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Godwithin9More recently, the author-Prophet found a briefer way to apply the ‘Move’ in the middle of an active day, a process that could be completed in about a minute and have the beneficial effect of quieting the mind, while bringing the practitioner to a fair degree of the joy, ease, and lightness available at source contact with the Deep Calm and Stillness. He calls it the Spiritual Micro Move, and it is described on this page.

The Micro Move

… basically incorporates the ‘you’ centering step into the initial breathing step and uses a minimal number of deep breaths, namely three per each step. [You can possibly gain some benefit from a single-breath step, but such a minimal time severely abridges any fluid transition from step to step.] Thus the three-breath micro is, IMHO, the practical lower limit for the following:

  1. Breathe-Center—deeply into your your diaphragm, taking five-second inhales and exhales, three times. Feel each breath filling your center, and your center of awareness, your ‘you,’ shifting into your body’s center at the same time.
  2. Watch-Dispel—For the next three breaths, ‘let Mind go’ where it will in a rapid sequence of ‘thoughts,’ discharge its nervous energy. Unlike normal narrative, do not let Mind dwell on any thought more than an instant.
  3. Watch-Relax—Start from full-centered awareness of your head and direct it to completely relax (one breath), then relax your trunk and upper extremities (one breath), then relax your abdomen and lower extremities (one breath).
  4. Be (Still)—Now let your whole ‘you’-centered inner body simply ‘be,’ with each breath. Feel your complete stillness at the core of the universe—the Deep Quiet or Infinite Eternal—for three full breaths. Reside there until you have to go.

You can then pause for a moment to feel what I call the Flow step, which isn’t so much part of the Magic Move as its result: Flow—Feel the flow of your energy without resistance, internally and externally, as the natural result of living from the source, from the inner body… encouraged by regular performance of the above sequence.

The above minimum micro ‘Breathe-Watch-Be’ Move takes approximately 12 breaths of roughly 5 seconds duration each = 1 minute. But practically you should take deeper breaths for a total time period of 1-2 minutes. The result is invariably a quieting of the Mind, and thus avoiding major energy depletion caused by the natural tendency to track along matters that elicit regrets, fears, pain, anxious planning, wild anticipation, etc.


Godwithin10Even such a brief session brings a distinct quality of joy, ease, and lightness (JEL) to one’s day, almost regardless of circumstance. To maximize the JEL effect, take more breaths: 5, 10, 20 [though the advantage of minimizing breaths lies in your keeping concentration and not falling into the standard mental noise tracks].

You can make a standard meditation of the practice. As you spend more time in the ‘Be’ state, you connect more deeply with ‘the Infinite.’ This is a state of consciousness whose quality can only be hinted at in words—it includes feelings of connection to departed loved ones and noble souls, a sense of material-world transcendence, Zen master awareness, and so on. You touch ‘God’ and no other experience comes close to matching the ecstasy.

AND, it is your experience and yours alone. There is nothing collective about it. No one whose consciousness has not achieved substantial Independent[1] status can cross the portal. If you make a habit of applying the micro Move during your day, then reserve additional time at set points to enter longer cultivation periods, potential is great for achieving the highest level of Being.

The Flow experience will also come to present itself as satori[2] (or perhaps kensho), which the author has experienced a couple of days in his life. The form took the description of the Flow result above, where I experienced no internal resistance, only unimpeded movement of energy… along with a deep desire to share this feeling of joy and release forward.

As you enter the full-consciousness portal, people and other sentient creatures, likewise, feel your peace presence and are drawn to you. Not the superficial you of appearances but the you who “has crossed over to the other side,” as Jesus put it. This is the life of “the peace that passes all understanding,” and it’s yours… at the end of the path starting with the Spiritual Micro Move.

Sharing it Forward

The micro ‘Move’ makes it quite easy to leverage the spiritual approach toward other benefits in our lives. Germanely, to turn consciousnesses that have gone over to the dark side of collective mind control. [The modern pressures arrayed against human individual consciousnesses to conform, to embrace the image-feeling process, rather than exercise the primary ethical responsibility to apprehend concepts on one’s own, are enormous. Most succumb.]

One thing you’ll note is that as you share the micro ‘Move’ or its fuller versions, you, too, will be energized with every adoption. A community of the fully conscious—as leading spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now) might put it—will emerge much more rapidly than Tolle might have imagined, yet at a profound level of understanding. Here’s the other thing, and it’s HUGE:

We will each know who each of the others in our community are! Like family.

As if wearing a badge or carrying a bunch of brilliantly colored balloons, when you reach full consciousness it’s broadcast to all the other conscious ones invisibly yet unmistakably. Just imagine how that will be—and amazingly quickly, too—that instead of perhaps one in a thousand (or more) persons you run into showing spiritual fulfillment, it will become one in a hundred, then one in ten. [When it reaches 1 in 10, the human  species is home free.] You’ll be smiling and winking at similarly enhanced individuals all the time. 🙂

The Worldwide Society of Independents will soon launch programs—to be described on the Sharing the ‘Move’ page—for sharing the micro Move and, through this indirect strategy, making the Truman-Indie movement a reality: culminating in the Billion+ Points of Light Society.

Note: The author first saw the Spiritual Magic Move as ‘icing on the cake’ of the book he was writing, but now it appears ‘the Move’ may be the cake, itself.  The near term plan is to publish a short book on ‘the Move.’

[1] Definition of Independent from The Truman Prophecy: Rise of the Independents, by Brian R. Wright: “An Independent is a human person who exercises full and exclusive psychological dominion over his own mind and its judgment in all matters, never surrendering that responsibility to others—particularly in  politics, media, or academia—who claim authority or consensus. He thinks for himself, never accepting coercion of anyone’s mind or body by another being or beings, human or otherwise. And seeks a world based on the nonviolation principle (aka nonaggression principle) and voluntary cooperation of individuals in benevolent community.” (p. 33)

[2] Satori roughly translates into individual Enlightenment, or a flash of sudden awareness. Satori is as well an intuitive experience. The feeling of satori is that of infinite space. A brief experience of Enlightenment is sometimes called kensho. Semantically, kensho and satori have virtually the same meaning and are often used interchangeably.

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