Be a FLOWer!

Note1: I have made the decision in December 2019 to go ahead on FLOW; I’m becoming more and more aware humanity is at a precipice in the world of form, requiring immediate root action.

This is my page for getting the FLOW Fellowship off the ground. Also refer to the FLOW Fellowship FundRazr.  Please go to the FundRazr for my latest narrative on the idea. The remainder of this Page just puts several of the key concepts out there that I need to bring together in development.

Note2: The process for elaborating and moving FLOW and the FLOW Fellowship forward will first occur via updates on the FundRazr page… these updates will make their way into a seminal book and will show up in installments under this Page.

Note3: I aim to make a Launch Presentation at the Novi, Michigan, public library in the spring 2020. I also plan to start forming my own starter ‘gatherings’ imminently.

To indicate interest I have an initial signup sheet that I hope you will fill out at the Indies Rising (Signup) page according to your interest. Also feel free to comment on any page or post of this Global Spring site.

PS: I’ll be updating the FLOW Fellowship and the crowdfunder as I go along. The official Web page is I’ll be launching a Facebook Group. With substantial upfront support, FLOW can and will be the way toward losing the inner collar and the species-menacing outer collar as well.

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