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Independents of the World Unite!

FLOW is a living activist philosophy for Independents whose benefits are best shown in a contrast of two golf swings. Please watch the following; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know or play golf:*

Before FLOW: Joe Shlabotnik

Before: Joe Shlabotnik
Link: http://bit.ly/38gapPz_Shlabotnik

After FLOW: Fred Couples

Fred Couples
Link: http://bit.ly/2NBI6n4_Couples

Yes, what I’m saying is embracing the FLOW ‘religion’ (as a way of being) will transform anyone’s life from some version of Shlabotnik’s tension and violence—most recreational golfers still make occasional swings as awful as what’s in the video—to PGA champion Freddie Couples’ embodiment of pure fluidity and power. The price: knowledge, practice, and sharing.


Good, I have been developing my FLOW philosophy and fellowship for years, and describe it more thoroughly in the continuing individual updates that accompany this seed FundRazr. What I’m seeking is a many-hands-make-light-work donation of ~$5 by 2500 individuals to get the ball rolling for all the “Independents of the World” by end of 2020.

“The dream’s the thing.” — Preston Tucker

Please join with me to work out the mechanics to bring the dream to life.

Please access this link for FundRazr updates in chronological order.

* I’m treating these videos as if they’re public domain (YouTube). As FLOW takes off, I’ll provide any appropriate royalties’ payments, especially to Fred Couples who is a well-known professional golfer (I don’t know the golfer I’m calling Joe Shlabotnik.)#

# Joe Shlabotnik is a Peanuts’ comic strip baseball player whom Charlie Brown idolizes.

Creed and Starters’ Kit(s) for the FLOW Fellowship

The following writeup shows what we believe, then provides a set of books/videos as a ‘starter kit’ for helping to understand the creed. The FLOWers’ Creed is intended to be read or spoken aloud by individual FLOWers (rhymes with GROWers)… that is, those who identify as advocates or believers in the FLOW philosophy or members of the FLOW Fellowship.

FLOWers Creed

I am here to enable the Divine Purpose of the universe to unfold. I connect to the Source through truth, tolerance, and compassion. I embrace my fellow sentient beings in the spirit and practice of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle. Daily I flow with the effortless power of my Authentic Swing.

I shed the inner collar of my own noise-mind.

From Presence I think with my own brain and see thru my own eyes; I join with kindred souls of Independent Consciousness, above all to heal humanity of collective-brain syndrome. I nourish conceptual tools of reason and logic to dispel propaganda and audio-visual contrivance of the masses’ feelings that sanction deceptive, deadly global-cabal power.

I shed the outer collar of collective noise-mind.

Rejecting “superiority” doctrine, I stand for First Principles’ individual rights of the Declaration of Independence, which America’s founders won a war to effect, with people’s independent grand juries directly to hold public officials to their oaths… stanching the corruption of Constitutional powers for personal, special, business, or foreign interests.

Independents united we rise to peace and liberty in joy, ease, and lightness of being.

Starter Kit(s)

These are beginner collections of writings and videos that illustrate in down to earth terms the FLOW belief system and what distinguishes it from prevailing ones. The Fellowship will start with a threshold number of ‘individuals of consent’ who like the Creed, and grasp it per the kits’ illustrations. Then form a natural organization of congregants.[1]

