campaign is actually a political program that we insist all federal candidates publicly, vigorously support.

1) Spread the Good Word in a Classic Bumper Sticker

[For SM20 bumper stickers, access to buy at: Design link at]

Many have come to this page from seeing the above sticker in their daily travels. Spread the Snowden-Manning campaign by going to the indicated link and purchasing a large number of these high-quality 3″x10″ bumper stickers for distribution or sale to those you know who will proudly post them on their car bumpers or other public locations.[1]

2) Continue the Viral Cycle by Pointing Sticker Viewers to this Page

Many people who see your Snowden-Manning 2020 sticker will be curious to discover the nature of the SM20 campaign… which is, to cultivate the Snowden-Manning 2020 10-Point Political Program that sets forth how, together, we can take back our republic… as follows::

 The Snowden-Manning 10-Point Justice Program[2]

  • Expose federal crimes: Proceed to clean house by full exposure and disclosure of government-official felony crimes. Special Snowden-Manning note: Revealing government-official felony crimes shall not be a felony crime.
  • Indict federal criminals: Fully empowered grand juries shall be restored, empaneled by judges, upon citizen-complaint, to investigate and indict criminal activity by government officials and associates.
  • Restore the innocent: No one who has not aggressed upon another person shall be prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned by government. Release those who have been so harmed, expunge their records, provide restitution.
  • Hard stop Big Brother: Immediately deactivate and defund the DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA; repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite detention of the NDAA, indict all officials (for high treason) who enacted such unconstitutional acts.
  • Shut down the Empire: Reduce military spending 50%/yr. for 10 yrs.; destroy weapons of mass destruction, multilaterally, with the US initiating the process; demilitarize/ defederalize US law enforcement; strictly adhere to posse comitatus; end the empire.
  • Enforce the Constitution: Prosecute (those committing) unconstitutional executive orders, due process violations, war crimes, illegal surveillance, drone strikes on civilians, mass imprisonment, and mass murder. (Etc.)
  • End high-crime assaults: Urgently bring before empowered grand juries all parties to suspected high-crime assaults: geoengineering poisoned skies, GMOs, forced medicine, ‘smart’ meters, 9/11 and other false-flags, staged massacres, etc.
  • Defund tyranny: Per uncontested federal law, nonprivileged direct earnings are not income. Stop paying tax on them, NOW! Read Cracking the Code and quit handing to Leviathan the hammer forging your chains.
  • Revive honest living: End monopoly central banks and assess owners for reparations; release wealth-generating bonanza of productive humanity from cartel chokehold; withdraw state privilege from corporations worldwide.
  • Apply First Principles: Per the Declaration of Independence, rights are accorded by Nature and valid governments require voluntary consent. We the people may nonaggressively opt out of rogue states, individually or en masse.

3) Read The Truman Prophecy and Join the Independents’ Movement

Brian R. Wright’s book The Truman Prophecy predicts human liberation by a revolution in consciousness, rather individual assertions of consciousness: namely, those of us who have self-created their psychological independence[3]—and thus insist on individual political liberty—declare we’re opting out of the ‘Alien’ ‘Human’ Collective… politely yet decisively.

There’s a process. Similar to Truman Burbank in the movie The Truman Show (1998) leaving his cage of mind control, manipulation, and confinement. The difference is, unlike Truman, we declare as Independent in place. We’re not going anywhere, instead we stop supporting the controllers who deceive us into supporting them, and they slither away.

The essence of the process is identified in the novel; the concrete operational steps are still being noodled out. It’s not going to be complicated: mainly, one first declares oneself (as Independent) then dictates one’s terms in managing the transition to self-governance. By early 2017, millions worldwide—one Indie consciousness at a time—will be moving toward voluntary community based on the “Universal Nonaggression Protocol.”

4) There’s More

Plenty of details are in progress and firming up as people come over.  And by no means do we minimize the educational, then, operational challenges… even for the Snowden-Manning campaign itself.

snowden-manning_2020_gofundmeTo lend a hand at this early stage, please consider contributing to the SM20 gofundme as shown on the right. This Society of Independents Website is in development. Under the Take Action tab, you can give me your name and email address, and I’ll be figuring out a more sophisticated contact system as we refine the Independents’ process. You can also reach me at my email address

[1] We’re using the company for our bumper stickers. They have pretty good rates, based on quantity, and free shipping if you’re not in a hurry. Do me a favor and if you make a purchase or wish me to order high quantities for you, just let me know the details by sending me an email. Until (or if) I work some kind of count system with Buildasign to keep track. Thanks.

[2] We now have a three-fold brochure pictured on the Snowden-Manning Brochure page and available for download at the following addresses:
The source file, Microsoft Publisher:
The portable domain format file:

[3] Definition: An Independent is a human person who exercises full and exclusive psychological dominion over his or her own mind and its judgment in all matters, never surrendering that responsibility to others based on authority or consensus. Independents think for themselves, as individuals, never accepting coercion of anyone’s mind or body by another being or beings. And seek a world based on the nonviolation principle and voluntary cooperation of individuals in benevolent community.






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