Initially a huge tie-in to demasking and breathing free, building the Independents movement, particularly by first dismantling and curing collective-brain syndrome (CBS) in all of human society. My The Decollaring Book is now published by KDP Amazon.

Note that the Kindle version may be the best version to acquire because the graphics will be in color and your navigation to the Web links of the Links page only requires a single click.

BTW, everything you wanted to know about ear loop masks, from independent experts, I have provided at: This was the original idea behind the BreatheUp pages. Now for the free pdf files—these also have the color graphics—of The Decollaring Book:

  • TDB Cover—will probably have a couple more iterations on design
  • TDB Front Matter—Title Pages, Preface, and Foreword
  • TDB Table of Contents
  • TDB Introduction—Lays out the purpose and plan of the book. Also key ideas of what would be anyone’s motivation for curing or undergoing treatment for CBS.
  • TDB Chapter 1—”Independents, FLOW, and Thrive.” Showing the big picture of what healthful psychology and living philosophy can be.
  • TDB Chapter 2—”Discovery, Origin, and Nature of CBS.” How I stumbled on the discovery from Howard Roark’s speech in the Fountainhead, what CBS is and how it has been cultivated as a root high-crime of opportunity by the predatory ruling class (PRC). How we got to where we are.
  • TDB Chapter 3—”CBS Roots and Traps.” Limbic system roots, also Julian Jaynes’ bicameral mind; psychological defects inflamed by the PRC: two major: social metaphysics and the perceptual-emotional (see, hear, feel) form of consciousness.
  • TDB Chapter 4—”CBS and the ‘covid’ Op.” Major citings in a table drawn from Foster Gamble’s (of Thrive) paper “Covert-19.” Then my own experiences on the front lines, losing my part time job as a medical technician for refusing to muzzle. How CBS infiltrates and enables the success of the STUPID-19 Great Reset con.
  • TDB Chapter 5—”CBS Special Case.”  This was the chapter I did not want to have to write, but it’s highly vital to the overall modern cure in the real world, because this particular incarnation of an exclusivist CBS is a dominating prime mover in the overall PRC and its totalitarian collectivist/communist plan for humankind.
  • TDB Chapter 6—”CBS Therapy and Cures.” I’m making this available in pdf to enable readers to get right to the job of working the problem.  There’s the 6-12 Step Program along with an innovative implementation and marketing approach that I’ve laid he groundwork for. Soliciting feedback and input on the latter.
  • TDB Epilog—Disclaimers and Deep Thawts that I missed in the chapters, important spiritual framework observations as well.
  • TDB Glossary of Terms—Acronyms expanded and special terms defined.
  • TDB Links Page—Web links to relevant reference pages in the book.
  • TDB About the Author

You can see the links that are active to the pdf files. I especially wanted to provide the STUPID-19 chapter (4) for free access, as it is so timely now with the Stalinesque attempts by Biden and company to impose a communist witch-hunt dictatorship on America. I’ll update this particular page with the latest carnage from the Frankenshot front, while focusing on the best potential cures and remedies for people who have mistakenly, or from coercion, taken the poison-death jab:

Latest news from the front:

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