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Years ago, some celebrity psychologist opined, “Success is a process of removing barriers!”

It’s our nature as living beings to want to succeed in life. Most of of us know that true success is more than fame and fortune, we want a spiritually rewarding inner life to accompany an outer life of abundance for ourselves and others. Yet we are beset by obstacles limiting our inner and outer well being. Think of these barriers as “collars” that restrain us from reaching our full potential.

FLOW (initially, Fellowship for Liberation of our World) is a living philosophy that helps us to understand and to dissolve our inner and outer collars, resulting in a world of human beings of independent consciousness (Independents*) living in benevolent, voluntary community. The FLOW Fellowship consists of mutual-support congregation(s) to help us each to become FLOWers (rhymes with GROWers).

Yes, some interior real work and exterior ‘showing up’ will be necessary, some assembly required. But everyone has the capability. The FLOW philosophy and fellowship merely provide to you the tools and plans to make it happen–your positive life transformation on your terms. You will become an MMF (magnificent major FLOWer) in a matter of weeks, not months. Naturally tailored to who you are and who you want to be, while keeping the bad guys out of everyone’s knickers.

[Developing these tools and plans is why I have composed the FundRazr.]

Note: Please do not be put off by what initially may be unfamiliar, abstract terms and concepts. The initial targets of my FundRazr are those who naturally swim in such waters. In the final stages, when we are ready to take FLOW to the streets, we’ll bring the language of the ‘recruitment’ materials more down to earth.

The Fellowship embraces three so-called movements (this is from an analytical perspective, only; the FLOW aspirant learns and applies the work of bringing each of these movement principles into his or her personal life, i.e. the process of FLOWering) :

  1. Psycho-metaphysically:* The Spiritual Cultivation Movement (SCM)–The top, though underlying, essence of FLOW: we realize FLOW in our inner beings by removing the inner collar and ending reactive-mind. FLOW uses the Falun Dafa cultivation practice and is an application of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now. Some key spiritual exercises, natural-Jesus receptive.
  2. Epistemologically and Ethically: The Independents’ Movement (IM)–Independent Consciousness is the core manifestation of FLOW. It is the basis for both inner and outer collar jettison. Full consciousness presupposes that that consciousness be Independent; we seek what is true and right, requiring right reason and detection/demolition of propaganda. Tools. Gumption.
  3. Politically: The First Principles Movement (FPM)–First Principles are American First Principles as written in the Declaration of Independence, the “We hold these truths… ” paragraph. That is, life, liberty, and property–rights of INDIVIDUALS by consent, not bestowed by a monarch or collective. The people, by right, monitor and discipline public officials via the GRAND JURY.
  • An Independent is a human person who, to quote Howard Roark in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead, “thinks with his own mind and sees with his own eyes,” neither surrendering that responsibility to others who claim authority or tolerating coercion of anyone’s mind or body by the collective.
  • I’m only trying to orient the three individual movements where I think they belong in philosophy. [Metaphysics concerns the fundamental nature of reality, epistemology is about how we know things, ethics is a moral code of conduct, politics is how social systems work or should work. To paraphrase on philosophy: “What exists, how do you know, and so what.”]

Practically, in the political world  the two latter movements are how the public in general will come to know us: We are the Independents’ movement that actively manifests itself as the First Principles movement, featuring key specific political projects for liberation of our country and our persons from the horrors of ‘mass mind’–in progress and impending.

Who Should Contribute/Join and Why?

I am setting up this FundRazr to be able to create the FLOW Fellowship as a self-help, self-discovering, self-empowering haven and support community for Independents–whether accomplished or aspiring. The following three groups are especially on my mind:

  1. Those wrestling with the Inner Collar–Thanks to Eckhart Tolle and his magnum opus, The Power of Now, we now have THE central spiritual teaching* well-packaged and have his insights and cultivation tools in play. Still, many seeking their inner peace have trouble letting go of addictions and drama, finding that Deep Quiet. These people will now enjoy a ‘Mind-Addiction-Anonymous,’ to facilitate their successful struggle for Being.
  2. Those wrestling with the Outer Collar–Fact is, Eckhart Tolle isn’t for everyone. (Who is?) What FLOW does offer is the falling of the other shoe. Namely, a meaningful application of our Independent consciousnesses toward resolving advancing threats in the manifested world from the Unconscious Ones–the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS). Becoming FLOWers will not only legitimize us as Indies, it gives us a solid base of kindred souls for moral support.
  3. Those wrestling with ‘City Hall’–also of the Outer Collar. The abandonment of American First Principles years after the War for Independence–our Founders WON–has slowly enabled the MOPS to rule our country and the world. On a routine basis, in the absence of independent grand juries, we the people are no longer in charge. Public officials, in cahoots with large corporations, are today terminally corrupt and they pound individuals without restraint.
  • The central spiritual teaching as I see it, is simply dog (consciousness and Being) wags tail (mind), not the other way around. The world at this point is probably 95-99% tail (compulsive mind) wags dog. If we fix this inner quality, the outer world will take care of itself.

The Pitch [Ultimate FLOW Benefit: Joy, Ease, and Lightness of Being]

Speaking for the moment to Group #2, I rather came into the world of FLOW from the world of the various Truth movements, particularly 911. Once you take a stand for truth over official stories, you become ostracized and ridiculed. Yet with a living and breathing FLOW philosophy, the tables will turn. The numbers provide hope.

If the estimated 10 million adult Americans who seek 911 and all the other Truths, and Justice, were to contribute $5 toward the development of a positive life transforming philosophy and the real prospect of securing Independent humanity from all further attacks by the Men of the Power Sickness–in fact, END the MOPS–that would bring a ‘FLOW chest’ of $50 million.

Similarly, 10 million Americans’ rights have been trampled by corrupt, criminal public officials and their accomplices for want of their our own “fourth branch” of government–the ubiquitous people’s independent grand jury. That’s another potential pool of roughly 200,000 individuals per state from which to draw. Adds up to $100 million.

[Perhaps $150 million all told, if you include the 10 million who need inner-collar removal help.]

I’m only asking that ~2500 of these 30 million kick in $5 to start the ball rolling.

Brian Wright

PS: I’ll be updating the FLOW Fellowship and this crowdfunder as I go along.

The official Web page is http://FLOWFellowship.org. And I’ll be launching a Facebook Group. With substantial upfront support, FLOW can and will be the way toward losing your inner collar and the species-menacing outer collar as well.


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