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This is my page for getting the FLOW Fellowship off the ground. Also refer to the FLOW Fellowship FundRazr.  Please go to the FundRazr for my latest narrative on the idea. The remainder of this Page just puts several of the key concepts out there that I need to bring together… i.e. for reference only.

Previous Writeup (In Process of Updating)

The FLOW Big Picture minibrochure has a final paragraph directing you to this landing page. Don’t let the apparent complexity of the Big Picture (Twin Rings, Five Pillars) scare you. FLOW is the essence of the Inner Ring and constitutes the following:

  1. A living philosophy that cultivates in individuals:
    1. joy, ease, and lightness
    2. truth, tolerance, and compassion
    3. honorable, fit, clean living
    4. unchained personal power symbolic of a wild stallion
  2. A spiritual fellowship and haven for Independents—certified and wannabe

As such, FLOW is a humanist ‘religion’ and fellowship representing the highest expression of ourselves as beings of independent consciousness [Independents (Indies)]. Each of us may reach this ultimate stage of existence thru 1) the letting go of compulsive ‘mind’ and cultivating our Inner Ring being and 2) actualizing these inner qualities in our Outer Ring reality as we struggle to flourish in the real world of form. {Academically, see note.[1]}

‘FLOWering’ is a process…

We’re sitting in mid-autumn, 2018—with all the problems in the world, the vast majority stemming from two forms of ‘collars’ that as many as 99 out of 100 of us carry around like varying-sized ship anchors:

  1. the individual ‘mind’ (spiritual) collar
  2. the collective ‘mind’ (ethical-political) collar [2]

[These two collars are ultimately self-imposed—the former by common habit of letting the ‘mind’ tail wag the living independent consciousness dog in everyday affairs of our lives, the latter by the similarly common way of “thinking and doing what’s socially acceptable.”] Becoming a FLOWer is to let go of the collars, releasing one’s own body and soul and corresponding independent consciousness (real mind) into being—emblemized by the two sacred Golden Rings—Inner and Outer.

At this stage I cannot give the reader the full FLOW-Independent system description for becoming a FLOWer, because I’m still working out the framework to accommodate people in general. Believe me, it will be straightforward, a lot simpler than practicing any of the major faiths… mainly because what’s in store is a community of individuals (Indies) rather than the forever-unnatural pounding of people into a hierarchical collective.

However, I can give guidelines to any who are intent to get started from my own experience, namely, some key readings and practices. It will help to bring into the discussion the so-called Big Picture ‘All’ diagram, where I reveal and link to projects I’ve started that I intend to include in the general process of becoming a FLOWer/ Indie.[3] So here’s what I recommend before full rollout:

  1. Bring up in a window on your browser the Big Picture ‘All’ image of the pdf file here (above right) to orient yourself and to prepare for ‘drilling down’ to more detailed descriptions.
  2. In a separate window go to the Big Picture All page on and scroll down to the heading “Explanation of the BigPicture_All Graphic” then walk through the sequence of steps that correspond to the individual images on the whole graphic.
  3. I think you’ll really understand where I’m going with the FLOW and Independents’ movements as you read the books and columns and see what’s entailed in a couple of the activities, esp. 2: Falun Dafa and 6: Warm Bodies for Liberty.

Seven Steps to Joy, Ease, and Lightness (JEL)

[Originally written as nine steps, will be shortened. The crowfunding will pay for the simplification and generation of a workable business plan.]