  1. The “wet your whistle” kit—ref. FLOWer Creed paragraph #.[2]
    • First paragraph: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, my review here. Tolle is probably the most read author for the fundamental spiritual teaching of consciousness over mind (noise-mind or compulsive/reactive mind). Spiritual enlightenment = Dog (consciousness) wags tail (mind); tail does not wag dog. [Note: Eckhart Tolle does not know me from Adam… yet; thus he has not endorsed FLOW or the Fellowship.]
    • Third paragraph: Watch Howard Roark’s speech in The Fountainhead movie. It will be on YouTube. This is also the speech from which I stumbled on the discovery of collective-brain syndrome. The speech (pdf here) is an illustration of the philosophical and personal foundations of creative Independent Consciousness.
    • Fifth paragraph: Read What is the Foundation? by Dianne McGilvery. This little monograph is priceless for Americans… and eventually the world. It shows how a society based on individual rights (First Principles per the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths…” paragraph) requires PEOPLE’S grand juries.
  2. The “earnest interest” kit—the “wet your whistle” kit, PLUS…
    • First paragraph: Complementing Tolle’s Power of Now, my plan is to provide a paraphrasing from the book of his short spiritual exercises such as standing in a line, say, at the DMV and actually embracing one’s moment of inner body being. Then make those daily cultivation exercises, with others, available as a document.
    • Third paragraph: Here I’d like to supplement Roark’s courtroom flourish for the creative individual with a visual of its antipode. The video up on the Web, Rule from the Shadows, shows in broad strokes the nature and origin of collectivist mind control, taking a reasonable-yet-short-of-the-mark stab at the WHO running things.
    • Fifth paragraph: I have written a complementary brochure to Dianne’s book that gives an overview of a reasonable plan for implementing First Principles’ grand juries in America, and I have a book forthcoming: The Accountability Project. So-called patriot community efforts toward citizen GJs are, IMO, misguided thus far. [3]
  3. The “I believe I’m in” kit——the “earnest interest” kit, PLUS…
    • First paragraph: Spiritual cultivation is a big world, and everyone tends to have his or her own preferences. Keeping in mind that FLOW also ties to Independent consciousness and First Principles activism, alternatives to Tolle are fine. I find that with Tolle, the Falun Dafa cultivation practice is a nice whole body enhancer.
    • Third paragraph: Independent consciousness presupposes rationality. Eventually, the Fellowship will provide training in efficient thinking, along with metaphysical and epistemological roots (e.g. Rappoport’s Logic and Analysis, Rand’s Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology). For now, refresh how to detect logical fallacies.
    • Fifth paragraph: The Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) control the West thru the banking monopoly on money and credit. It can only be deposed cooperatively by grassroots alternatives (e.g. Thomas Greco’s The End of Money). Also, ref. my book American Gumption-Catharsis (AGC), a primer to the Hendrickson Discovery.[4]

To Do…

…if you want to help me unfold the FLOW Fellowship or to take a major hand in building it.  The FundRazr (http://FundRazr.com/FLOWFellowship) is seeking $12,000, basically to pay my expenses to bring FLOW to ‘market’ this year. I know it’s doable. Even ESSENTIAL. I’ve set the minimum donation level very low, and for higher donors (³ $25) I’m thinking ‘investment,’ w/return down the road of 10:1 when offerings become routinely worldwide.

To join my list, please send your name and email address at this page… ignore the old wording.

[1]  This is all TBD. It will be a flat hierarchy, starting with cells (~7 people), congregations (~30-100 families) with ministers [note: all official terms surround with quotation marks], probably county, state, national, and world jurisdictions. I mean flat in authority. The Independent individual tops the structure.

[2]  I looked it up and according to Merriam, it’s “whet your appetite,” and “wet your whistle.” 🙂

[3]  An extant organization, the National Liberty Alliance (NLA) is representative of the problem: its views of a correct American grand jury are proprietary w/ a Biblical Christian theology smuggled in. This leads to a closed, confrontational methodology vis a vis the existing political system. FLOW GJs aim initially to be legitimized virtually while at the same time securing legislative acceptance as a bill becoming law.

[4]  The (Pete) Hendrickson Discovery lies in his book, Cracking the Code (2003). What he discovered is that the federal income tax is the “federal-income” [the hyphen is essential] tax, namely, that the tax is an excise on federal privilege: IOW, non-federal-government-derived earnings are NON-income. More than 100,000 “educated filers” have recovered/retained more than $2.15 billion aggregate over 17 years. The Agency, like Wile E. Coyote vs. the Roadrunner, keeps sniping at the “educateds” but typically winds up
splattered on the ground by hard facts of the law.

AGC also has a nice chapter summarizing the need for independent consciousness, and current context.

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