Liberty Rising (The L/R Project)

Vision Statement for the Liberty Rising Project
(LR Project or Project LR)—initial 7/15/18

The Liberty Rising Project is initially a collaboration among three individuals—the screenplay writer (of Enemies Within), a devout USS Liberty (USSL) survivor, and a USSL-cause-oriented project agent—to place ENEMIES WITHIN (EW) before the eyes of a major sympathetic, courageous producer/director with a passion for justice.

  1. Lean strongly toward Australia filming, for several reasons: prime producer /director targets (Gibson, Glover) have large resource base there, and Australia is well known for general moviemaking excellence.
  2. Estimated budget of the finished production and its advertising and marketing: 50 to 80 million US dollars (67 to 107 million Australian dollars) leaving a healthy margin for any extra expenses Down Under.
  3. Estimated schedule: Considering meticulous work to be undertaken with model-ing of ships and appropriate CGI then putting it all together super professionally 10 to 12 months is a reasonable time frame so nothing is rushed/screwed up. Could be less. (Australian FX crews are world renowned, and often hired by Hollywood productions filmed in Australia.)
  4. Production has to be strong and efficient, also secure; everyone on the team must understand the broader context that what we are doing is delivering a surprise punch in the nose to the global cultural bully du jour. We do not want to broadcast the punch. Cover: “Blockbuster War Movie,” “Patriotism: Never out of Style.” etc.
  5. We shall instill via existing documentaries/books an overriding esprit de corps among cast and crew for the grand justice mission of our enterprise… also casting decisions will try to reflect the actual likenesses of key Liberty crew at the time, both for authenticity and homage.
  6. Need to try for a production launch date October 1st, but with as much as possible done before that… lead crew, siting, lead cast, storyboarding, script and dialog preparations, all the production planning, set design, score, and early production milestones accomplished by January 1.
  7. Regarding previous step, reputation is that Eastwood is one of the most efficient producer/directors in Hollywood. He obviously has some of the best production crews in the business to be able to do so quickly and well. Need to find those kinds of people, and fire them up for the LR Project.
  8. Screenplay writer Burnette expects to be on board early with producer/director team because of high familiarity with production aspects, especially capable photographically and visually. Thorough knowledge of the filmmaking process.
  9. Key USS Liberty survivors retained as tech advisors working with directorial staff as consultants on the battle scenes in particular. Several authors who have written key books and producers of important documentaries are also expected to be willing and available for corroboration, consultation.
  10. Need independent fact-checking research team; very impartial participants here; esp. timing of the White House and Sixth Fleet, etc., surrounding activities during and immediately post incident; facts must be unassailable and indisput-able, otherwise noted as speculative with reasons.

The project is basically one that gets Enemies Within rolling.

Here is the standard letter that will be shared forward using a six degrees of connection approach to create the path to the eyes of the so-called key men:

Template Letter to ‘the Indirects’

John and Mary,

A few weeks I sent you an email regarding getting a screenplay in action with a targeted director/producer in the feature moviemaking business. [and/or personalized message]

At this link lies the letter I sent directly to Danny Glover who is standing up to the Israel Lobby by supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Apartheid Israel—by the way, also endorsed by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP).

The letter briefly summarizes the USS Liberty attacks, and the creation by Clint Burnette of an astonishingly sensitive and powerful screenplay, ENEMIES WITHIN.  The letter also is a direct, ‘swing-for-the-fences’ approach to a ‘2d-tier’ connection representing my goal of reaching someone who is a good friend of the targeted producer/director… in Glover’s case Mel Gibson (for a number of film-leadership reasons).

In general, however, I’m taking a more ‘win-by-producing-base-hits’ indirect approach to a list of 6-12 movie producer/director candidates judged to have the cojones and the excellence to make Enemies Within, and I am going to reach them via the “Six Degrees of Connection” process. [Made popular by supposedly everyone having a remote relationship to actor Kevin Bacon.] So you’re the 5th tier, and perhaps you have a creative friend who has had some success in the movie business or knows someone who has had success in the movie business (4th tier).

John and Mary, what we’re hoping is that the 4th will know a 3d who will refer to a 2d who is a friend or confidante of one of the producer/director names on the list above—or some other great team. We on the Project LR team also have a 10-point vision statement conveying how we see the ideal filming conditions and context for bringing EW to the big screen with maximum impact.

