Ignore_2The Dorothy phase of the Truman Prophecy is also known as the justice phase (after the scene in The Wizard of Oz where Dorothy of Kansas reads the Wizard the riot act for trying to frighten and deceive her entourage). It consists of two major components:

  • Common Sense Grand Juries—recovering American First Principles’, fully empowered grand jury authority to investigate/indict government criminality and corruption.
  • Snowden-Manning Political Gesture—mounting a symbolic-gesture political campaign to restore First Principles’ behavior in the political system.

These two justice elements have their own addresses, and are important thrusts of the Prophecy. Even though recognizing the truth of Toto pulling back the curtain on mass deception, if we do not ‘Dorothy up’ nothing will change. The global Death Star and its Threat Matrix of high-crime assaults on the people will keep rolling along.

Common Sense Grand Juries

The Dorothy (justice) phase resurrects common sense grand juries to investigate and indict those responsible for the high-crime assaults, as well as nourishing a people-in-charge foundation for justice. ‘Common sense’ in this context means we recognize that the grand jury institution belongs to the people and, in America, is derived from the First Principles spelled out in the Declaration of Independence. For more information, please visit the page.

Snowden-Manning 2016 Campaign

The Snowden-Manning 2016 Campaign is a symbolic, popular gesture intended to attract conscientious, caring citizens and political independents… to support two unjustly persecuted individuals—Ed Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning—in an apparent run for president/VP in 2016. Find out more at the page,


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