  1. Read 1: Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of NowThis book more than any other imbues the central spiritual teaching (CST), the Inner Ring, letting go of compulsive mind, dog wagging tail. If you do nothing  else, reading this book will bring the light.
  2. Use 2: Falun Dafa (or another exercise such as DSL Yoga that is consistent with the CST) to help wrestle ‘mind’ into oblivion and put you in charge of your life for good. Learn to stage at this point; it will become 2d nature.
  3. Read the column I’ve set up for 3. FLOW, entitled “What would Jesus do, how would Jesus be,” which shows how the FLOW spiritual philosophy inspires us to embody Jesus’ true message and being—NOT the disinfo of centuries.
  4. Next, scan the starter column, “10 Easy Pieces Times 7,” re: THE key issues of epistemology—how we know things as independent beings—in the context of high-priority, now threats posed by those who aim to own us… and/or destroy us.
  5. Step 4 suggests the tools that enable Rise of the Independents, fulfilling what I call the Truman Prophecy… with 5. a novel of the same name. It yields an entertaining Gestalt and vision of “winning,” breaking free. Scan initially, get a sense of it.
  6. Step 6 is the initial political action I’ve conceived, called Warm Bodies for Liberty. [Link is to brochure.] WBL is a “many hands make light work” simple tool for mass ‘showing up’ for justice—the FLOW/Indie start vehicle.
  7. WBL leads directly to the tough, rugged, smart Mike Hammer of First Principles’ independent grand juries and the reclamation of same. This brochure provides a summary, with my book to come: The Accountability Project.
  8. The little girl image of the diagram evokes the sense of an ideal world, where the Popsicle Index is 100%. Global Spring is the outcome of FLOW/Indie work, where everyone has a slightly different imagination of how we might and ought to be.
  9. Step 9 completes the circle. For the FLOW/Indie initiate consider/scan the works of education pioneers John Taylor Gatto and Sir George Meegan to see how much more imaginatively we as children and our children might have learned.

I know you’re saying some shortcut. But I want initiates—currently, I’m only looking for those who are interested in seeing the system unfold, perhaps to take part and make part of it their own—to have a sense of all the pieces to the puzzle. I’m developing a database of those who see the immense potential and urgent need of such a system… while I continue, with input from the interesteds, to flesh out the details and organize the business end. It must occur quite rapidly in geological time.

For the time being, I’m directing all signups to the Indies Rising (Signup) page. If you want to pursue this line of liberation—whether you intend to be a full FLOWer or are happy to hold at Indie—please access that page and fill out the record. Thank you, and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.


[1] Note: FLOW in the academic categories of philosophy conforms largely to novelist Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism:

  • Metaphysics: Objective Reality (FLOW: imagination, being)
  • Epistemology: Reason (FLOW: logic => independence, morality)
  • Ethics: Egoism (FLOW: community of benevolent Independents)
  • Politics: Capitalism (FLOW: First Principles, “cooperatism”)
  • Esthetics: Romantic Realism (FLOW: romantic imagination that makes sense—heroic individualism, joy, ease, lightness, humor, truth, tolerance, compassion)

Yet, the vision of FLOW is far more democratic and spiritually uplifting for the average fellow and fellette than Objectivism. Rand as a novelist was, perhaps inescapably, elitist—not only that, hardly any of her characters got married and nobody to my knowledge raised any children or had any family worth mentioning.

Howard Roark, John Galt, Dominique, Dagny were pretty much out there all on their own… save for some rock-the-universe, mountain-peak-idealistic horizontal mamba episodes that too many of Rand’s young impressionable fans had no chance to measure up to sexually, athletically, or artistically. Which made for some sad and unfulfilled behavior in their early lives. [More on this in the formal description (e.g. “Book of FLOW“).]

Note: for those who want the letters of FLOW to suggest something more literal, think Fellowship for the Liberation of Our World.

[2] The quotation marks around mind are to be differently interpreted between collar items 1) and 2). In item 1) I mean mind in the sense of reactive or compulsive mind, the lightning fast tool that works on the perceptual-emotional level and often takes over our whole-body-mind-spirit awareness—the mind that many have a hard time quieting. ‘Mind’ in item 2) really means “group think” or pushing one’s mind to conform to “consensus reality”—Nathaniel Branden coined the phrase “social metaphysics—rather than exercise one’s own judgment [If Big Sibling says “jump,” one’s mind says “how high?”]

[3] At this time I’m envisioning that FLOW and Independentness are separate qualities, where FLOW is cultivation of matters of the Inner Ring and subsuming/requiring Independent psychology. Then being/becoming an Independent (Indie) deals with the manifested reality in ethics and politics.

For example, one can be an Indie via intellect and acting for the political values of nonaggression and individual rights of the Outer Ring, but that does not necessarily entail that one has achieved the enlightenment and fulfillment of becoming a FLOWer (Inner Ring)… or even that one wants to. Under the Twin Rings big picture, you can become an Indie without becoming a FLOWer, but not the other way around. [As with most religious groupings, depending on the local leadership, one is welcome to attend services on either end of the active-“only-here-because-my-wife-wants-me-to-go” scale.]

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