Kind of a chain letter concept here. So you may simply copy this message to the 4th. Then downstream whoever is the (x)th may copy this letter to the (x-1)th indicating where he/she is in the chain. Anyone should feel free to contact me directly at any time.

We want to spread the word securely, so if you ascertain interest by the next connection send the screenplay, which is located at WITHIN_00.pdf.[1]

If you are interested, I have set a password on the linked pdf file, which I shall send in a separate text message to you. [You will use the same process when you send the screenplay upon interest of your downstream connection.]


Brian R. Wright
[Ph.] [Email:]
USS Liberty Rising Project

[1] This is the full screenplay writer’s cut. The target may be interested in a high-impact abridged version, which has already been written.

[Any additional personalized info in the postscripts]
[2] You’ll note that I have linked to my presentation to the C4L group here. I still would love to have the video you took the night I did my followup presentation after attending the 50th anniversary in Norfolk. I’ll be glad to pay you up to $100 if you can find and send me the link to that video.

The Ultimate Target Letter

This is the linked letter sent directly to Danny Glover. We also now have a similar one sent to Clint Eastwood. Others will follow as we vet the target list… and as feedback is obtained through the indirects:

Novi, Michigan 48375
July 11, 2018

Mr. Danny Glover
c/o ICM Partners
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067 USA

Subject: Story of the USS Liberty

Dear Mr. Glover:

On June 8th, patriotic Americans marked the 51st anniversary of a day of infamy for our naval forces and for our country. The harsh realities of that day will never leave the crew, and can only be assuaged by service to truth and justice.

For on that day in 1967, during the Six-Day War, the Israeli military launched a deliberate, unprovoked, full-scale attack against the defenseless American Naval intell-igence ship USS Liberty—with unmarked jet fighters, followed by Israeli torpedo boats and army boarding helicopters. The US ship was motoring in international waters on a cloudless day with flags unfurled and other identifying features fully visible.

Two hours of pure hell ensued: For 25 minutes a minimum of 12 Israeli jets from all directions struck the ship with 100s of 30 mm cannon and rocket rounds, dropped napalm canisters on the Liberty’s bridge, and jammed/destroyed five American emergency communications channels. Then from the PT boats six torpedoes were fired, one striking the Liberty starboard side leaving a 35’ diameter hole, killing dozens. The boats machine-gunned stretcher bearers and others, as well as life rafts for survivors—objective: annihilation of the ship and all crew.

Miraculously, the Liberty survived: 34 dead, 174 wounded (of 294).

The story of Israel’s premier war crime and top US official coverup and treason began…

…and has not yet ended. For 51 years, justice for the Liberty has been delayed, hence denied. The official story of “Israel mistook the Liberty’s identity, whoops!” has thwarted any investigation or prosecution of the aggressors, leaving the heroic victims hanging out to dry… BY THE COUNTRY THEY PROUDLY SERVED. The dishonor of their top brass and government has our Founders rolling in their graves.

Three years ago, surviving Liberty veterans reached out to obtain the services of a sympathetic, accomplished screenwriter, Mr. Clint Burnette, to tell their story, in hopes of seeing it take form with the enormous cultural impact of a feature film. Name: ENEMIES WITHIN.

Mr. Glover, you are one of the few in the movie industry who has consistently shown the courage of your convictions, with style and power. I’m sending you this message to solicit your interest… one of our stated visions is that the movie will best be filmed in Australia. Thus, if you pass on producing/directing it, yourself, would you consider referring it favorably to Mel Gibson? Perhaps produce/direct the movie together?

We’d like you to read the screenplay and will FEDEX it immediately upon request.


Brian Wright, BSME, Liberty Rising (LR) Project Mgr.
Author/publisher, Proprietor: (

Project LR Principals:
Ronald Kukal, USS Liberty Survivor, LR Project Lead Technical Advisor
USN, ret., Chaplain, Liberty Veterans Assn.

Clint Burnette, AFI, DDG, LIFBA. LFWLA, LR Project Coexecutive Producer
Screenplay Writer: ENEMIES WITHIN

If you wish to lend a hand…

… please refer this page up the line toward the ultimate target. You may contact me at the email address above for a copy of the screenplay, but keep in mind that we’re working on a confidential, need-to-know basis until whoever picks up the screenplay and does the film actually finishes production, with quick-strong promotion and release.

Thus, the team would have to validate intentions before introducing another source for conveyance, where the screenplay could easily find its way into the hands of our adver-saries—who show utter disregard for individual rights, human life, and happiness.

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